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TVW Roll Call

This table represents the known list of past and present TVW Channel 7 staff, since the station opening on Friday October 16th, 1959.

We thank colleagues who have provided the following information. While every effort is made to preserve correctness, some errors or omissions may slip through. Please inform us via our Contacts page of any anomalies. We value your feedback, as accuracy is essential so that credit is given to all worthy participants.

This table does not represent the list of people who have registered for the TVW reunion. The list of reunion attendees can be found HERE!

Name Period Role

Adams, Gayle 1998 - now Today Tonight
Adshead, Gary News Reporter
Aiken, Jenny Film
Akesson, Rhonda Engineering
Alferavich, Eddie Production
Alford, Jenny 1978 - now Group Color/News
Allan, Jacqui Closed Captioning
Allan, Mark 1985 - now Engineering
Allanson, Debbie Childrens Presenter
Allard, Tanya News
Allen, Brett Videotapes
Allen, Christine Film Vault
Allen, Peter Videotapes
Allen-Trimble, Janene Management
Allert, Dave Presentation
Allington, Helen Cleaner
Altieri, Tina Presenter
Amor, Carolyn On-Air Promotions
Andrews, Gwen Secretary
Anthonisz, Len 1990 - 1993 Engineering
Anthony, James Production
Ardon, Rick 1978 - now News Reader/Journalist
Argyle, Ross 1979 - now Engineering
Armanasco, Peta 1959 - Secretary
Ashbolt, Barry Telethon Trek
Ashbolt, Remick News Editor
Ashby, Dee Promotions
Ashton, Jeremy Audio
Ashton, Richard 1959 - 1999 Production/Camera (Opening Night)
Ashton, Ronda (nee McWaters) Secretary
Ashton, Westly Cameraman
Astley, Pearl (nee Davies) 1959 - 1964 Film
Audas, Brett Sales
Austin, Val Switch
Avery, Christine Closed Captioning
Bahen, Gerry 1961 & 1974 - 1977 approx Film Manager/PEC
Bailey, Leanne Programs
Baker, George 1959 - Audio
Baker, Kevin Videotapes
Baker, Miss V Traffic
Baker, Wendy Telethon
Bailey, Lisa Closed Captioning
Baldwin, Jim Set Maker
Bales, Keith
Ball, Tim 1959 - Engineering/Videotapes
Banford, Nancy Cafeteria
Bansemer-Brown, Stephanie Publicity
Barber, Mrs D Traffic
Barber, Tony Presenter
Barich, Adrian Sports Reporter
Barnaby, Audrey 1960 - 1964 Presenter/Shopping Guide/Make-up
Barnett, John Engineering
Baron-Sullivan, Sharon Publicity
Barrett, Jenny Reception
Barrett, Olive (nee Shearer) 1959 - 1965 Film
Bartlett, Max Senior Producer
Basden, Graham Videotapes
Baster, Dave Cameraman
Bastowe, Fay Cafeteria
Bateman, Alan 1959 - Engineering
Beaton, Bill 1980 - 1995 Film/VT Vault
Beck, Les Operations
Bedford, Jan 1963 - 1965 Childrens Presenter
Bedwood, Nicola Telethon
Bell, Vicki Sales
Benedetto, Frank Telecine/Videotapes
Bennett, Lance 1978 - 1984 Production Cameraman
Bergersen, Brad 1988 - now Production cameras/On-air Promotions
Bergsma, Ingrid Accounts/Group Color
Berinson, David Company Secretary
Berryman, Ron Publicity
Bertorello, Claudia Reporter
Biaggi, Katherine Presenter
Bicknell, Kevin Transmitter/Engineering
Binks, Alf Accountant
Binks, David Videotapes
Binks, Gillian Traffic
Binks, Steve Engineering
Birchell, Edna Switch
Bishop, Debra Reporter
Blackburn, Helen Makeup Artist
Blackburn, Tom Newsreader
Blackiston, Bob Accounts
Blackman, Pam 1969 - 1971 Traffic
Blair, Miss G Traffic
Blee, Donna (nee Vanzetti) Operations
Boase, Phil Arena Shows
Boase, Timothy 1976 - 2004 Arena/Helicopter Pilot
Boase, Vic Accounts
Bohn, Kerryn Switchboard/Presentation
Bolton, Catherine News/Presentation
Bonjolo, Natalie Reporter
Booth, Cassie Sales
Booth, Phil 1963 - 1965 & 1972 - 1993 Production
Borsje, Luise Secretary
Bosoni, Nola (nee Cresey) 1960 - 1961 & 1976 - 1978 Secretary/PA
Bostock, Max 1960 - 1982 Production/Management
Boundy, Dorothy Closed Captioning
Bowdidge, Trevor Master Control
Bowen, Melissa Today Tonight
Bowering, Ian Engineering
Bowler, Karen Sales
Bowman, Ian Film
Bowrey, Sally 2008 - now Reporter/Presenter
Boyle, Pat 1960 - 1964 Film Dept
Brackenridge, Alby Sales
Bradford, Lesley (nee Mills) 1969 - 1971, 1974 - now Publicity/News
Bragg, Bill Accounts
Brand, Mike Production
Brennan, Laurie News
Brennan, Shaneen News
Briggs, Foly Cafeteria
Bristow, Dick Security
Brook, Patti 1985 - 1990 News DA
Brooks, Neil Sports Presenter
