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Historic Vision

Posted by admin On March - 8 - 2009


Construction of TVW transmitter and studios, followed by the station opening.

Project Teleview is a TVW documentary, which tells how the station came about from license application, right through to the first transmission.

This TVW News production was scripted by Coralie Condon, presented by Geoff Walker, filmed by Tom Hall and Keith Milner and edited by Jim Healy.

Richard Ashton details the events encapsulated here, in his first person account of TVW’s origins, which can be found by selecting the “TVW Opening” post.

Thirty three years later, Richard wrote, produced and directed the following TVW video tour, which was conducted by Peter Dean. This demonstrates the many stages programs go through from either air freight delivery or local studio production, to actual broadcast. You’ll see the day to day operations and the technical equipment required to bring the television entertainment into your own home.

Much has changed since these videos were made. The first depicts the early black and white pioneering era, whilst the second shows the first decade of the colour age, when TVW was still an independent station. A time when local presentation and production involved a large work force. A time before the centralised networking of programs became common across all television networks.

2 Responses to “Historic Vision”

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    Greatr blog and videos, but I note that Geoff walker is sounding like a Baritone as the film was most likely @25fps, but is being replaying at 24fps – normally on TV the reverse happens and everyone sounds like a soprano ? :-)

  2. Chris Keating says:

    Definitely running slower than the copy I possess, although the one uploaded here is vastly clearer. Mine also has a pre-opening intro from Jim Cruthers, to the staff at Television Engineering Pty Ltd in Melbourne and Pye in England…

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