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The TVW7 50th Anniversary Reunion online registrations now being recorded at

The following comments were posted on the web site by people registering for the TVW 50th Anniversary Reunion on Sun 18th October, in the grounds of TVW Channel 7.

Bill Mather-Brown

Switchboard Operator (1959-1960)

I was the first switchboard operator at Seven and started there just before it opened and stayed until sometime in 196O. Jim Cruthers was the boss, Frank Moss general secretary, Darcy Farrell in charge of the news room. Brian Treasure was one of the wheelers and dealers and some of the other staff members with me were Tony Letch, graphic arts, Ross Cusack and Athol Thomas, journalists, Rolf Harris, LLoyd Lawson, Coralie Condon, Harvey Bean, Steven Lumsdaine, Ilene Marks to name a few. I look forward to meeting you at the function. All the best. Bill Mather-Brown.

Len McKenna

Presenter- Len McKenna’s Nature Parade (Oct. 1959 – Oct. 1969)

I appeared in my segment of the Children’s Session in the first week of television. It became a weekly session and continued for ten years until the last week of the children’s session in Oct. 1969.

Betty Delaporte (nee Nesbit)

Canteen (1959-1970)

My three sons sang, “This is Children’s Channel Seven” the first night Rolf Harris was on he gave them an autographed wobble board. Sadly they wobbled it to bits.

Essie Over

Children’s Programming (1960’s)

My brother and I worked at Children’s Channel 7 with Rolf Harris. We were known as Frank and Essie Over of “Over & Over” which was our heralding tune song. We were basically puppeteers and Frank introduces animated cardboard characters to Perth television for the first time. We worked as a team with Rolf Harris in 2 of a series of 3 programmes. Rolf provided the musical accompaniment with suitable emphatic sounds. I did the singing, wrote the script, did the stories, narration and Frank made and provided all the puppets, cut out characters animation, sets, backdrops and did most of the movements for puppets, assisted by myself and sometimes my niece Jennifer Clark.

Working with Rolf we produced 2 series;

1. Artie Emu

2. Nursery rhyme time

Penny Hoe was the director of these series.

After Rolf Harris left TVW7, to go back to the UK, Frank and I produced a new series of Aboriginal legends and children’s stories of a small Aboriginal boy- Warrabindi and his constant companion and dream time brother, a small Goanna lizard Yo-Yo. This was very popular with Aboriginal and white audiences of the time. We had a great fan mail.

Harry Butler Anthropologist and Explorer, gave us a disc recording of authentic Aboriginal Corroboree music for use in appropriate scenes. Brian Treasure was an enthusiastic supporter. Coralie Condon producer and Penny Hoe directing. We worked for Channel 7 for 3 years in total in the Children’s programming.

Lloyd Lawson and others helped in the narration.

Janice Williams (nee George)

Singer appearing on Teen Beat, Club Seventeen, Tuesday Date & Today (1960-1962)

I experience great times in the early days of Channel Seven, singing along names such as, Garry Meadows, Gary Carvolth, Rolf Harris and all the young support singers on the shows. Would love the opportunity to make contact with all these old ghosts.

Bert King

Engineering Studio and Bickley transmitter (1960-1971)

Please note that in the staff list there are three names not included that I know of ….Tom Storer, now deceased, and Tom Mitchell, also now deceased both were in engineering. A third was Richard Parkes (engineering transmitter).


John Quicke and Bert King


Bert King with John O’Callohan and TVW’s first OB Van

Peter Buzzard

Broadcast Technician and Operator (TVW 1960’s)

Would just love to catch up with all the old crew, at least, — those of US, – still boxing on with LIFE !!!

Still living in Perth and STILL watching TVW -7

Ray Caley Peter Buzzard.jpg

Ray Caley and Peter Buzzard in the 1960’s Telecine area

Patricia Shipperd (nee Holmes)

Performer (1960-1982)

Performed on numerous occasions with Coralie Condon’s afternoon shows. Backing singer for visiting artists Took part in Productions by Max Bostock ie. Mother’s Day and Anzac Day. Worked for 21 years on Telethon as a volunteer from PMH. Would love to meet up with old colleagues and friends, went to last one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marye Louise Daniels (nee Baker)

Production Assistant, Children’s Shows Sec. to Harry Butler, assisting with Make-up Children’s Channel 7 (1961-1965)

Frank Moss originally employed me in about 1962. I had the great pleasure of being the very first married woman to work at Channel 7. Mr. Moss informed me that it was the policy of Channel 7 not to employ married women. My appearance was bright and I had a happy smile and I lived in close proximity – so I got the job – How fortunate I was!