Broun, Dave Engineering
Brown, Barbara Management
Brown, Gary Accounts
Brown, Jean Accounts
Brown, John D 1959 - Production
Brown, Pete 1978 - 1988 Presenter (Hey Jude/Radio With Pictures)
Brown, Ron Supply
Bruce, Norman 1974 - 1999 Operations
Brunton, Ian Traffic
Bryndzej, Rick Production
Buchanan, Bruce Senior Journalist
Buck, John 1984 - 1987 & 1989 State Affair/Only Human
Bull, Ted Presenter
Bullock, Robyn Staging
Bullock, Trish Secretary
Bulman, Leigh Traffic/Sales
Burchell, Edna Film
Burge, Jan News Secretary
Burke, Brian Journalist
Burnell, Nicki Make-up
Burns, Andrea Reporter
Burns, Lisa Production
Burns, Rick Traffic
Burton, Doug Group Color (ex WAN)
Buswell, Dave Engineering
Buswell, Syd Senior Clerk
Butler, Graeme Reporter
Butler, Harry Naturalist
Butorac, Alan News Reporter
Butt, John Telecine/Master Control
Byrne, Greg Sales Manager
Cable, Miss C Production
Cahill, Casey News
Cameron, Eoin 6IX/Newsreader
Camilleri, Peter Operations
Camp, Melanie Presenter/Producer/Writer
Campbell, Andrew 2005 - Now Today Tonight Editor
Campbell, Des Supply
Campbell, Joy (nee Hewison) Sales
Campbell, Kevin Management/Engineering
Campell, Krys Traffic
Cannon, Ray Engineering
Cant, Chris Engineering
Caporn, Stan Security
Capper, Betty Cafeteria
Carmody, Kevin News
Carpenter, Alan Reporter
Carpenter, Annmarie (nee de Costa) Group Services
Carpenter, Laura Closed Captioning
Carr, Susannah Newsreader
Carrivick, Tony Company Secretary
Carroll, Alison Childrens Presenter
Carroll, Andrew News
Carter, Lyndell Film
Cartwright, Jodie Closed Captioning
Carver, Anna News DA
Carvolth, Gary 1961 - 1984 Presenter/Newsreader
Casson, Marion Sales
Chadwick, Jimmy Sport
Chalton, John Newsreader
Chapman, Constance Administration
Charles-Argyle, Joanne (nee Charles) 1985 now Supply/Sales/Switchboard
Chester, Elizabeth News Reporter/Producer
Chesterman, David Operations
Christie, Ron Production
Christison, David News/Sport
Claney, Justin Videotapes
Cleary, John Videotapes
Clements, Diane Production
Clifford, Peter Audio
Clifton, Jerry Transmitter/Group Engineering
Cloudsdale, Mark On-Air Promotions
Clune, Colin Cafeteria
Coates, Margaret Cafeteria
Cockram, Miss Wendy Traffic
Cohen, Tim 1996 - now News Cameraman
Cohn, Martin Engineering
Coleman, Ruth Graphics
Collins, Bill Film Lab
Collins, Charlie Videotapes
Collis, Joh Reporter
Cometti, Dennis Sporting Presenter
Cometti, Velia 1971 - now Audio Production
Condon, Coralie 1959 - 1970 Production
Congdon, Gail Payroll
Connell, Bernie Sales
Connell, Lisa (nee Fletcher) 1986 - 1989 Accounts
Considine, Errol 1972 - 1974 & 1975 - 1977 Journalist
Considine, R J Sales
Contos, Sue Newsreader
Cook, Ian News
Cook, Kerry Master Control/Engineering
Cooley, Melanie Switchboard
Cooper, Amy Sales
Cooper, David News Reporter
Cooper, David News Cameraman
Cooper, Dean Engineering
Corica, Sandra Engineering
Corson, Gilbert Engineering
Cotton, Len Journalist
Couanis, Basil 1986 - 1996 Supply
Coulter, Brian 1972 - 1980 News Producer
Cousins, John Taffy the Lion
Crane, Anna Videotapes/Film Fault
Creamer, Tom 1965 - 1996 Operations
Cressey, Nola Production/Clerical
Crilly, John Production
Croft, Peter 1966 - 1999 Videotapes/Engineering
Crowell, Dexter Operations
Crowell, Mary (Fraser) Publicity/ On-Air Promos
Crowell, Steve Engineering
Cruthers, Sir James 1958 - 1980 Managing Director
Cullen, Alex News Reporter
Culley, Mrs J L Traffic
Cummings, Chris 2000 - now News Editor
Cunliffe, Alf Gardener
Cunningham, John News
Curtin, Ric Audio
Cusack, Ross 1959 - 1960 Journalist
Dace, Ray Videotapes/Telecine
Dale, Sharon 1985 - now Presenter
Dales, Peter Engineering
Daniel, Barry Floor Manager/Sport
Danko, Joe Human Resources
Dann, Peta Videotapes
Darcy, Kevin Traffic
Darue, Steve Maintenance
Davey, Gary Production
David, Ian Videotapes
Davies, Graham Chief Engineer
Davies, Jean Film Dept
Davis, Bernie Engineering
de Vries, Emily 2008 - now Publicity
Dean, Peter 1961 - 1992 Presenter
Deegan, Harvey News
Deegan, Michael 1991 - now Operations
Delaporte, Betty Cafeteria
Delbridge, Brad Production
Deusien, Frank Master Control
di Girolami, Anna Makeup
di Girolamo, Sandra COS Today Tonight
Diggens, Bob 1976 - 1981
Doak, Derek Helicopter Pilot
Doggett, Margaret Telephonist
