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GWN Roll Call
Compiled by Ian Stimson

This table represents the known list of past and present BTW, VEW, GSW, GTW and Golden West Network (GWN) staff, since the network began life as a group of smaller, independent stations -

BTW3 Bunbury launched 10 March 1967, TX at Mt Lennard (co-sited with ABC)
GSW9 Southern Agricultural (servicing Albany and Great Southern) launched 29 August 1968 TX at Mt Barker (co-sited with ABC)
GSW10 Southern Agricultural (servicing Albany blind spot) launched August 1974 - translator on Mt Clarence in Albany (via Mt Barker)
VEW8 Kalgoorlie plus VEW3 translator at Kambalda (Red Hill) started in November 1971
GTW11 Geraldton launched in 1977

We thank colleagues who have provided the following information. While every effort is made to preserve correctness, some errors or omissions may slip through. Please inform us via our Contacts page of any anomalies. We value your feedback, as accuracy is essential so that credit is given to all worthy participants.

Name Period Role

Brown, John 1967 - Journalist/Newsreader/Sales
Clarke, Liz 1966 - Womens Show Hostess/Mgr Sec
Collins, Noel 1968 - Sales
Cox, Ray 1966 - Film Cameraman/Prod Mgr/Prog Mgr
Dargie, Bruce 1967 - Program Manager/Producer
Henderson, Jerry 1968 - Newsreader
James, Hugh 1976 - Technician/Chief Engineer
Lannin, John 1967 - Audio Operator/Production Mgr
Pearce, Gail 1969 - Jnr Audio Operator/Film cutter
Ranieri, Rex 1975 - Production
Stimson, Ian 1968 - 1986 Senior Tech/Technical Super/Telecine/VTR
Strain, Peter 1968 - Jnr Audio Operator/Cameraman
Wardle, John 1967 - Senior Tech/Video Tape
Deceased Staff
Stewart, Alex 1966 - Chief Engineer/Assistant Mgr
Deramus, Albert 1973 - Chief Engineer
Hopwood, Brian 1966 - General Manager
Mosedale, Ken 1967 - Senior Audio/Cameraman

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