I lived in the same street – Cobham Avenue – so I walked to work every day. I still have a photo of the sign that was placed on the corner of Cobham Avenue and Flinders Street – 54 CHILDREN LIVE IN THIS STREET, PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY. (the sign was changed when advised of more children born).

I was the secretary for Harry Butler (Naturalist) and assisted him with all the insects/worms/little things viewers used to send in for his Show (in their matchboxes and plastic containers) – never knowing what spider would jump out at me!

The *Tonight Show* – was just starting – and I assisted also in production of this show.

I assisted Carolyn Noble and Gary Carvolth, Johnny Young, Garry Meadows, and many more on Children’s Channel 7. I was the Production Assistant. I worked under John Dee, Marion Greiling and Max Bostock as Production Manager. Brian Treasure was Station Manager.

I assisted in the make-up department, with make-up for Eartha Kitt, big Lorne Green from Bonanza and many more overseas artists.

I was having a great deal of trouble with my divorce and it was stressing me – Mr. Moss actually dismissed me, but telephoned me 2 weeks later and asked me to come back again as they all missed me and I was such a good/pleasant and wonderful worker.

TVW Channel 7 allowed me to bring my 2 children into work with me (believe it or not?) and they would be in the audience of the children’s show. My son, was 5 years old – a bouncy young boy, very outgoing – and they asked me if he would do an egg commercial – throwing a ball, in cricket, and kicking a football – and finish up eating a hard boiled egg. He hated eggs and would not do it – we tried to coax him with the promise of future earnings would enable him to have a new bike – but alas no!

My daughter was one of the original Shirley Halliday dancers and appeared many times in the children’s show.

My years at TVW Channel 7 were brilliant – I have so many wonderful memories – too many to write them all down. Maybe I should write a book. Best regards for the day, I sincerely hope to come along and share the 50 years of TV.

37 Kids.jpg

The ever changing warning sign on Cobham Avenue

Rosemary Mostyn (nee Peet)

Secretary to News Editor, Darcy Farrell (1963-1964)

The Reunion is a great idea! I look forward to catching up with old work colleagues and looking around the TVW premises to see the amazing changes in 45 years. Coincidentally, my 45th wedding anniversary is on 16 October 2009.I therefore had to reluctantly resign from TVW in 1964 as married women were not allowed to work… its certainly different today!!

Dianne Froud (nee Moore)

The Patch Girls (1963-1964)

The Patch Girls featured on “Tonight on Seven” and in “The Good Oil” a musical production by Coralie Condon and featured Kevan Johnston, Jill Perryman and Danni Harford.

Bob Penno

Studio Maintenance, OB’s and Bickley Transmitter (Jan 1963-Jan 1965)

Great to catch up with some of the “oldies”, did miss quite a few at the “50 Years of TV Reunion” and looking forward to catching up again.

It is a time when we ought to think about those who contributed and are not with us any more!!

Best wishes to the volunteers who put this together…. Thanks

Don Rock

Accounts/Traffic (1963-1996)

Paymaster/ Data Processing Supervisor/ Credit Manager/ Telethon Performer (Harmonica)

Don joined Channel 7 on 22nd April 1963 as a Roster/Accounts Clerk, subsequently becoming Assistant to the Paymaster (Bernie Roddy). He worked as Paymaster for 8 or 9 years and then transferred to the Traffic/Data Processing Department as Data Processing Supervisor responsible for programming the IBM 447 Accounting Machine, the electro-mechanical monster which read punched data cards to produce the Station Log, Monthly Accounts, Booking Confirmations and Commercial Content information. With the advent of computers Don returned to general accounting and credit control work before his appointment as Credit Manager for the last 10 to 12 years. During his time at Channel 7 Don made numerous TV appearances playing harmonica. He retired on 30th September 1996.

Joan Dye (nee Cohen)

Production, Front Office, Foyer (1964-1967)

Employed by Frank Moss, firstly in Production handling mail for Today, Club 7 Teen, Vox Adeon Show, Tonight. Front Office running of programs each day on a machine, Switchboard Operator and Receptionist.

My continuous support of TVW Channel 7 remains. Many happy memories of the wonderful team dieted by Sir James Cruthers, Secretary Frank Moss, Brian Treasure and Max Bostock to name a few. Locally produced shows, the News directed by Darcy Farrell, Sports by Robert Cribb and Harry Kelly, Club Seventeen (Max Bostock and Gordon McColl) Children’s Channel 7 (marion Leyer) and wonderful efforts by Coralie Condon, together with many other talented staff. The friendship was fantastic amongst staff and entertainers and in all a wonderful company to be associated with.