Donnachy, Ken Sales
Donovan, Mrs K Cafeteria
D'Orazio, Mario Journalist
Doucet, Brigitte Publicity
Dowling, Roger News Cameraman
Doyle, Greta Traffic
Duggan, Mrs Chris Telephonist
Dulwich, Martin Graphics
Duncan, Ainsley Building Maintenance
Dundas, Roger (Ramjet) Helicopter Pilot
Dunn, Kath Cafeteria
Dunn, Elaine Accounts
Dunn, Peter 'Pedro' 1971 - 1984 Telecine
Dunn, Sarah-May On-Air Promos/Telethon
Dunne, Bryan R Cameraman
Dunstan, Darren Operations
Duplex, Alan Videotapes
Duplex, Sharon Production
Dux, Barry Operations
Eastabrook, Sharron (nee Ashworth) Programs/Production
Eastlake, Trevor Production
Eastman, Miranda Reporter
Easton, John 1959 - Floor Manager
Edge, Barry Accounts
Edgely, Phillip Presenter
Edmonds, Mike 6IX News Editor
Edwards, Caris Today Tonight
Edwards, Dean Videotapes
Edwards, Ted Sport
Elbery, Sam Lighting
Eley, Ron Lighting/PEC
Elkes, Ruth Program/Record Library
Elkins, Miss P Telephonist
Ellery, David Booth Announcer
Ellis, Jenny Traffic
Embry, Dave Videotapes
Erceg, Dorothy Traffic
Evans, F Security
Evans, Frank 1959 - Floor Manager (Opening Night)
Evans, Miss J Supply
Evans, John Helicopter Pilot
Fan, Alison Journalist
Fancourt, S Telephonist
Fare, David Sales
Farmer, Andrew Sales
Farr, David 1959 - 1994 Presentation
Farr, Jan Secretary
Farrell, Darcy 1959 - 1976 (first) News Editor
Faure, Adrian 1987 - 2003 Promotions Producer/VT Editor
Fay, Paul
Faye, Annette Promotions/Publicity
Feist, Trish Receptionist
Felangue, Nigel 1959 - 1961 Still photographer
Ferguson, Lesley (nee Ross) 1966 - 1967
Field, Rosemary Switchboard
Fildes, Stan Sales
Filippou, Adriana Accounts/Telethon
Fillingham, Lisa Videotapes
Finlay, Geoff Videotapes
Finkle, A J Security
Finkle, Bob 1967 - 1979 Cameraman
Finkle, Jan (nee O'Mara) 1967 - 1975 Production Assistant
Finn, Peter News
Fletcher, Rhonda 1975 - 2000 Management/Telethon
Fogarty, Matthew Videotapes/Presentation
Forbes, Selina Programs
Ford, Ann Cassetting
Ford, Chris Operations
Forrest, Natalie Sales
Forster, John Operations
Francis, Joseph Group Color
Frater, Jim 1989 - 1996 Cameraman
Freedman, Angela Promotions
French, Herb Film Vault
French, Richard
Fryer, Gloria Production
Fryer, John Presenter/6IX
Furness, Ray Videotapes/Telecine
Furzer, Veronique Sales
Gaidelevicius, Vic Engineering
Galbrath, C Schedules
Galliott, Jan Cassetting
Gangemi, Cathy News Secretary/PA
Garbellini, Yvonne 1973 - 1981 Secretary
Gardiner, Melissa Sales
Gardiner, Sheryl (nee Meagher) 1978 - 1987 Operations
Garnaut, Peta Graphics
Garnaut, Rod Production
Garratt, Nancy (nee Macdonald) 1986 - 2000 Operations
Garratt, Tim Lighting/Production
Gasic, Amanda Videotapes
Gaunt, Jenni 1985 - 1997 Payroll/Production Assistant
Gaynor, Mark Videotapes
Geary, Keith Presenter
Geddes, Renae Graphics
Gentle, Vaughan News Journalist
Gianatti, Marie Presenter/Singer
Gibbs, Alan Master Control
Gibbs, Ivana Helicopter Pilot
Gibson, Mark News Reporter
Gifford, Kerry Production
Giglia, Paul 1993 - now Director/News Production Supervisor
Gilbert, Jim Carpenter
Gilenko, Maria Telethon
Gill, Bill Booth Announcer/Newsreader
Gill, Glenys (nee Andrijasevich) Program Department
Gill, Janet (nee Prance) Booth Announcer
Gilmore, Mac Sales
Giorgi, Tony Cafeteria
Glance, Bill Sales
Glasheen, Miss L Commercial
Glass, Jill (nee Fawcett) 1982 - 1988 & 1989 - now Programs/Promotions
Glasson, Miss S Graphics
Gledhill, Beverley Director (Opening Night)
Gliddon, Bruce 1981 - now Sales
Gnech, Lisa Promotions
Gobetz, Shireen News Cameraman
Goldie, Kate Videotapes
Goodall, Bob 1978 - 2006 News COS/Cameraman
Goodall, Mike 1971 - 2003 Cameraman
Goodall, Peter 1959 - 1967 & 1979 - 1985 Cameraman/Production
Goodrick, Russell 1974 Newsreader
Gore, Chris 2008 - now Engineering
Gorey, Colin 1959 - Telecine/Audio/Videotapes
Gough, Vern Sales
Govid, Todd 1983 - 1989 Cameraman
Gracias, Rudi 1973 1987 & 1989 now Accounts/Telethon
Gradisen, Frank Operations
Graham, A J Caretaker Transmitter
Graham, Colin Audio
Graham, Tony Production
Grant, Wesley Sales
Graves, Malcolm Accounts
Gray, Lynette Production/Management
Green, George Graphics
Green, Terry Audio/Presentation
Greer, David Sales
Gresham, Narelle Traffic
Gretton, Howard 1984 - now Deputy Director of News
