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TVW Reunion Photos courtesy of Annette Purvis

Posted by ken On November - 11 - 2009

Back in the 1970’s, Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) was a young performer on STARS OF THE FUTURE, a national half hour children’s variety program which received Logie Awards in 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1976. Annette also appeared during the MISS WEST COASTS, TELETHONS and sang the theme to FAT CAT’S FUN SHOW.

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 146.jpg
Annette Purvis, Lynne Wholley and Rhonda Thunder – Stars of the Future reunite
Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) – Performer/Publicity 1970-1980
Lynn Wholley – Entertainer/Secretary 1973-1978
Rhonda Thunder (nee James) – Entertainer/Production 1970-1977


Lynne Wholley was a popular and talented performer who is shown here with Percy Penguin

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 162.jpg
Rhonda Thunder, Annette Purvis, Marion Leyer and Karen Beckett

Rhonda Thunder (nee James) – Entertainer/Production 1970-1977
Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) – Performer/Publicity 1970-1980
Marion Leyer (nee Greiling) – Production 1960-1985
Karen Beckett (nee Beckett) – Performer 1972-1975


Karen Beckett appeared on Stars of the Future

Later Annette worked in the Publicity Dept with KAY SUNNERS and DON ROWE, as Annette reports, “My years as part of the TVW 7/Ix family were some of the happiest times in my life. I was fortunate enough to work in front and behind the camera when TVW made an abundance of wonderful local programmes. I owe everything to Marion Leyer and Brian Smith for giving me a wonderful musical career filled with amazing memories. Then being lucky enough to work in Publicity with the “Stunning” Kay Sunners and the “laugh a minute” Don Rowe… Those were the days…”

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 172.jpg
Jeff Thomas, Kay Sunners and Susan Dewer

Jeff Thomas – Floor Manager 1971-2000
Kay Linton-Mann (nee Sunners) – Publicity 1974-1977
Suzanne Dewar – Group Colour/Operations/Production/Telethon 1974-1981

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 168.jpg
Luise Borsje, Kay Sunners and Barbara Brown

Luise Nelthorpe (nee Borsje) – Admin/Production 1971-1976
Kay Linton-Mann (nee Sunners) – Publicity 1974-1977
Barbara Brown – Administration/Engineering 1976-1981

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 157.jpg
Keith Mackenzie, Don Rowe and Bill Meacham

Keith Mackenzie – Producer/Director 1966-1982
Don Rowe – News/Production/Promotions 1970-1979
Bill Meacham – Senior Cine Cameraman – 1967-1980

Keith Mackenzie, John Hudson, Don Rowe and Bill Meacham formed a production company called Threshold in 1979. Their first big project was to travel the world to make a documentary titled: “Fragile Handle with Care”. This program took a look into the future, anticipating what may happen in the 1980’s with regard to society, entertainment, technology and the environment. The next major project was to remake the Maybelline cosmetics commercials for Australia, at a time when regulation prohibited overseas Ad productions from domineering the market. John Cranfield, who was also at the reunion, provided some insight into Don Rowe’s earlier career as the first 6IX newsreader/journalist to incorporate actual voice inserts into the bulletins.

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 143.jpg
Judy Thompson and Carolyn Noble

Judy Duffy (nee Thompson) – Production 1975-1988
Carolyn Tannock (nee Noble) – Presenter 1960-1974

Judy was the presenter of a weekly teenage program called HEY JUDE (1975-79), where the first producer was Greg Parker and the final Keith Geary. Other shows that Judy was an important part of include Earlybirds (1979-80), Fat Cat and Friends (1980), Turpie Tonight (1980-81), Miss Western Australia (1981), Miss West coast (1980-81), and Jenny Seaton’s morning program (1982-88). Then there were all the Telethons between 1975-1988.

