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ABW Roll Call
Compiled by Derric Wright

This table represents the known list of past and present ABW Channel 2 staff, since the station opening on Saturday 7th May, 1960.

We thank colleagues who have provided the following information. While every effort is made to preserve correctness, some errors or omissions may slip through. Please inform us via our Contacts page of any anomalies. We value your feedback, as accuracy is essential so that credit is given to all worthy participants.

Name Period Role

Abonell, Michelle PA - Production
Adams, Gayle 1983-89 Camera - Operations (Studio)
Akers, Karl Audio (Studio)
Alborn, Marcus Camera (Stud/News)
Alfirevich, Eddie Camera/CCU - Operations (Studio)
Allan, Gordon 1960-87 Tech - Engineering
Ambrose, Melanie Journalist (News)
Anderson, Ian K E 1960 Tech /Op - Operations (Studio)
Andrews, Cecil 1960-87 Tech - Engineering (OB)
Angus, Chris Tech - Engineering
Appalton, Dave Reporter - News
Ashby, Mike 1985-88 Camera - Operations (Studio)
Atkinson, Alan Journalist (News)
Aylett, Reg 1960-69 Tech - Engineering
Babbington, Mark Audio - Operations (Studio)
Badderley, Tom Presenter
Bagery-Parker, Tony 1960 Weather/Presenter - Rural
Bain, Dianne Reporter/Presenter (News)
Baker, Howard Tech - Engineering
Banks, Judy 1960 Presenter - Presentation
Banner, John Camera - Operations (Studio/OB)
Barnett, John Weather Presenter - Rural
Barr, Vikki PA/FM - Prod Fac (Studio)
Barrat, Lisa Graphic Artist
Barrett-Lennard, Jenny - Office
Bartlett, Liam Presenter
Bateman, Alan 1965-69 Producer - Production
Bathgate , Kris Tech
Bayley, Lauren
Baylie, Caris Presenter
Bayvel, Brook Reporter
Beadle, Ian Tech - Enginering
Beatty, Ian 1959 Announcer
Beckingham, Allan V/Tape Editor - Operations
Bedford-Brown, Elizabeth
Beech, Michael Admin
Beilby, Dick Producer - Education
Bell, John Reporter
Bell, Alan 1960 Technical producer - Operations (Studio)
Bell, Russell Camera (Studio)
Berry, Gillian Producer/Education
Bevan, Kerry Production Mgr - Production
Bevilaqua, Guy Journalist (News)
Binning, Daryl Cinecamera
Birch, Ric Camera /VT Editor - Operations (Studio)
Birchmore, Reg Editor
Bishop, Debra Reporter - News
Blackburn, Estelle News Reporter - Education
Blacklaw, Ian Canteen
Blacklaw, Judy Canteen
Boardman, David Stagehand
Bomba, Frank Stagehand - Production (Studio)
Bonwick, Brian 1960 Tech - Engineering
Borthwick, Miriam Journalist
Bowie, Cyril 1960 Storeman - Engineering
Bowler, Helen Producer
Boyd, Graham Camera - Operations (Studio)
Boyd, Keith CCU (Studio)
Brands, Carol Producer/Education
Brayshaw, Ian Presenter/Sport
Briggs, Suzy Make up
Brock, Michael 1963-77 Presenter
Broder, Colin Tech
Brodie, Neil V Tape - Operations
Brook, Patti PA
Brown, Stephen Production Manager
Brown, Phillip Tech - Engineering
Brown, Bob 1960 Camera - Operations (OB)
Buchanan, Reg Accountant
Bunbury, Bill Presenter
Burden, Kevin
Burns/Amabily, John
Burns/Norgard, Sue Make up
Butterfield, Bob 1960-70 Camera - Operations (OB)
Caird, Garth Camera - Operations (Studio/OB)
Cameron, Eion Announcer
Camilleri, Peter