Sally Carvolth (nee Trevorrow)

Stenographer/typist in Accounts (1965-1966)

I have only just heard of this event from my son and would enjoy catching up with everyone. What a wonderful idea.

Bill Meacham

Head News Cameraman (1967-1980)

Hi to the organisers… Darcy Farrell gave me a call about the details. I would like to attend.

Bill Meacham (left) John Hudson (right).jpg

Left: Bill Meacham Right: John Hudson
Rear: John K. Watts

John Rogers

Sporting (1969-1990)

Football commentator, World Of Sport Chairman/panelist I also telecast baseball, yachting,motor racing, golf and spent time as the sports news reader on Saturday evening news.

I started with 6IX in, I think, about 1970 when their studio was at the bottom of ST George’s Tce. The station was then taken over by TVW7 and moved to Tuart Hill. Ch7 had a huge blue with the then W.A.F.L. over around the fence advertising at Subiaco Oval and pulled out of telecasting footy for a number of years.

Ron Christie

Producer-Director-Promotions (1970-1975)

I am really looking forward to this opportunity of meeting so many friends who were part of an exiting period of television at TVW. I am reminded of ALMOST ANYTHING GOES a live variety production telecast on Saturday nights with hosts Peter Dean @ John Fryer. I think it was on air for about three years and scores of Perth artists performed and entertained along with one or two visiting artists, each week, who were appearing at Perth’s vibrant night club and hotel scene. The program employed a large crew both technical and production, including our outside broadcast unit, providing coverage of the daily double from Gloucester Park trotting live into the program. As the producer, I was involved with a large number of station personnel, from sales, publicity, management, traffic and accounts departments, set designers and set constructions.

I have many happy memories of my time at TVW, and I look forward to meeting my past workmates and friends.


Ron Christie

Rhonda Thunder (nee James)

Production (1970-1977)

Not only was I working at Channel 7 but I met my late husband Tim Thunder through 7 and this is an opportunity to remember his 28 years of working there.


The fondly remembered Tim Thunder

Annette Grennell (nee Purvis)

Performer on-camera (1970) and Publicity Dept with Kay Sunners and Don Rowe (1975-1979)

My years as part of the TVW 7/6IX family were some of the happiest times in my life. I was fortunate enough to work in front and behind the camera when TVW made an abundance of wonderful local programs. I owe everything to Marion Leyer and Brian Smith for giving me a wonderful musical career filled with amazing memories. Then being lucky enough to work in Publicity with the “Stunning” Kay Sunners and the “laugh a minute” Don Rowe… Those were the days…

Kaysie and I will be coming to reminisce… can someone find out where the amazingly talented Lynne Wholley is??

Thank you to the fabbo committee for organising this once in a lifetime happening.

Karen Beckett

Stars Of The Future/regular singer (1972-75)

I’m really looking forward to being a part of this celebration and catching up with old friends.

Thanks, Karen Beckett

Rudi Gracias

Radio 6IX, Channel Seven,Group Colour,Perth Entertainment Centre, City Theatres (back to) Channel Seven and finally Telethon (1973-87 & 1989-2009)

I’ve had a varied and eclectic career with TVW Enterprises in it’s it many incorporations and incarnations(almost as many as the positions I’ve held!).

Assistant Accountant, Accountant, Front of House Manager, Business Manager, Chief Accountant and Commercial Manager Channel Seven Perth 1973-1987 & 1989-2007, then General Manager Channel 7 Telethon Trust 2007 to August 2009.

Like many who have worked and married at Seven I’m no exception. My wife Linda worked at Seven as PA to the Managing Director, Greg Byrne and also did a stint at Telethon.

As soon as I’ve some time, I’m going to post something about my career so watch out – promise not to reveal too much!.

Thanks to the committee for the excellent website and organisation.



Carolyn Bendall

Secretary to Darcy Farrell, News Editor (1975-77)

I began working with Frank Moss as his secretary but shifted to News and worked as Darcy Farrell’s secretary. Later, when Jeff Newman and Darcy Farrell left to start their own PR Company, Farrell Newman, they asked me to go with them, which I did.


