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Sir James Cruthers

Posted by admin On March - 10 - 2009



Sir James Cruthers, born in Cottesloe, began a long career in the media and entertainment fields as a journalist at the Perth Daily News, after his war service in the RAAF. In 1958 he became General Manager of Perth’s first television station TVW Channel 7 and later Chairman. He retired as Chairman and Managing Director in 1981 and became Chairman of the Australian Film Commission.

In 1983 Sir James accepted a position at News American Publishing Inc as personal advisor to Mr Rupert Murdoch and worked with Mr Murdoch for seven years in New York, London and Los Angeles. Sir James was knighted in 1980 for services to business, the arts, and the community and the same year was WA Citizen of the Year for commerce and industry. He was also chairman of The Sunday Times.

Sir James is a philanthropist who established TVW Telethon and the annual WA Christmas Pageant. He actively supports many charitable groups. Sir James was awarded a UWA Honorary Doctorate of Letters in 2005.


Posted by ken On March - 9 - 2009


We wish to express our appreciation to the following past and present television personnel who have provided us with the necessary information and content to make this TV web site possible.

Richard Ashton and Gordon McColl, who were TVW’s studio cameramen on the opening night (October 16, 1959), and rose through the ranks to become program directors, and hold a variety of other important roles. 

The highly experienced and respected cinematographer Peter Goodall, who was a pioneering news cameraman from day one at TVW. Peter’s father Leith Goodall was a freelance cameraman for Movietone cinema newsreels, and brother Mike followed in the family footsteps as a cinematographer for both Channels Seven and Nine. 

TVW’s first News Editor, Darcy Farrell, under whose watch many television reporters cut their journalistic teeth, and went onto grand achievements in newsrooms wide and far. 

Stuart Joynt, who holds the record of being news director at most capital city TV stations (TVW7, SAS10, ADS7 and founding news director at NEW10). 

Bill McKenzie (TVW film, programming, general manager, then managing director of ATV for Rupert Murdoch in Melbourne, and finally managing director of Perth’s NEW Ten when it opened. 

Brian Williams provided much detail about the pioneering programs which he produced and directed.

Coralie Condon and Audrey Long (nee Barnaby) for their reminiscences about the early audition process, their involvement in the woman’s programs and insight into early variety and talent shows. 

Carolyn Tannock (nee Noble) for providing great insight into the early days of Channel 7 and her involvement with the children’s and woman’s programs, and the many personalities she worked with.

Marion Leyer provided insight into the plethora of successful locally produced TVW programs.

Keith Mackenzie detailed the many projects he was involved in as a producer and/or director.

The early STW personality and academic, Dr Peter Harries for his reminiscences and access to his extensively researched thesis entitled: “From Local ‘Live’ Production Houses to Relay Stations: A History of Commercial Television in Perth, Western Australia 1958-1990″. 

Jill Glass for maintaining the TVW roll call and Lesley Bradford, Bill Beaton, Jenny Alford, Jan Maher, Gordon McColl, Bill McKenzie, Darcy Farrell, Stuart Joynt and Nigel Felangue for researching many names for the TVW roll call.  Lesley Bradford’s network of past and present TVW staff has been a considerable asset.

TVW Channel 7, Gordon McColl, Tom Creamer, Peter Croft, Jan Maher, Shane Nugent, Kerry Cook, Geoff Stewart, Brian Williams and Peter Goodall for supplying photos.

Peter Croft also provided much information about how TVW’s technical facilities evolved from the 1970’s to the turn of the century.

Geoff Stewart also provided the TVW test pattern and a number of old caption cards.

Not to forget the kind assistance offered by Sadie Purser, who is conducting research for TVW’s 50th anniversary. 

Access to the late Neville Wynne’s photographic record of TVW sets and on-air personalities, enabled us to present a number of rare television glimpses from a bygone era.

Access to the Frank Evans collection of early TVW photographs taken shortly after the opening in 1959.

TVW Families

Posted by ken On March - 9 - 2009


TVW Channel 7 has often been referred to as one big happy family – literally in some cases!  Here is a list of family members who have worked at TVW 7 at one time or another.