Canavan, Trisha PA/Producer
Canavan, Peter Engineer
Caratazzolo, Anna Sound Library
Caratozollo, Vince Tech
Carmody, Rebecca Presenter /Jounalist
Caroll, Allan
Carpenter, Alan Presenter / Journalist
Carr, Susanah Announcer
Carr, Gary Audio
Carter, Richard Admin/Supply
Carver, Robert Mgr - Operations
Chan, Peter Engineer
Chipper, Kim 1960 Studio Operator - Operations (Studio)
Chisholm, Graham Station Mgr
Clarke, John 1960 Camera - Operations (Studio)
Clifton, Mathew VT Editor
Coddinton, Graham Presenter
Cohen, Alex Engineer
Cohen/Skypworth, Kim 1990-08 Graphic Artist - Production
Collingwood, Michaela
Collins, Jean PA
Collins, Ron
Colwill, John Peresenter /Greenfingers - Rural
Colwill, Janet PA
Commetti, Dennis Presenter/ Sport
Conti, Anne Presenter
Cook, Eddie Tech - Engineering (OB)
Cook, Kerry Telecine - Operations
Cox, Carol Front Desk
Cox, Frank 1960-80 Rigger Driver - Operations (OB)
Craddock, Sue Makeup
Crittal, Penny Producer/Education - Education
Crowl, Dexter V Tape
Crowl, Bruce Producer - Production
Cunningham, Jane Graphic Artist
Cunningham, Morrie
Cunningham, Maurice COS News
Cutler , Bill 1960 M Shop Craftsman - Engineering (W/Shop)
Dale, John Tech - Engineering
Dart , Chris Tech Producer / Presentation officer - Operations
Davidson , Hugh Producer - Production
Davies, John 1960 Film Cameraman - News
Davis, Gary Mgr - Tech Svs
Day, Glen Archives
deBeer, Hugh Producer
Dee, Sheridan V/Tape Editor
Dennis, Rob FM
dePledge, Sheryl PA
Devenish, Malcolm Audio - Operations
deVos, David Presenter /Reporter
Dixie, Lee PA
Dobson, Sally V/Mxr - Operations (Studio)
Dolberg, Andrew FM
Dooge, Geraldine Presenter
Doohan, Noeline
Drummond, Grieve VT Editor
Drury, Irean Make up
Duffield, Ngairie PA
Duncan, Nina PA - Education
Duncan, Geoff Station Mgr
Duncan, Kim
Duncan/Septovich, Mary PA
Durack, Doug Reporter
Easterbrook , Sharon PA
Edmonds, Irene Makeup
Edwards, Chris Audio
Egan, Bridget Journalist
Ejzedi, John Rigger /Driver
Eldridge, Bill 1960 Producer
Ellery, David Announcer
Elliot, Ron Admin
Ellis, Geoff Tech
Elliss, Dave Stagehand - Presentation
Else, Des Telecine - Operations
English, Geoff Film audio
Evans, Tony Producer
Fan, Allison Reporter
Finch, Barbara 1960 PA
Firkins, Kevin Producer
Fitzmaurice, Jim 1960 Sporting Presenter
Ford, Gary Tech
Forkin, Dennis Camera - Operations (Studio/OB)
Forrest, Anna Journalist
Forster, Russell Tech
Frederiksen, Carsten Audio - Operations (Studio/OB)
Fremantle, Gordon 1960 Tech Producer/Training - Operations (Studio/OB)
French, Michelle Graphic Artist
Gallagher, Ken
Garrat, Tim 1970-09 Technical Producer
Garratt, Ellen Pres Officer
Garret, David VT Editor - Operations
Gaunt, Jennie PA
Gautrey, Bob 1960 Film Editor/ Mgr - Operations
Gautrey, Irene Finance
Gear, George Electrician
Gibbons, Vikki Presenter/Jounalist
Gibson, Jason aka Peter Tech - Engineering
Gill, Stephen Camera - Operations (Studio/OB)
Gladivecius, Victor Tech - Engineering
Glennister, Lester Journalist (News)
Godenzi, John 1960 Engineer - Engineering
Goeoghegan, Andrew Journalist
Goldwater , Grretchen
Goodall, Peter Cameraman (News)
Gorey, Alicia