Gryguc, David Closed Captioning
Grosse, Brian Lighting
Haase, Barry Cafeteria Manager
Hale, E Security
Hale, Evyonne Telephonist
Hale, Marcus Newsreader/Presenter/Actor
Hall, Tom 1959 - Cameraman
Hamilton, Andrew News
Hamilton, Miss J Commercial
Hampson, Damian Sales
Hanley, Tamara Cafeteria
Hannaby, Lyn Traffic
Hanran-Smith, Don News Cameraman
Hansen, Sharon 1959 - 1961 Continuity
Hanzell, Nel Film
Harford, Danni 1965 - 1968 Dancer
Harley, Noel Journalist
Harnett, Bob Reporter
Harris, Rolf 1959 - 1960 Performer
Harrison, Helen Graphics
Harrison, Sarah Switchboard/Reception
Harvey, Gail Publicity
Haslehurst, Robyn Share Clerk
Hastie, Phil Sales
Hatherly, Richard Photographer
Hawker, Janine News
Hawkins, Lindy On-Air Promos
Hayley, Bianca 2007 - now News Reporter/News COS
Hayter, Nathan Cameraman
Hazell, S Security
Healy, Jim 1959 - Film Editor
Helbig, Ingo News Cameras
Hembrough, Alison Publicity/News
Hemingway, David 1976 - 1986 & 1995 - now Videotapes/On-Air Promos
Hemingway, Phil 1998 - now Cameraman
Hemingway, Robyn (nee Kimber) 1979 - 1989, 1991 - 2004, 2005 - now Promos/News
Hemingway, Sabrina (nee Mondello) 2004 - now News Library
Hemsley, Lyn Accounts
Henderson, Miss G F Commercial
Henryon, Andrew 1999 - now News Editor
Henzen, Ron Photographer
Herbert, Ray Film Vault/Traffic
Herrington, Peter Production
Hetherington, Chris Production
Hetherington, Lisa (nee Calleja) Payroll
Hill, R Traffic
Hoad, Wendy Secretary
Hobson, Peter 1962 - 1990 Engineering/Videotapes
Hodge, Barry 1965 - 1969 Telecine
Hodge, Diane (nee Chappell) 1964 - 1970 Telecine/Operations
Hodgen, Ron Supply
Hodgkins, Bree Sales
Hoes, Penny 1959 - PA Prod (Opening Night)
Hoffmann, Christine Film Vault
Holdaway, Chantelle Accounts
Holder, Phil Videotapes
Hollingsworth, Pam (nee Blackman) Traffic
Hollister, Dean Videotapes/Film Vault
Holmes, Patricia 1960 - 1961
Holmes, Paul Accounts
Holmes, Vin 1959 - 1961
Hood, Kate Accounts/Sales
Hope, Chris 1983 - 1998 Payroll
Horley, Bob Sales
Hough, Jenny (nee Watkins) 1966 - 1967
Hounsell, Les Engineering
Howell, George Sales/Production
Howlett, Gavin Engineering
Hubbard, Nathan Videotapes
Hubbard, Simon Videotapes
Hudson, John News
Hufton, C Secretary
Hulme, E Cafeteria
Hume, Kevin State Affair Presenter
Humfrey, Miss S D Share Office
Humphry, Mike Engineering
Hundy, Linda Traffic
Hunn, John Management
Hunt, Rosemary 1959 - Administration
Hunting, John Engineering/OBs
Hurley, Alan Production/Operations
Hussey, Gemma Sales
Hutcheon, Paul Accounts
Huxham, Paul Audio
Hyde, Allan Accounts
Hymus, Sue Accounts
Iley,, Lisa Group Color
Ingram, Tracy Operations
Ivimey, Miss S Publicity
Jackson, Anne 1960 - Graphics
Jackson, Mrs Lorna Traffic
Jackson, Ted Security
Jankowski, Andy Pilot
Jenkins, Paul Reporter
Jenkins, Trevor Sports Presenter
Jenour, Nan Production
Jessop, Rob Maintenance
Jodrell, Don Engineering
John, Sue 1998 - 2003 Production
Johnson, Blake 2008 - now News Reporter
Johnson, Ian Traffic
Johnson, Mrs L Cafeteria
Johnson, Les Master Control/Presentation
Johnson, Marilyn 1960 - 1962 Film Dept
Johnson, Steve Videotapes Editing
Johnston, Kevan Choreographer
Johnston, Tod Presenter/Entertainer
Johnston, Vicki (nee Ranger)
Johnston, Yvonne Traffic
Jones, Dymphna (Dee) Engineering Secretary
Jones, Glyn 1989 - 2004 Audio
Jones, Judy Cafeteria
Jones, Vic 1960 - 66, 1984 - 1995 Audio
Jordon, Kath Cafeteria
Joynt, Hartley News
Joynt, Stuart News
Kadak, Paul News Reporter
Kallio, Sandra Closed Captioning
Katavatis, John 1989 1997 Engineering
Kavanagh, Peter
Kay, Max 1967 - 1995 Performer
Keaughran, Beryl Traffic
Keeffe, David Accounts
Keeffe, Marie-Anne Today Tonight
Keen, Diane DA, Production
Keller, Simon Graphics
Kelly, Anne
Kelly, Judy Traffic
Kelso, Murray Cameraman
Kemp, Ken 1960 - 1983 Store
Kemp, Roz Makeup
Kersklake, Trevor Workshop
Kerslow, Trevor Floor Manager
Kiekheffer, Tom Videotapes
Kiely, John Floor Manager
Kilvert, Yasmin Videotapes
King, Bert Engineering
Kinna, Paul Engineering
Kirkham, Liz Production/Clerical
Klecha, Laon Group Color
Kluczniak, Todd 1984 - 1990 Production Cameraman
Knight, Glen Audio
Koman, Magda Artist
Korbosky, Jill Sales Secretary
Kos, Monika Presenter
Kubainski, Emmy Reporter/Presenter