Name Role Relation

Ashton, Jeremy Audio Son
Ashton, Richard Cameraman/Group Color Father
Ashton, Westly Cameraman Son

Baker, Wendy Telethon Mother
Cooley, Melanie Switchboard Daughter

Binks, Alf Accountant Father
Binks, David Engineering Son
Binks, Steve Videotapes Son

Boase, Phil Arena Shows Brother
Boase, Tim Group Services/Pilot Brother

Davies, Jean Film Sister
Astley, Pearl (nee Davies) Film Twin Sister
Wallace, Carol (nee Davies) Film Twin Sister

Harvey Deegan News Father
Michael Deegan Cameraman Son

Finkle, A J Security Father
Finkle, Bob Cameraman Son

Fletcher, Rhonda Management/Telethon Daughter/Sister
Fletcher, William Production Father
Connell, Lisa (nee Fletcher) Accounts Daughter/Sister
Mott, Carolyn (nee Fletcher) Production Daughter/Sister

Garratt, Nancy Operations/Telethon Mother
Macdonald, Purdie Sales Daughter

Goodall, Mike Cameraman Brother
Goodall, Peter Cameraman/Production Brother

Hemingway, David On-Air Promos Father
Hemingway, Phil Cameraman Son

Campbell, Joy (nee Hewison) Sales Twin Sister
Nayler, Margaret (nee Hewison) Film Twin Sister

Hubbard, Nathan Videotapes Brother
Hubbard, Simon Production Brother

Johnston, Kevan Choreographer Father
Johnston, Tod Presenter Son

Joynt, Harley News Brother
Joynt, Stuart News Brother

Langfield, Linda Switchboard Mother
Hood, Kate Sales Daughter

Lever, Brian Graphics Brother
Lever, Lorrie Lighting Brother

McDonald, Ross Engineering Father
McDonald, Phil Videotapes Son

Milner, Keith (Dig) Cameraman Father
Milner, Greg Journalist Son

O’Keeffe, Kevin Sales Father
O’Keeffe, Gary Production Son

Newman, Jeff Presenter Brother
Newman, Peter Booth Announcer Brother

Robbins, Julian Cameraman Son
Tinney, Dorothy Traffic Mother

Roderea, Shane EDP Brother
Roderea, Gina Group Services Sister

Shenton, Graeme News Brother
Shenton, Stuart News Brother

Skipworth, Dennis Graphics Father
Skipworth, Kym Graphics Daughter

Blee, Donna (nee Vermazen) Sales Twin Sister
Ralph, Jacqui Switchboard Twin Sister

Willessee, Terry Journalist Father
Willessee, Grant Cameraman Son

Worner, Steve Cameraman Brother
Worner, Tim News Brother

Wright, John Sales Uncle
Wright, Scott Production Nephew

TVW 7 also claims many marriages over the years. Many still flourish to this day, but sadly some have not lasted the test of time. Here is a list of marriages where either the couple has met at TVW or both worked there at one time or another.

Couple Role

Argyle, Ross Engineering
Charles, Joanne Sales/Switchboard

Ashton, Richard Cameraman/Group Color
McWaters, Ronda Secretary

Bergersen, Brad On-Air Promos
Purser, Sadie News

Booth, Phil Production
Harford, Danni Dancer

Brennan, Laurie News
Brennan, Shaneen News

Carpenter, Alan News
De Costa, Annmarie Group Services

Carvolth, Gary Presenter
Trevorrow, Sally ?