Gouteff, John Engineer
Graham , Duncan Presenter
Grantis, Paul Tech
Greville, Ivo Production Director
Griffin, Kim Staging Supv - Production (Staging)
Griffiths, Hew
Griffiths, Kim
Guy, David Announcer/Newsreader
Haimes , Ross Tech
Hall , Tony 1960 Tech Producer Ltg Dir/Manager
Hannapel, Carl Rigger /Driver - Operations (OB)
Hanran-Smith, John Cinecamera (News)
Hansen , Kaye Prod/Asst - Production (Studio/OB)
Hardey , Lee Camera - Operations (Studio/OB)
Hardey-Atkins, Peter Producer
Hardie, Paul Trainee - Operations
Harding, Tony Producer
Hariss, Sandra 1960-65 Presenter
Harper-Nelson, John Announcer
Harrison, Peter 1960 Announcer
Harrison, Jackie WASO
Hart, Warren Archives
Hartree, Gary News
Harvey, Rick Camera - Operations (Studio OB)
Hastrich , Vikki Camera - Operations (Studio OB)
Hawily, Cheryl Cam/Vmxr - Operations (Studio)
Hawkes, David 1960 Announcer
Hawksley, David Announcer
Hembrough, Alison News
Henderson, Rod CCU - Operations
Henry, Rex - Presentation
Herbert, Fiona Production Mgr
Higgins, Paul News Sound - Production ( )
Hill, Allison Producer/News - News Caff
Hird , Mark Tech Producer
Hiscock, Peter Producer
Hiskins, Bernie Workshop
Hodder, Sheila Switchboard
Hodge , Dianne Admin
Holland, Peter Announcer
Holmes , Wayne Tech - Engineering
Hopkins, Jim
Hosie , Ian 1960 Studio/ Training - Operations ( )
Houghton, Anne
Howard, Bob Tech
Howarth, Lance Tech (OB)
Hudson , John Presenter
Hughes, Alan Training
Hullet, Alan 1960 Engineer - Engineering
Hume, Kevin Presenter
Hunt, Chris COS
Hunt, Peter Audio - Ops (Studio)
Hutchens, Brendan FM
Hutchinson, Bill ???? Weather Presenter - Rural
Hutchison, Chris Presentation
Huxtable, Kaye NOAH
Irvin, Ray Music
Ivers, Stephen Tech
Jackson, Michael Property Officer
Jackson, Bob 1964-86 Staging
Jackson, Grant Finance
Jacobs, Warren 1959-91 Tech - Engineering
James, Verity Presenter/Newsreader
Jefferies, Jeff Announcer
Jemma, King Audio
Jenkins, Trevor Presenter/Sports
Jennings, Murray
John , Sue FilmEditor
Johns, Ernest Admin/Supply
Johnston, Michelle Camera/VMxr
Johnston, Steve Editor
Johnston, Robyn Presenter
Johnston, John 1960 Designer/Artist
Johnston, Deanne PA
Jones, Beverley Anne 1960 Presenter-Kids Prog
Jones, Beryl 1960 PA - Production
Jones, Dick Tech
Jones , Steve
Jordan, Kim Head of News
Jordan, Julie V/Tape - Operations
Kamp, Steve Liaison - Operations
Kefford , David Producer/Education
Kehoe, Paul Presentation Officer - Ops/Pres (Studio)
Kenedy, Peter Reporter
Kennedy, Deborah Newsreader
Kershaw, David Stagehand
King, Katherine 1960 Presenter/W/World
King , Cheryl
Kinsella, Chris PA
Kirbby, Robin
Knowles, Peggy
Kontis, Vas Camera - Operations
Kreider, Garry Tech
Kwan, Bill Tech
Laddams , Neil
Laidlaw , Pam ?? Make up
Landsdowne, Chris Film Editor
Langford, Katrina ???? Sound recordist
Langhorn, Steve Camera - Operations (Studio)
Langhorn, Kevin
Leaver, Bob Cam/Vmxr - Operations (Studio)
LeCras, Jack Admin
Lenzo, Tina Operations Office
Lenzo, Tina Operations Office
Leonie, Nicholls 1960 Operations Office
leSoef, Kim
Lewis, Jamie FM - Production (Studio)
Lewis, Milton Tech
Lincon, Ted Telecine - Oiperations (TC)
