Oct 18, 2009  



What’s Up Doc?


The retired, the resigned and the retrenched are gathering to party for just a few hours on October 18th. Our excuse is the 50th anniversary milestone.


If there’s a nostalgic bone in your body, you’ll enjoy a walk around the station. If you lost track of good people you’ll re-connect with some of them here. And if you’d just like to be acknowledged for your part in the big picture, this is the right place and time. Mark us in the calendar. There’s no cost, only benefits. Won’t you join us?



Do I Need To Register?


Registration closes on Monday October 12th and you must register on this site if you plan to attend. This is because access cards must be printed and posted to you before the event. People who do not have access cards will be turned away. Seven have their security procedures and they are doing us a favour hosting the reunion – so we ask you to conform to their protocols.



Who Can attend?


The event is for former staff; sorry, no partners or children. Anyone who has worked for TVW or 6IX is welcome to attend, whether they worked on a contract, part-time, casual or full-time basis. Anyone who worked for an affiliated business at the Tuart Hill site is also welcome.



The Format


It’s an Open Day; we’ll do meet and greet in Studio 1 from 2PM on, then volunteers from Seven will lead tours around the station. These days security is tight so we ask you to respect the guides’ decisions as to which areas can be accessed. It’s not a free-for-all.


From 4PM we’re doing entertainment and refreshments on the grass area outside the canteen. There’ll be seating and a free-standing area. In the event of rain we’ll use the undercroft car-park close-by. Music will be low key (so’s not to interfere with the conversation).


Prizes will be drawn at 6PM then there’ll be a short speech and we’ll wind up at 6.30PM.



The Food. The Drink.


Seven have kindly offered to provide finger food from 4PM and Lion Nathan are helping out with the drinks. However, you’ll need to make your own arrangements for dinner.



The Entertainment


Johnny Young and the Strangers, the Stargate Actors Academy and Perth opera singers, Justin and Katherine Friend.




Can I Bring My Ukulele?


Thanks anyway.




The Prizes


Yes, there are prizes. See the prizes page if you’re into that sort of thing.




The Transport


The Nightcruiser Shuttle departs Wellington Street Bus Port at 1.30PM. It leaves Seven at 6.50PM. You’ll need to specify when you register that you plan to use the bus service.






The entertainment area outside the canteen and Studio 1 are both wheelchair accessible.



Where Do I Get My Commemorative Three Quarter Inch VCR?


Merchandise and commemorative wine are now available. You’ll need to order and pay for it on this web site (first in, best dressed) and it will be posted to you. There are only web-based sales; no merchandise or wine sales on the day.




Traps For Young Players


There’s parking on-site but you’ll need to approach from Dianella Drive – there is no longer access to the station from Flinders Street.





Does Anyone Want This Old Logie Statue?


People with material of historical significance should contact Darryl Binning of the AMMPT on (08) 9310 3377 and those who have unusual or amusing promotional items that they think would be worth displaying can contact the committee via the contact page.




Is Anyone Interested In This Largely True Story?


Former industry employees interested in writing a memoir about their early days at Channel Seven can submit material to historian Ken McKay's website, www.watvhistory.com. Ken is also collecting and scanning photos.

Further information can be obtained from...

Keith Bales 0433 406 766




Reunion Time, Date and Place

VENUE  TVW Channel 7

location  Dianella, WA

REUNION DATE  October, 18th 2009


We don't care what you look like or what you've done since, but you were part of this and we would like to see you.

Keith Bales talks about the TVW reunion to  Kerry Scott, when interviewed on both Fremantle Radio 107.9 FM and Curtin Radio 100.1 FM.

The history, the people, the entertainment, the bus service, and the many sponsors which will make this a free event to past and present TVW staff.

Keith also mentions the AMMPT TV exhibition at Fremantle and the watvhistory.com web site.

Hear Keith Bales explain all...