Carolyn’s career at TVW was devoted to entertaining children, starting in April 1960, at the youthful age of 17 and a half. A time when Rolf Harris was hosting Children’s Channel Seven, and Walt Disney’s Mouseketeers were all the rage. Carolyn also appeared on Coralie Condon’s Televisit program and used to help out on the Lloyd Lawson’s Today show, along with Audrey Barnaby. Carolyn and Gary Carvolth started at Channel 7 at around the same time and together won the 1964 best male and female personality Logie Awards for Western Australia. Carolyn, Trina Brown and Sandy Baker all took turns hosting the four time Logie award winning Stars of the Future.

Logie award winning Stars of the Future

Judy Thompson with Marion Leyer during the Hey Jude period

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 141.jpg
Reg Whiteman, Annette Purvis, Judy Thompson

Reg Whiteman – Performer/Fat Cat 1959-
Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) – Performer/Publicity 1970-1980
Judy Duffy (nee Thompson) – Production 1975-1987

Sandy Baker and Reg Whiteman (courtesy of Seven News)

Reg Whiteman and Fat Cat (courtesy of Seven News)

Fat Cat, Sandy Baker, Simon Reeve and Percy Penguin
when TVW was a hive of local production activity

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 135.jpg
Suzanne Dewar, Brian Smith, Annette Purvis and Will Upson

Suzanne Dewar – Group Colour/Operations/Production/Telethon 1974-1981
Brian Smith – Producer/Choreographer/Dancer 1969-1988
Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) – Performer/Publicity 1970-1980
Will Upson – Musical Director 1973-1987

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 149.jpg
Sir James Cruthers and Coralie Condon

Sir James Cruthers – General Manager/Managing Director 1959-1981
Coralie Condon – Producer/Presenter/Writer/Composer 1959-1967

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 155.jpg

Peter Goodall, Bob Goodall and Michael Goodall

Peter Goodall – News/Production 1959-66 & 1979-83
Bob Goodall – Operations/News 1978-2003
Michael Goodall – News 1971-2003

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 158.jpg

Marion Leyer and Sandy Baker

Marion Leyer (nee Greiling) – Production 1960-1985
Sandy Baker (nee Palmer) – Presenter 1972-1984

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 165.jpg
Sandy Baker, Di Stanbury, Mark Stanbury and Judy Thompson

Sandy Baker (nee Palmer) – Presenter 1972-1984
Diana Stanbury – Production 1972-1980
Mark Stanbury – Production & Viz Ad 1971-1980
Judy Duffy (nee Thompson) – Production 1975-1987

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 164.jpg
Di Stanbury, Greg Parker, Rhonda Thunder and Marion Leyer

Diana Stanbury – Production 1972-1980
Greg Parker – Production 1973-1979
Rhonda Thunder (nee James) – Production 1970-1977
Marion Leyer (nee Greiling) – Production 1960-1985

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 169.jpg
Annette Purvis, Jeff Thomas and Trevor Kerslake

Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) – Performer/Publicity 1970-1980
Jeff Thomas – Floor Manager 1971-2000
Trevor Kerslake – Production – 1979-2004

PERTH OCTOBER 2009 167.jpg
Norm Bruce, Annette Purvis, Shane Nugent

Norman Bruce – Production 1974-1999
Annette Grennell (nee Purvis) – Performer/Publicity 1970-1980
Shane Nugent – Video Tapes/Telecine/Presentation 1974-2004


17 Responses to “TVW Reunion Photos courtesy of Annette Purvis”

  1. Wendy Baker says:

    Message for Judy Duffy(nee Thompson). We are a blast from your past, Judy. You look as vivacious and lovely as when we met way back in the 70’s.
    Jim and I would love to cross paths sometime…..been 34 years since you introduced us.
    kind regards
    Wendy Baker ( nee David)

  2. Kerry Lykles says:

    I was a huge fan as a little girl and just saw simon reeve on sunrise not realising who it was. Thankyou all for such a wonderful memory in my childhood!