Carolyn Bendall

Tony Graham

Floor Manager/ Camera (76-79) then Telethon FM after leaving 7 (until app.1996)

No longer in the game .. since leaving TVW have been doing Forensic Psych. at Graylands and now in NSW. Probably staying at the Carlisle Hotel when I get there. Say hello to Steve “Furball” Saunders – News Camera.

Michael Wilkinson

Catering Manager, TVW catering and nominee licensee of the Perth Entertainment Centre (1976-1984)

Commenced as Catering Manager at Tuart Hill and fondly remember catering for the annual clients Xmas parties.

Later transfered to the Perth Entertainment Centre as Restaurant and Catering, then subsequently the Nominee Licensee.

Paul Andrew New

Workshop and Fat Cat Show

Paul reports that he worked as a casual carpenter in workshop building sets and also did Percy Penguin for some time, until the 1984 when workshop was closed down.

Ken Donnachy

Sales (1978-1986)

Ken Donnachy said, “I started at TVW in 1978 in Sales, working with Greg Byrne, Bob Horley, John Wright, Bernie Connell, Ric Nairn. I think I left in 1986.

It was a really terrific place to work, and it was like a big family.

I loved it!

Looking forward to the reunion.”

Val Sutherland (nee Amoore)

Typist/Publicity Co-ordinator/Publicity Manager (1979-1985)

My years at Channel 7 were so much fun and I was very fortunate to meet a group of fantastic people that are still my very best friends today (including my husband!!). Happy 50th TVW and here is to a great reunion. Congratulations to the Committee for the great webpage.

Val Sutherland

Trevor Kerslake J.P.

Props/staging (1979 to the last studio telethon 25 in all)

I started at TVW on the Chard Haywood Show with Keith Mackenzie who I original worked with in the U.K. I was employed as the Senior Studio hand responsible for all Props. Was stage manager for many years as a casual on Telethons and later became A.F.M with Jeff Thomas.

Debra Allanson

Children’s Presenter – Fat Cat’s Funtime Show and Early Birds Weather Presenter (1980-1983)

This is a wonderful idea! I have forwarded the link to a couple of wonderful friends who, like me, started their media / entertainment career at dear old TVW.

I recently outed myself as a former weather girl and Fat Cat offsider during a presentation to the Screen Producer’s Association of Australia.

I surprised myself even more by revealing how the TVW Transmission tower was – to a TV-loving baby boomer girl – every bit as glamorous, exciting and magnetic as the Hollywood sign still is to wannabee movie stars. As I’m better known as a “suit” it was received with surprise and much good humour!

Debra now has a 20-year background in content funding, distribution and business strategy in the UK and Australia, including 7 years as CEO of ScreenWest. Debra made the move to digital media in 2001 to become a Melbourne-based producer of interactive content.

Debra Allanson.jpg

Debra Allanson

Hayley Morris

Secretary – Receptionist (1987-2004)

I worked at Channel 7 for around 17 1/2 years and had a blast. With so many great memories, including working on studio events & productions, family fun days and at the Royal Show, driving around Fat Cat to shopping centres, being in commercials and promos and dressing up for something or other and being part of a different family each week during Telespin with Mainy. I assisted production with It’s Academic, gave studio tours and enjoyed working every Telethon weekend and being totally exhausted like everyone else at the end which just made that ‘after party’ that much better, even if you couldn’t stand anymore. I never made it to work on the Monday just like many others. There were many other things but I don’t think we have enough space to list (and there was heaps of work done of course). We always had drinks on a Friday and some great sundowners which in the early days would quite often go into the early hours of the next morning and Christmas parties that included bumper cars and fireworks, dressing up and dancing the night away. Working with different departments gave me a good variety of jobs and when I started there were so many staff the place was a buzz. I can’t wait to catch up with all those wonderful people.

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  1. John Slater says:

    WOW Jan Newland just informed me of the event. If I had known I would have loved to be there. Names like Max Bostock & Dick Ashton, Bob Finkle great people I’ve lost contact with, it would be great to see again.
    In the early days On Air Promotion was brand new, the first campaign I had was Switch On, Turn On, Tune into 7. The last from my department in Melbourne was Nobody Knows News Like Seven. In between was years of fabulious creative fun, I do miss it.
    As I’m in Adelaide with my own little video company I can’t get away, what a pity. Anyone who remembers me I would love to hear from you

  2. C D Conrad says:

    I can put you in touch with Lynne Wholley if need be.

  3. Noelene Purdue says:

    im looking for info on carnabys cave in the 1973’s i was hopeing for achival footage of the show that screened the week or second week after the christmas show can anyone help

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