Kuka, Ray News Reporter
Kuriata, Wayne News Cameraman
Lambert, Miss J A Commercial
Lang, Mrs F P Traffic
Lang, Jacqueline 1989 1990 News Reporter
Langfield, Linda Telephonist
Langford, Katrina 1997 - now Today Tonight
Lanyon, Russell Production
Lawrence, John Accounts
Lazzara, Ross Engineering
Le Cras, John Director of News
Leach, Graphics
Leadbetter, Stuart Group Color
Leask, Stuart Today Tonight
Ledger, Joanne Promotions
Lee, Dorothy (nee Whitely) Programs
Lehman, John News
Lemmey, Troy Videotapes
Lenton, Cindy Publicity
Leonhardt, Mrs E Traffic
Letica, Karen Production
Lettenmaier, Peter 1983 - 1988 & 2001 - now Cameraman
Lever, Brian Graphics
Lever, Laurie Lighting
Lewis, Chris
Leyer, Marion (nee Greiling) 1960 - 1985 Production
Leyland, Ruth Publicity
Liddiard, Mrs S Cafeteria
Lindsay, Don Cameraman
Lingane, Lesley Copy writer
Livingston, Dennis Production/Cameraman
Lockyer, Ian Paymaster
Loh, Teresa Graphics
Long, Ron Supply
Lovelle, Oliver 1977 - 1990 Automotive Technician
Low, David Newsreader (ex TCN/Movietone)
Lowe, S
Lowes, Jim Supply
Lucas, Sandra Hostess/Graphics
Lumsdaine, Steve 1959 - 1965 Lighting/Boom (Opening Night)
Lynn, Mike Supply
Lyons, Brad Reporter
Lyons, John Audio/Production
Lyons, Vera Cafeteria
Macartney, Bill News
Macdonald, Purdie Sales
Mackay, Danny In Perth Tonight/PEC
Mackenzie, Keith 1966 - 1982 Production
Mackie, Zandra Secretary
Mackintosh, Roslyn 1976 - 1989 Supply
Macuish, Katie Sales
Maguire, Bon 1963 - 1965 Performer
Maher, Jan (nee Swift) 1983 - 1989 Graphics
Maher, Martin Videotapes/Promos
Maker, John Engineering/OBs
Mallard, Jackie Graphics
Malloch, Helen (nee Boyes) 1959 - 1962 & 1975 - 2000 Accounts/Payroll
Mansell, Laurie Closed Captioning
Mardardy, Kirstin Management
Marjoram, Linda Management
Markey, Ian Cameraman
Marks, Eileen (first) News Secretary/PA
Marsh, Steve World of Football
Marshall, Anna Sales
Martin, Don Telecine
Martin, Keith Lighting
Martin, Naomi Closed Captioning
Martinovich, Jamie Traffic
SteveMarvin 1968 1990 City Theatres, Disney
Mason, Betty Cafeteria
Mather-Brown, Bill 1959 - (first) Switchboard Operator
Mathew, Dave 1959 - Studio Cameraman
Mathews, Ross Supply
Matthews, Steve Production
Maumill, Bob Presenter
McAlpine, John
McAuliffe, Roger 1969 - 1971 Publicity
McBeath, Dick Supply
McCann, Geoff Engineering
McColl, Gordon 1959 - 1975 Production/Camera (Opening Night)
McDermott, Michael 1985 - 1987 Cameraman
McDermott, Peter Setmaker/Carpenter
McDonald, Mike Company Secretary
McDonald, Heather News Reporter
McDonald, Leigh News
McDonald, Peter Personnel
McDonald, Phil Videotapes
McDonald, Robyn Traffic
McDonald, Ross Engineering
McDonnell, Marty World of Football
McDougall, Kim 2005 - now On-Air Promotions
McGarry, Miss P A Traffic
McKay, Ken 1962 - 1973 Videotapes
McKenzie, Bill 1959 - 1982 Management
McLean, Ross 1984 - now News Cameraman
McManus, Jo Reporter
McNally, K C News
McPhee, Alex News Camera
Mcrae, Ian Sales
McWaters (Ashton), Ronda Secretary
McWhirter, Andy 1987 - 1999 News
Meacham, Bill Cine Cameraman
Meade, Seaton Film Vault
Meadows, Neroli Reporter
Meakin, Peter News
Menegola, Shaun Current News Director
Mercer, Roslyn Engineering Secretary
Mercer, Shelley Sales
Merritt, Robin Photographer
Michael, Con Engineering
Michel, R A Traffic
Michell, Dick Accounts
Millar, Hymie Engineering
Miller, Emma Telethon
Mills, Mrs J W Traffic
Milner, Greg Journalist
Minchin, Brad Graphics
Minchin, Will Cafeteria
Minski, Robin Sales
Mitchinson, Katie 2003 - 2005 Today Tonight
Mitford-Henry, Bianca Production/Promotions
Momber, Louise News Reporter
Monaghan, Tony Reporter
Mooney, Yvette 1984 2007 News Presenter
Moore, Jeff Sales
Moore, Mrs K D Traffic
Morcombe, John Operations
Morris, Hayley Telethon/Engineering/Switchboard
Mort, John Reporter
Mortlock, Geoff Engineering
Moss, Frank 1959 - 1978 Company Secretary
Moss, Perry Secretary
Mott, Carolyn (nee Fletcher) 1980 - 1985 Programs/Publicity/Production
Mott, David 1978 - 1994 Program Director
Moxham, Dianne Presenter
Muggeridge, Sue Traffic
Muggridge, Lindsay 1980 - 1984 6IX Production Manager
Muir, Don Production
Mulder, Hans Videotapes/Telecine
Murray, Chris Lighting
Murray, Jenny 1983 - 2000 Editor
Nairn, Pat Cafeteria