Lipscombe, James
Litchfield, Ted Tech
Lloyd, Phillip Tech
Lockhart, Roland
Lockyear, Paul Journalist
Lord , Kim Audio Editor - Operations
Lorrigan, Wendy 1960 Make up
Lucas, Chris Pres Officer
Lumsdain, Steve Audio - Operations (Studio)
Lund, Allan 1960 Air Conditioning - Engineering
Macintosh, Ian aka Bongo News
Madocks, Liz Make up
Malone , Chris PA
Maloney, Dick aka Slippery
Manning , George Presenter
Martin Smith, Leonie 1960 Presenter-Kids Prog
Masel, Dianne Snr Publicity
Maundy, Tony
Maybury, Graham Education Producer
McCaullay, Steve
McCutchen, Bill Weather/Presenter
McDonald, Nancy Ops Asst
McFarlaine, Jim Cine Camera
McFarlane, Jim Camera - News
McGhie, Will Tech - Engineering
McGlue, Bill aka Sticky Camera (Studio)
McGowan, Nikki Producer
McKay, Ionie 1960 Journalist - News
Mckay, Ian Camera - News
McKay, Ken Videotape/Telecine - Operations
McKenzie/Dawe, Julie
McKie, Greg Rigger Driver - Operations (OB)
McLernon, Diedrie VT Editor
McManus, Jo Journalist
McQuistin, Bob Rigger/Driver - Operations (OB)
McSwain, Romella 1960 Presenter/Womans world
McWhirter, Andy Producer
Meadowcroft, David 1960 F M - Production
Mellett, Geraldine Presenter
Melvin, David Tech - Engineering
Menagh, Joanna Reporter
Meneely, Jenny PA
Milasich, Voja 1963-98 PA/Producer
Miles, David 1960 Tech - Engineering
Millar, Geoff Tech
Millett, Jock 1959-68 Producer - Production
Mills, Eddie Audio ops - News
Mills, Marie
Mitchell, Glen Presenter/Sporting - Sport
Monk, Ian Tech Producer Ltg Dir
Monkton, Peter News
Montague, Ralph Audio
Morcombe, John
Morgan, Ian Weather/Presenter - Rural
Morphette, Drew Sportr/Presenter - Sport
Mort, John Reporter
Mosel, Trevor 1959 Telecine - Operations
Mullet, Jeff - Operations (Studio)
Munn, Peter
Murphy, Bill V Tape - Operations
Murphy, Justin Producer
Murphy/Goeci, Eva
Murray , Chris Tech Producer - Operations
Myers, Kerris Producer/Education
Napier, Stephen
Naylor, Malcolm 1960 Station Mgr
Newman, Peter Announcer
Nicholls, Kevin FM - Production
Nicholls, Ron 1960 FM - Production
Nicholson , Leslie Make up
Noonan, Laurie Education Mgr
Nosow, Peter Engineer
Nothcotte, Leigh Film Sound
O'Brien, John VT Editor/Mgr - Operations
O'Brien, David Tech - Engineering
O'Conner, Andrew News Reporter
O'Connor, John Station Mgr
Offer, Jane VT Editor
Oliver, Ron Vtape /Ed - Operations ( )
O'Shaughnessy, Gillian Presenter - News
Pagonis, Arthur Journalist
Palmer , Michael Announcer
PanHusen, Rob Canteen
PanHusen, Vince Canteen
Panton, Ron 1963 V/Mixer - Operations (Studio)
Parker , Phillip 1960- Presenter-Kids Prog
Parlongo, Domnic V Tape - Operations
Parmenter, Ian Producer - Production
Parry, Geoff Reporter - News
Payne, Noela NOAH
Pedretti, Lauren Vision Mixer - Operations (Studio)
Pemberton , Peter Tech Producer Ltg Dir/Manager - Operations (Studio)
Penniket, Shane
Penniket, Caris V Tape Editor
Penny, Roger Producer - Education
Peppercorn, Ted 1959-64 Head OB Operations - Engineering
Perkins, Robbie 60s Designer
Peters, Danny Workshop - Engineering (W/Shop)
Phiderney, Patrick Tech - Engineering
Phillips, Rick Audio - Operations (Studio)
