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NEW Roll Call
Courtesy of Stuart Joynt and Vicki Figgins

This table represents the known list of past and present NEW Channel 10 staff, since the station opening on Friday May 20, 1988.

We thank colleagues who have provided the following information. While every effort is made to preserve correctness, some errors or omissions may slip through. Please inform us via our Contacts page of any anomalies. We value your feedback, as accuracy is essential so that credit is given to all worthy participants.

Name Period Role

Adams, Gayle 1989 - 1998 News Camerawoman
Adshead, Gary
Ashton, Christy Kids Company
Akamatis, Fred
Akamatis, Marisa
Altieri, Tina
Allsopp, Trevor
Armitage, Shane
Barnett, John Weather Presenter
Basden, Graham
Basham, Murray
Bertorello, Claudia 1996 -
Bishop, Debra Reporter
Bouwman, Martin
Branco, Joe
Brayshaw, Ian Sports Presenter
Briggs, Steven
Brown, Kerry
Burns, Andrea 1991 - 1998 Journalist
Bycroft, Paula
Cunningham, Doug
Dalton, Lisa
De Pledge, Amanda Kids Company
Donaldson, Ali
Donovan, Zac
Fairclough, Lisa
Fare, David General Manager
Figgins, Vicki
Finkle, Bob Production
Forrest, Anna
French, Fiona
Gill, Glenys Program Manager
Glover, Richard
Gossage, Tim Sports Presenter
Gray, Vicki
Green, Ivon
Handley, Brian
Harban, Chris
Harrold, Rebecca Publicity
Harvey, Linda
Hawton, Les
Hembrough, Alison
Hilder, Chris
Holden, Fiona
Holtzman, Linda
Hunt, Chris News Director
Hynd, Alan
Jacobs, Narelda 2000 - now Newsreader
Jervis, Ian
Johnston, Tod Kids Company
Joynt, Stuart Founding News Director
Kerr, Carole
Lewis, Shayne
Leyer, Marion Director of Production
Martin, Simon General Manager
MacDonald, Andrew
Malcolm, Karen
Malone, Chris
McDonald, Lisa
McKenzie, Andrew
McKenzie, Bill Founding Managing Director
Mellet, Geraldine
Meyer, Brent Kids Company
Millett, Andrew
Mitsopoulos, Nadia
Morrisey, Christina Newsreader
Murphy, Sean
Murray, Jenny
Newton, Dave
OBrien, Michael
O'Connell, Chris General Manager
Owen-Smith, Georgina
Pearce, Greg Newsreader
Perrin, Peter Newsreader
Pickering, Gina
Pollock, Greg
Poole, Ellen
Porter, Andrew News Producer
Reid, Lachy Sports Presenter
Robertson, Anthony
Rogers, Brian
Rossi, Christina
Sands, Kerri
Schultz, Michael 1998 - now Weather Presenter
Schultz, Vicki
Scotland, Peter
Scott, Edward Engineering
Shenton, Graham
Shervington, Nicole
Simmonds, Trish
Symons, Allan At Your Service
Thomas, Jason
Vojkovic, Steve
Waldock, Geoff
Wallace, Dougal
Warden, Tom
Way, Nick
Wharram, Peter 1988 - 1995 Engineering
Willesee, Andrew
Worner, Steve
Worner, Suzanne
Deceased Staff
Dragun, Charmaine - 2007 Newsreader

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