Nairn, Ric 1973 - 2004 Sales
Naismith, Patricia (second) News Sec/Assistant
Nayler, Margaret (nee Hewison) Film Dept
Nayor, Mrs M Film Vault
Neates, Sharon 1999 - now PA/Sales Department
Nelkovski, Steve Sports Reporter
Nevard, Wendy PA Prod
Neville, Greer Sales
Newby, Nigel 1981 - 1991 Engineering
Newland, Miss J Production
Newman, Jeff Presenter/Management
Newman, Peter Booth Announcer
Newton, Allen Publicity
Nicholas, Miss P J Production
Nicholls, Pat 1960 - 1962 Accounts
Nichols, Jennifer News Reporter
Nichols, Peter Engineering
Noble, Jon News Cameraman
Nugent, Shane 1974 - 2004 Videotapes
Nutton, Angela Sales
O'Brien, Gary Operations
O'Brien, Jack Security
OBrien, Mick Production
O'Brien, Pauline Personnel
O'Connor, Noel Newsreader/Publicity
O'Dea, Tim 1976 - 2000 Chief Engineer/Station Mgr
Odgers, Don Sales
O'Doherty, Colm Seaman O'Doherty
ODonnell, Emma Accounts
O'Dwyer, Des Sydney Sales Rep
O'Keeffe, Gary 1986 - 2001 Director
O'Keeffe, Kevin 1976 - 1982 Sales
O'Loughlin, Norm News Film/VT Editing
O'Mara, Chris Program Director
O'Meagher, Miss M Engineering
O'Neill, Dale 1987 - now COS News/Cameraman
Ots, Marina Accounts
Owen, Wilson News Editor
Oxwell, Ernie Cameraman
Pack, Kim Operations
Paddick, Geoff Journalist
Page, Bob Traffic/Telethon/6IX
Page, Robin Group Color
Palandri, Susie Graphics
Palmer, Clyde Publicist
Palmer, Sandy Presenter
Pannell, David Engineering
Papamihail, Elise (nee Anastas) Telethon
Papanoum, Mary Supply
Papotto, Tony Supply
Parker, Greg 1973 - 1979 Production/Percy Penguin
Parry, Geof News Reporter
Partridge, Peter 1966 - 1973 Outside Broadcasts
Passeretto, Rina Group Color
Patterson, Nik Closed Captioning
Paynter, Geoff Group Color
Pearce, Brad Cameraman
Pearce, Carissa Sales
Pearce, Greg Newsreader
Pearsall, Tobin Engineering
Pecnik, Steve 1986 - 2003 News
Pedulla, Julie Promotions
Peers, Myris Cafeteria
Peet, Rosemary Newsroom Secretary
Pennell, Bob 1959 - 1961 Film Manager
Pennifold, Graeme 1990 - now Engineering
Penno, Bob Engineering
Perry, Anne Personnel
Perry, Liz Presentation/On-Air Promos
Perry, Russel Management/News
Petchell, Lee Engineering
Peters, John Production
Phillips, D Transmitter
Phillips, Noelene Engineering
Phillips, Simon Production
Piccin, Danny 1985 - 1989 Engineering
Pickles, Mark 2008 - now News Editing
Piwajkin, Gennedy Film Processing
Plummer, Graeme Film Department
Pollack, Bert Set design
Poh, Neil 1988 - 1994 & 2002 - 2004 News Reporter
Pollard, Malcolm Videotapes
Porter, Andrew News Producer
Pratt, Fiona Sales
Pratt, Geoff Graphics
Preece, Joanne 2000 - now Accounts
Presland, Albert Engineering
Price, John Programs
Pritchard, Mara Reporter
Properjohn, Scott Presenter, Hobbies and Crafts
Purser, Sadie 1992 - 2008 Director
Quartly, Steve 1979 - 2003 Director/Producer/Editor
Quick, John Chief Engineer
Quinlan, Stephanie Presenter
Raab, Ray 1983 - now News Cameraman
Radcliffe, Gabby Makeup
Rainsford, Mrs J Production
Ralph, Jacqui Switchboard
Ramsey, Steve On-Air Promos
Ratcliffe, Stewart Staging
Raven, Miss S A Commercial
Rayner, Jack Engineering
Rayner, Miss Sue Supply
Read, Howard Management
Reddingius, Ron 1969 - 2000 Operations
Rees, Roy Technical
Reeve, Simon 1979 - Presenter/Journalist
Reeves, Gaye Closed Captioning
Reeves, Kevin Videotapes/Transmitter
Reichelt, Kevin Engineering
Rettalick, Grant News
Retzlaff, Leonie Sales
Reynolds, John General Manager
Reynolds, Tony 1969 - 1970 Engineering
Richards, Alan Production/Station Manager
Richardson, Liz Switchboard
Riddell, John Reporter
Rifici, Ricky Cameraman
Rimmer, Jennifer Telephonist
Risdon, Ray Accounts
Robbins, Julian Cameraman
Roberts, Sean Sales
Robertson, Alan Programs
Robertson, Kathy Payroll
Robertson, Steve News Cameraman
Robins, Bianca Makeup
Robinson, Barbara Newsreader
Robinson, Glenn Production
Rock, Don 1963 - 1996 Accounts
Roddy, Bernie 1960 - 1998 Accounts
Rodereda, Gina Group Services
Rodereda, Shane EDP
Rogers, John Sports Presenter
Rogers, Rick Management
Rohr, Mrs Gerder Traffic
Rohr, Sarah Promotions
Rose, Murray Booth Announcer
Rowe, Dave Engineering
Rowe, Don News/Promotions
Rudd, Camilla Engineering
Rudd, John Director of News
Ruse, Robert 1961 - 1962 Continuity
Ryding, Kerry (nee Mohr) 1976 - 1979