Phipen, Heather 60s Producer - News
Piccin, Danny 1989-90 - Engineering
Pickup, Cathy Weather Presenter
Pierce, Greg Announcer - Presentation
Pierce, Bradley Cameraman - Operations
Podmore, Larry
Polfreman, Richard Reporter
Porter, Andrew Producer News
Potts, Barry Electrician - Engineering (Studio/OB)
Powell, Mark Producer
Price, Ian
Pride, Bob Reporter /Presenter
Prince, Don Admin/Supply
Prior, Bert Tech - Engineering
Ramsden, Julie Graphic Artist
Read, Peter
Reeks, Bill Canteen
Reeve, Earl 59 Announcer
Refeld, Clarke 60s Workshop
Rego, Cliff Tech
Rock, John 60s Telecine/MCR - Operations
Rogers, Bob Tech - Engineering
Rove , Maya Producer /Education - Education
Roy, Sheppard Tech - Engineering
Ryan, Steve Producer - Production
Rynders, Paul Vtape - Operations (Telecine)
Saffrey, Tony 1971-78 Telecine/Videotape/Continuity
Sambell, Craig Weather/Presenter - Rural
Sandilands, Peter Presentation Asst
Sargeson, Phillip Audio (Studio)
Seaton, Bruce Prod/Mgr
Seebrects, Ron
Seibriks, Ron
Self, Peter Tech - Engineering
Shenton, Graham - News
Shepard, Gary Audio
Sheppard, Roy Tech - Engineering
Sherris, Louise Ops Office
Short, Sue Reporter
Shulties, John 60s Tech Op - Operations (Studio)
Shultz, Vikki Make up
Shultz, Michael Weather/Presenter
Sillars, Keith Tech - Engineering
Sillsbury, Kevin Cam/News - Operations (News)
Simmonds, Ted Stagehand - Production
Simmonds, Ted Links (OB)
Simmonds, Max Sport Presenter
Simon, Rod Audio
Slyns, Kim 1967-98 Presentation
Smith , Geoff 1960 Tech - Engineering
Smith , Ross Driver / Rigger - Operations
Smith , Mike Mgr - Operations
Sneesby, Steve
Southwood, Charles Presenter Arts
Stafford, Jim 1960 Producer - Production
Stanton , Bob 1960 Tech - Engineering
Steel, Robert Vtape - Operations
Stewart, Geoff 2004-05 - Engineering
Stewart, Stan Training - Operations
Stoddard, Bob Tech
Stoddart, Bob Tech - Engineering
Stranski, Santina 1960 Presenter/Womens world
Suckling, Gordon 1969-89 Designer - Production
Sullivan, Marie Archives
Swanson, Kevin FM
Sykes, Jaqui Producer
Syme , John 1960 Presentation - Production
Symms, Ron Sound FX
Tait, Ron Sound FX
Tavenitti, Domnic Storeman
Taylor , Steve Presenter
Taylor , Norm Editor News
Taylor , Glen Presenter
Tefry, John 1960 Weather Presenter
Tesconi, Manny Cameraman - Operations (Studio/OB)
Thomas, Alan M Shop Craftsman - Engineering (W/Shop)
Thomas, Neil Audio - Operations (St/OB)
Thomas, Majorie 1960 PA - Production
Thomas, Greta Journalist
Thomas, Keith Electrician
Thompson, Phillip Vtape - Operations
Tighe, Karen Sport Presenter
Tombs, Dick Presenter - Presentation
Townsend, Ron Tech - Engineering
Trappit, Andy Trainee
Tschollakoff, Alex Audio - Operations (St/OB)
Turner , John Reporter
Twiby, David Head Presentation - Presentation
Uhe, Kate Film Editor
vanBuren, Hans Tech - Engineering
Vendy, Paul Vtape
Waite, Gillian Presenter/Producer - Religious Dept
Ward, Diana 1959-60 Presenter
Ward, Peter Film Editor
Ware, Howard Producer - Production
Watkins, Ken 1960 Workshop
Watkins, Huw Journalist
Webb, Greg Trainee
Webster , Colin Trainee
Wells, Alex 1960 Film Editor - Production