  3. Margaret O'Brien says:

    Hi Annette – how wonderful to see all the familiar faces that I missed late last year. Yvonne Joynt phoned me last night about something else and happened to say she missed seeing me at the reunion. Unfortunately I had no idea it was being organised. Nothing could have kept me away. A big hi and cheers to all. It has been so long. would love to hear from those who remember me
    Margaret O’Brien – 1978 to 1981 – Secretary to Max Bostock, CEO

  4. Anne Floyd says:

    Amazing to see Sandy Baker (Palmer)- she used to be in my class at school and I have never forgotten that she had the most amazing voice as a child. I came back to England aged 14 and am just amazed that I have found all this stuff to look at.

  5. Mary Labrou says:

    It was so nice to see some of those old faces , it brought back some of my incredible memories of my youth .And how lovely everyone was back then, at my age of innocense. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Some more of those would be so grateful so we can show my grandchildren..please!

  6. Larry Toogood says:

    Hi Annette,

    Haven’t lived in Australia for thirty odd years, I don’t get into facebook, twitter,etc. After a long career in television in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand as Producer, Director Cinematographer. Now looking to make my feature screenplay debut.

    A lot of the faces look ooh soo familiar, I wonder why?.

    Best Larry T.

  7. robbi mcvey says:

    hello my name is well robert mcvey but i prefer robbie mcvey i was the 1980 winner of stars of the future in perth it certainly was a great show for w.a talent im 45 years old now and live in sydney i still sing in clubs i studied nursing and i work at st vincents hospital sydney maybe somme one has got my grandfinal win thankyou robbie mcvey mobile 0414265209

  8. Leeraine Hall says:

    Hi I was on Stars of the Future when I was 7,8 and 9.I was in the group “The Hall Sisters”.My Dad just recently had a copy of us singing put from reel to reel onto a CD.I would love to get a copy of us singing on TV to show my 7 yr old Son what I was doing at his age.Does anyone know how I can go about it.I have date’s and everything about the shows

  9. Anne-Maree Pelusey says:

    Hi Annette. I went to school with you and you haven’t changed. You look the same as I remember you at Churchlands. Anne-Maree Pelusey

  10. Paul Satchell says:

    I performed with my band Mickey Finn on Hey Jude in the 70s. I believe John Paul Young and Rose Royce were also on the show. I lived in WA from 1969 – 78. I never did get to see the filming of our band. Now I’m trying to document my musical career and I would dearly like to get a copy of the show ( in any format). I am quite prepared to pay any costs involved. Pleeeeeeease can you help and make an old man very happy. thank you in anticipation of any information you can assist with.
    Thank you.

  11. Ian McLean says:

    Great photo of the Goodall Family. Cheers guys

  12. Mike Alsop says:

    Does anyone know how to contact Bob Goodall? I worked with him at STW 9 in 1973? By the look of these photos he must have moved over to TVW 7 after I left.

  13. Nicola Smith says:

    My sisters and I appeared as a singing trio on stars of the future , Max Kay was a judge , we sand Chattanooga choo choo in the heats and dont sit under the apple tree in the semi finals , we were called the Smith Sisters

  14. Nicola says:

    Can anyone tell me please who hosted stars of the future n 1980 ?a young man , think his fist name was Greg ?

  15. Greg Clarke says:

    that young man was me!!! My name is Greg Clarke and i was 15 yrs old at the time. A whole 36 years ago – where does time go?? :-)

  16. Carolyn Berry says:

    I was a regular part of the PYE team as a singer with Bill Bennet, Jason, Leanne,Rosell
    Im wondering if there would be any footage of my various songs i performed.
    To Sir With Love
    Army Medley
    Top of the world and many more.
    I woukd love to be able my children.
    Regards Carolyn

  17. Patricia Clarke says:

    Hi was wondering if I could get any copies of Stars of the future episodes in the 1980s with Greg Clarke prevabably the first five shows I was one of the members of the singing and dancing group .

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