Sackson, Wendy Publicity
Sage, Russell 1960 - Cameraman
Saint, Peter Videotapes
Saleeba, Susan Newsreader
Salinger, Grant Videotapes
Salinger, Philip 1959 - 1969 Engineering
Sanders, Ann Presenter
Sandow, Leigh 'Leroy' 1983 - 1993
Sandow, Perry 1974 - 1978 Lighting
Sattler, Howard Reporter
Sauer, Christine Closed Captioning
Saunders, Steve News Cameras
Saville, Steve Graphics/Only Human
Scales, Joan Telethon
Schofield, John News
Schoonraad, Sharon Accounts/Publicity
Scoby-Smith, Peter Gardener
Scott, Adam Videotapes
Scott, Howard Accounts
Scott, Steve 1998 - now Senior News Editor
Scudds, Peter J 1969 - 1975
Searle, Kim Supply & Sales
Searle, Mike News
Seaton, Jenny (nee Clemesha) 1981 - 1993 Presenter
Seder, Frank Payroll
Sharp, Kathy Personnel
Shaw, Alan Supply/Property
Shaw, Craig Today Tonight
Shaw, Lorraine (nee Fowler) Cafeteria Manager
Sheedy, Jack World of Football
Shenton, Graeme Journalist
Shenton, Stuart Programs
Shephard, Sue Traffic
Shepherd, Gary Engineering/Operations
Sheppard, Howard 1979 - 1982 Station Manager/Engineering
Sherry, James Childrens Presenter
Shortland, Mrs R M Commercial
Sinclair, Mrs D Cafeteria
Sinclair, Ray Journalist
Skinner, Ian
Skipworth, Dennis Graphics
Skipworth, Kym Graphics
Slater, John Production/Promotions Dir
Sloggett, Scott Videotapes
Smith, Allan Engineering
Smith, Athol Traffic
Smith, Brian Production
Smith, Jordan News Editing
Smith, Judy Cafeteria
Smith, Linda Engineering
Smith, Lindsay Audio
Smith, Nola Production Assistant
Smith, Pauline Accounts
Snadden, Bill 1978 - 1999 Lighting
Snell, Ted Engineering
Southerland, Bruce Engineering
Southwood, Ellie News Reporter
Spalding, Michelle Sales
Sparrow, Frank World of Football
Spence, Darian Engineering
Spence, Terry 6IX
Spice, Anne (nee Stephen) 1981 - 1989 Secretary
Spice, Keith 1970 - 1989 Operations
Spurway, Terry Engineering
Stacey, David 2006 - now News
Stacey, Steel Audio
Stacey, Vikki Sales
Stanbury, Di (nee Clements) 1972 - 1980 Production
Stanbury, Mark 1972 - 1980 Production
Staniforth, Walter 1970 - 1999 Accountant
Stanley, Miss M Supply
Stanwyck, Tanya Telethon
Stevens, Marge News
Stevenson, Kevin Vehicle Maintenance
Stewart, Alex Engineering/Audio
Stewart, Don Videotapes/Telecine
Stewart, Geoff 1977 - 2004 Engineering
Stewart, Justin News
Stewart, Tracey News Editing
Storey, Helen Traffic
Storey, Mrs G E Secretary
Street, Shane Director
Stubbs, Alan Telecine/Cinema City
Sunners, Kay Publicity
Sutherland, Val Publicity
Sutton, Mal Production
Svircas, Sophie Publicity
Swanson, Kevin J Set Maker
Sweeney, Joe Sales/Management
Swift, Gerard 1961 - 1991 Operations/Production
Symonds, Dudley Gardener
Tannock, Carolyn (nee Noble) Presenter (Childrens Channel 7)
Tarnawski, Peter Presenter (Hey Jude)
Tarnawski, Peter Tarnawski, Shelley
Taviera, Veronica
Taylor, Claire Sales
Taylor, E G Security
Taylor, Glen News Presenter
Taylor, Grant News Reporter
Taylor, Jo 2001 - 2002 Director's Assistant
Taylor, Jon Sales
Taylor, Marshall Cameraman
Taylor, Max Lighting
Taylor, Steve State Affair Presenter
Taylor, Suzanne Operations
Teasdale, Ian 1972 - 1978 Presenter/Journalist
Terry, Doreen Cafeteria
Terry, M D H Engineering
Tewe, Derek Engineering
Thirley, Brien Production/Announcer
Thirwell, Vicki News
Thomas, Athol Journalist/Interviewer
Thomas, Geoff 1970 - 2000 Floor Manager
Thomas, Jason News Cameraman
Thomas, Joanne (nee Lawty) Payroll
Thomas, Margaret Switchboard
Thomas, Pat Pet Segment
Thompson, Judy Presenter (Hey Jude)
Thompson, Mark 1987 1989 News Reporter
Thompson, Steve 1971 - 1974, 1978 - 1981 Cine Cameraman
Thorne, A N Engineering
Thunder, Rhonda (nee James) 1970 - 1973 & 1970 1976 Production
Tinker, Jim Outside Broadcasts
Tinney, Dorothy (nee Buktenica) Traffic/Production
Tinney, Ross Promos
Tombs, Dick News
Toogood, Larry Photographer
Toohey, Chantelle News Reporter
Tran, Melinda Graphics
Trevor, Martin 1979 - 1988 Workshop
Trio, Val Engineering Secretary
Tucker, Pam Cafeteria
Tudorovic, Milica Secretary
Tunnecliffe, Anne Publicity
Turpie, Ian Turpie Tonight Presenter
Twyford-Jones, P M Engineering
Ulasewych, Eugene Engineering
Urquhart, Mrs M Telephonist
Vale, Nick Production
Vallis, Joanne Traffic
van Irsen, Adriana Telephonist
