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Why You Need a US iTunes Account

If you’re new to this site, maybe you don’t know why you should have a US iTunes account! There are thousands of people all over the world that have US iTunes accounts because of the many advantages the US store has over the stores of other countries.

If you already know why a US iTunes account is so great, but need help creating one, you can click on the link provided here “How to Create a US iTunes Account.”

So what are the many benefits the US store has over other countries?



TV SHOWS are one of the biggest reasons people have US iTunes accounts. Many other iTunes stores often have older seasons and are not as new as the US store. Plus, sometimes they don’t even have US shows at all!

MOVIES, like TV shows, are often only in the US store and not available in other countries.

APPS are a big draw for people, and many are ONLY found in the US store.

MUSIC and PODCASTS you would think are available everywhere. However, only the US store has many of these selections, and they often come out much later in non-US iTunes stores, making you wait!

IBOOKS are sometimes not available outside the US so many books aren’t released in a timely manner!



Did you know that prices of TV Shows, Movies and more are actually more expensive outside of the US? Shows that cost only $1.99 in the US can run upwards of $3 to $5 in other countries, depending on the exchange rate. And movies to rent or buy can often be many dollars more. So, not only can you buy what you want in the US store, it’s actually CHEAPER to buy in the US store, even if another country’s store has the same content!



HD is available on many of the shows and movies in the US, but not always in other countries.

Additionally, many shows and movies have English subtitles or dubbing (people speaking in other languages) that have awful translations or just don’t sound right. When buying from the US, you get the original show with no language changes and you can enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed!


If any of this gives you a reason to try out the US store, you should do it now! Just click on the link provided here “How to Create a US iTunes Account” to get started.


Full information about iTunes can be found here “What's on iTunes.”


Please check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” for further help.