Cleary, John Videotapes
Kelly, Judy Traffic

Cometti, Dennis Sport Presenter
Cometti, Velia 6IX

Crowell, Dexter Production
Gray, Lynette Management

Crowell, Steve Engineering
Fraser, Mary On-Air Promos

Duncan, Ainsley Group Services
Field, Rosemary Switchboard

Dunn, Peter (Pedro) Production
Dunn, Elaine Accounts

Duplex, Alan Videotapes
Duplex, Sharon Production

Finkle, Bob Cameraman
OMara, Jan Production

Garnaut, Rod Production
Garnaut, Peta Graphics

Garratt, Tim Production
Macdonald, Nancy Operations

Gill, Bill Newsreader
Prance, Janet Booth Announcer

Gracias, Rudi Accounts/Telethon
Marjoram, Linda Management

Hanzell, Fred Transport
Hanzell, Nel Film

Hemingway, Dave On-Air Promos
Kimber, Robyn News

Hemingway, Phil Cameraman
Mondello, Sabrina News

Hodge, Barry Telecine
Chappell, Diane Telecine/Operations

Jenkins, Paul News
Pritchard, Mara News

Johnston, Tod Presenter
Ranger, Vicki Sales/Production

Joynt, Stuart News
Garbellini, Yvonne News

Lever, Lorrie Lighting
Rayner, Sue Supply

Maher, Martin On-Air Promos
Swift, Jan Graphics

McColl, Gordon Production
Copley, Judy Secretary

Mott, David Programs
Fletcher, Carolyn Production

Nairn, Ric Sales
Curtis, Sharon Traffic

Porter, Andrew News
Burns, Andrea Today Tonight

Retallick, Grant News
Pedulla, Julie Promotions

Shaw, Alan Supply
Fowler, Lorraine Canteen

Spice, Keith Operations
Stephen, Anne Switchboard/Engineering

Tarnawski, Peter Presenter
Tarnawski, Shelly ?

Thunder, Tim Audio
James, Rhonda Production

Tinney, Ross Production
Robbins, Dorothy (nee Buktenica) Traffic

Wallace, Geoff Film
Davies, Carol Film

Willesee, Grant Cameraman
Kos, Monika Today Tonight Presenter

Woodhams, Grant Presenter
Ratcliffe, Gabby Make-up

Woodward, Don News
Clark, Jenny Sales/News

TV Roll Calls

Posted by ken On March - 9 - 2009

While every effort is made to preserve the correctness of the following Roll Calls, some errors or omissions may slip through. Please inform us via our Contact page of any anomalies. .

List of all identified present and former ABW staff.

List of all identified present and former Golden West Network staff.

List of all identified present and former NEW staff.

List of all identified present and former STW staff.

List of all identified present and former TVW staff.

List of present or former TVW staff who registered for the TVW reunion.

If you worked for one or more Western Australian television stations and wish to appear on these lists then please click on the button below to register your details now!

Historic Vision

Posted by admin On March - 8 - 2009


Construction of TVW transmitter and studios, followed by the station opening.

Project Teleview is a TVW documentary, which tells how the station came about from license application, right through to the first transmission.

This TVW News production was scripted by Coralie Condon, presented by Geoff Walker, filmed by Tom Hall and Keith Milner and edited by Jim Healy.

Richard Ashton details the events encapsulated here, in his first person account of TVW’s origins, which can be found by selecting the “TVW Opening” post.

Thirty three years later, Richard wrote, produced and directed the following TVW video tour, which was conducted by Peter Dean. This demonstrates the many stages programs go through from either air freight delivery or local studio production, to actual broadcast. You’ll see the day to day operations and the technical equipment required to bring the television entertainment into your own home.

Much has changed since these videos were made. The first depicts the early black and white pioneering era, whilst the second shows the first decade of the colour age, when TVW was still an independent station. A time when local presentation and production involved a large work force. A time before the centralised networking of programs became common across all television networks.

Contact Us

Posted by admin On March - 7 - 2009

This form gives visitors the opportunity to be added to the various TV station Roll Calls or provide comments or suggestions.

Your feedback is most welcome…

Ken McKay (TVW 1962 – 1973 & ABC 1973-1993)


Posted by admin On March - 6 - 2009

2009 is a special year for TVW Channel 7 in Perth, for on October 16th of this year we celebrate 50 years of television in Western Australia.

This web site wishes to commemorate the occasion and give recognition to the many people, past and present, who have contributed to our local television history.  The information provided here is courtesy of TVW and the many staff who made it all happen.

The stories and photos come from the very people who made decisions, sold advertising or made and presented the programs, built and maintained the facilities, or provided support in many other ways.

We have set up a Roll Call to list all known TVW staff, and encourage reader feedback, and submissions of photos and anecdotes, so that our site fully represents those who lived the history.

A Who’s Who will be established to give credit to those who made outstanding contributions.   Current and former staff are encouraged to visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and leave a message.

We hope that you find this site useful and informative, and we welcome all suggestions.

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