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Kay Linton-Mann (nee Sunners) remembers…

Posted by ken On August - 23 - 2009

Telethon 1975 publicity shot – Lesley Mills (News), Sofie Sifarish and Kay Sunners (Publicity), Jan Dargan (Secretary), Wendy Hoad (Secretary), Jennie Rimmer (Switchboard), Stuart Wagstaff, unknown, Rhonda Fletcher, Luise Borsje (PA to Max Bostock), unknown, Glenys Wheeler and Jo Rainsford

I came to TVW as a young temp to work on a Telethon and was asked if I would like to stay on, so I did and was promoted to Publicity Department. It was a wonderful place to work- so much fun, the studios were always busy lots of local production and OB’s. i.e. Children’s shows, Miss West Coast, Miss Australasian Beach Girl, The Christmas Pageant, Stars of the Future – (Annette Purvis was one of the stars and I have a 45rpm record which was recorded by 7 Records P/L – in original record sleeve). I was very lucky to be part of the team who worked on Telethons, greeting international and Australian celebs who gave their time to help raise money. It was very exciting to work through the night with everyone, there was a great energy.

Telethon conga – Pat McDonald, Susie Dewar TVW, Elaine Lee, Jeff Kevin, Barbara Rogers, others and then Luise Borsge and Jeff Newman

Luise Borsje and I as clowns for Christmas Pageant

Beer Can Regatta – Peter Dean, Karen Pini, Kay Sunners, John Fryer
Rehearsals at Miss Australasian Beach Girl – in shot are Ric?, Max Bostock, Ron Christie and Brian Smith

Such fun to be at the beaches during summer hurtling along in a mini moke with Jeff Newman and Don Rowe and (sometimes) photographer Larry Toogood to select girls from the beach to take part in the Miss West Coast contests – Karen Pini was one of them.


Miss Australasian Beach Girl – Karen Pini with Greg Byrne and two others

TVW was a great training ground too. The logistics of the Christmas Pageant were mind boggling. Cutting corners in the preparation of any event was never an option and was indelibly imprinted in our psyche by Max Bostock who was a stickler for nailing every aspect of an event to an inch of its life. Always with good humour. A discipline which has stayed with me through my working life.

5am. – How could I forget! Two Councill workers watch on as two hairy beasties put down the ‘blue line’ which was used to keep the crowds in line for the Christmas Pageant. Hairy beasties: (Marion Leyer) and myself – very glam!

At the Executive level, all were highly approachable. Sir James Cruthers always had a word if he bumped into you in the corridor, as did Brian Treasure. For someone who was a long way from home, it was a respectful, fun, and friendly atmosphere to work in. Loved it.

Marie Van Maaren’s 21st birthday – Keith Mackenzie, Di Stanbury, Marie, Reg Whiteman (Fat Cat), Greg Parker, Ian Teasdale, Bob Finkle and Kay Sunners
Telethon prizes – publicity shot – Kay Sunners and Jo Rainsford
Barry Daniel, John K. Watts and Max Bostock
Chantal Contouri of ‘Number 96″ holding the child with Barry Crocker, Stuart Wagstaff and Johnny O’Keefe at the desk
Fat Cat’s Mum and Fat Cat
Telethon Outside Broadcast

9 Responses to “Kay Linton-Mann (nee Sunners) remembers…”

  1. Andrew says:

    Marie van Maaren went to Melbourne to host The Early Bird Show in the late ’70s and ’80s for Channel 0/10. The show ended in 1989 (after it had been briefly re-titled ‘Club Ten’) but whatever happened to her after that..?

  2. Lyndell Carter says:

    Kay I also remember the Miss West Coast recruitment days. Myself, and another girl, forgotten her name, and I think it was Peter Perron would go to the beaches in the mini moke and look for young pretty girls to enter the competition. We did this for many weekends. Peter was known to flick a bit of sand around as he parked the moke close to a pretty girl. I’m sure he had a licence, I think I was too young to ask. We always had lots of fun and laughs. Great days and memories.

  3. I believe Russell Watkins is second from the left in the Karen Pini photograph. (Or the Greg Byrne photo if you prefer). Graeme Plummer advises that Russell worked at Channel 7 Sydney, then went to LA to represent the Nine Network and subsequently opened his own programm purchasing office. He’s now retired and lives in Pebble Beach.

  4. Alan Chadwick says:

    I’m trying to date a similar photo to that of the “beer can” one above. Does anyone know the month/year?


    Alan C

  5. Gloria Pearce says:

    Trying to get photos of semi Final Port Beach Miss West Coast that Karen Pini won with othetd. I was in it and would love to see photos

  6. Mahree Marrier says:

    I am trying to compile a history on the Miss West Coast Beach Girl competition but am finding it difficult to get any info (yes I even rang Ch 7 about it) … a case of then and where are they now and the rise and demise of this local bikini pageant. Roughly which month was the grand final held (March?)… I can recall watching heats on the beaches and the grand final at Beatty Park Pool. What was the youngest age one could enter in those days …. 16? 17? 18?

    thank you for any info

  7. Luise Borsje says:

    How fabulous seeing all these memories…..we really were so lucky in having the best jobs in town, and working with the greatest people. With all the local content those days it was such a pleasure to be part of everything and the staff were always included.

  8. Lesley says:

    I have the original photo at home of the girls sitting on Stuart Wagstaff’s lap. I also remember Karen Pini winning the Australian Beach girl and she had an idiot boyfriend who tried to organise everything for her … next I knew she was posing for Playboy …. Great pix, thanks Kay.

  9. eddie goode says:

    The first photo of the girls and Stuart Wagstaff , third from the right , was Susan Roll who then remarried to Eddie Goode (me). She passed away on the 15/5/2009 .

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