van Maaren, Marie Children's Host
van Rens, Mike News
Verbelyi, Gyula 1996 1999 Engineering
Vermazen, Jan 1959 - Film/Group Color
Vermazen, Rena Group Color
Vermeulen, Edna Film
Vidot, Janine Programs
Vlahov, Mariana Sports Reporter
Voce, Paula News Presenter/Journalist
Wakeham, Mike Publicity
Waldock, Geoff 1978 - 1986 & 1995 - 2000 News
Walker, Gillian 1997 - 2006 Videotapes Editor
Walker, Jasmin Sales
Walker, Matthew Engineering
Walker, Toni Traffic
Wallace, Carol (nee Davies) 1959 - 1964 Film
Wallace, Fay Cafeteria
Wallace, Geoff 1959 - 1964 Film
Walsh, Terry 1959 - 1961
Waltham, Peter News Presenter
Ward, Anderson Sales
Wardrop, Ray Publicity/Programs/ Management
Warne, Tom 1980 - 1982
Warner, Graham Operations
Warren, Peter Engineering
Watkins, Bryn Production
Watson, Deana News DA
Watson, Neil 1970 - 1973 Newsreader/Announcer
Watts, John K Personality
Webb, Jenny Publicity
Welch, Keith Helicopter Engineer
Weselman, Brendon Traffic
Wharram, Peter 1980 - 1988 Engineering
Wharton, Chris Management (now CEO WAN)
Wheeler, Brian Engineering
Wheeler, Glenys Secretary
Wheeler, Irene Accounts
Whitby, Reece Journalist
White, Jenny Cafeteria
White, Stephen Group Color
Whiteman, Reg Production (Fat Cat)
Wilkinson, Belinda Today Tonight
Wilkinson, Susie Sales
Willesee, Grant Cameraman
Willesee, Terry News
Williams, Brian 1959 - 1967 Production
Williams, C R News
Williams, J Barrey Management
Williams, Paul Engineering
Williams, R Maintenance
Williams, Trina (nee Brown) 1966 - 1971 Presenter
Wingham, Roxanne Switchboard
Wood, Murray Sales
Woodhams, Grant Weather Presenter
Woods, Cedrick Transmitter/Engineering
Woodward, Don News Cameraman
Woodward, Jenni (nee Clarke) Sales/News
Woolfrey, Jim Programs
Worner, Steve Cameraman
Worner, Tim Reporter
Wright, John Sales
Wright, Narelle Traffic
Wright, Scott 1984 - 1992 & 1999 - 2003 Cameraman/Producer
Yates, Bruce Videotapes
Youd, Phil 1979 - 1986 Audio
Young, Barry Electrician
Young, Chris 1981 - 1985 & 1886 - now News/Sport
Young, Johnny 1965 - Club Seventeen Host
Young, Wayne Cameraman
Zaffino, Dom Videotapes
Zaffino, Laurie Cameraman
Zalkalns, K Engineering
Zanotti, Gina News DA
Zelmer, Nicole Closed Captioning
Zempilas, Basil 1994 - now Sports Presenter
Zimbardi, Vinnie Production
Deceased Staff
Alexander, Ken Film Editing
Atkinson, Jim 1960 - 1967 Captain Jim
Belci, Lu 1959 - Cameraman
Bennett, Roy Operations
Bird, Frank Sport
Bisott, Darcy 1959 - Transport Officer
Black, Alex Security
Briggs, George 1959 - Cafeteria Manager
Broughton, Chas Props
Bruce, Isabel Film Vault
Cahill, Pat Lighting
Crane, Geoff Sales
Cribb, Bob Journalist
Cunningham, Leanne Sales
Dallimore, David 6IX/Supply
Dee, John Bookings
Dickson, Noel Staging
Donovan, Syd Presenter/Journalist
Flanagan, Keith News
Flanagan, Mary Production
Fletcher, William 1983 - 1987 Production
Friend, Geoffrey (first) Board Chairman
Gale, Michael Journalist
Gilmore, Doug Racing
Guimelli, Steve Cameraman
Hanzell, Fred Courier
Hohol, Wally Courier/Security
Hooper, Brian Film Editor
Hunsley, Jean Production
Irvin, Ray Mgr Group Color
Jeffery, Stan Cameraman
Kelly, Harry Sport
Keough, Tom Cafeteria
Kirk, Neville Sales
Kitney, Vic Engineering
Kostarelas, Faye Accounts
Kronja, Sam Weather
Lawson, Lloyd 1959 - Production/Presenter
Lewis, Ivan 1986 - 1996 Supply
Mainwaring, Chris Sports
Macartney, J E Board Director/MD WAN
Makowski, Peter News Cameraman
McColl, Judy (nee Copley) 1959 - Secretary
McDermott, Peter Staging
McGillivray, Mark EDP
Meadows, Garry 1959 - Presenter/Newsreader
Medizza, Mia Presentation
Milner, Keith 'Dig' 1959 - 1960 Cine Cameraman
Mitchell, Tom Telecine & MCR
Mosedale, Ken Videotapes
Nayer, Mike Engineering
O'Brien, Dave Engineering
O'Callohan, John 1959 - Tech Dir (Opening Night)
Oliver, Frank Security
Pearman, Ron Courier
Polloch, Bert Staging
Pugh, Margaret Telephonist
Rooke, Fred Staging
Sarson, Jay Telethon/Sales
Shaw, Alan Supply
Tatam, Les Security
Taylor, Ernie Engineering/Management
Thunder, Tim Audio
Treasure, Brian Management/Sales
Walker, Geoff (first) Newsreader
Walters, Eric 1961 - 1966 News Presenter
Williams, Matt Cine Cameraman
Willis, Bruce Master Control
Wynne, Neville Staging

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