West, Jenifer Presenter - Pesentation
Wheeldon, Ross Administration
Whitby, Mike
White, Mitchelle Journalist
Wilde, Keith Audio (Studio)
Willcoc, Danae
Willcox, Bob Mgr TV
Williams , Lisa Archives
Willis, Bruce Vtape - Operations
Wilson, Gordon Tech - Engineering
Wiseman, Barry Journalist - News
Wodroski, Sally Producer - Production
Wood, Stephanie Journalist
Woodhams, Grant Weather presenter - Rural
Woolf, Russell Weather Presenter
Worner, Susan
Wright, Don Rigger/Driver - Operations (OB)
Wright, Derric 1960-2001 Tech Producer/Ltg Dir/Training Mgr - Operations
Wright, Noel Audio - Operations (Studio)
Yarral, Di Publicity
Yates, Paul Tech - Engineering
York, George Vtape - Production
Young, Caroline Tech - Engineering
Zambotti, Bruno Engineer - Engineering
Zenotie, Gina PA
Deceased Staff
Altria, Mike 1959-95 Head OB Operations - Operations (OB)
Anders, Mark 1960-87 Prod Fac/Mgr - Prod Fac
Anderson, Dee
Bennett, Roy Telecine/Camera - Operations (Operations)
Blakkett, Mick
Brown, Paul Admin
Bye, John Camera - Operations (Studio)
Cahill, John 1960-85 Tech Prod - Operations (Studio)
Caley, Ray V/Tape - Operations (VT)
Clarke, George Telecine
Coombs, Fred 1960 Film Cameraman - News
Cowcher, Ted COS
Davey, Bob 1960 Tech - Engineering
Davis , Warwick 1960 Head Tech Operations
Dean, George 1960- 1970 Driver & rigger - Operations (OB)
Deveny, Keith 1960-75 Staging - Production
Edmonds, Don News Audio - Operations (?????)
Farrell, Phillip Engineer
Foreman, Wally Sporting Presenter
Glaikhorst, Clauss 1965-82 Artist/Designer - Production (Staging)
Grimes, David Rigger/Driver (OB)
Grljusich, George 1960 Presenter /Sporting - Sports
Guttman, John 1960 Chief Engineer - Engineering
Hailstones, Tom 1960 Telecine
Halcombe, Ron 1960 Presenter /Sporting
Hale, Clive 1960 Announcer/Newsreader
Hardman, Graham Camera - Operations (OB)
Hewson, John 1960 Tech Prod
Higgins, Lyndon Stagehand
Humphries, Kim Presenter - Presentation
Jacobs, Bruce 1960 Tech / Op - Operations (Studio)
Jennings, Bill 1960-1975 Camera (Studio)
Kerr, John 1959-64 Rigger/Driver (OB)
Knight, John COS - News
Lambert, Leo Staging - Production
Lockhart, Ray 1965-92 Camera - Operations
Mckenzie, Ian Film Cameraman - News
McLean, Ramsay Announcer
Mellowship, Trevor 1960 Front Desk
Murphy, Richard 1959-82 Tech Producer Ltg Dir - Operations
O'Callaghan, John Training
Parker , Keith Editor News - News
Payne, Arthur Storeman
Payne Arthur, Storeman
Piggot, Bill Designer - Production (Studio/OB)
Povah, Arthur 60s-80s Branch Mgr
Roberts, Peter 60s OB Driver/Rigger/Telecine - Operations
Seaman, Ivan
Sharpe, Keith COS - News (News)
Simpson, Robert aka Sam FM
Sodums, Arvids Graphic Artist - Production
Tait, Alec Tech
Taylor , Fred Driver / Rigger - Operations (OB)
Tollos, Alan 1960 Tech - Engineering (?????)
Tyrell, John 1959-71 Producer - Production ( )
Vibert, Alan 1960 Administration
Williamson, Noel 1960 FM - Production
Wilson, Don 1960 Presenter/ Green Fingers - Presentation (Studio/OB)
Witt, David 1960 Producer - Production (Studio/OB)
Woodward, Fred 1960 Tech - Operations (OB)
Woolsteholm, Bill Driver / Rigger - Operations (OB)