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TVW Families

Posted by ken On March - 9 - 2009


TVW Channel 7 has often been referred to as one big happy family – literally in some cases!  Here is a list of family members who have worked at TVW 7 at one time or another.

Name Role Relation

Ashton, Jeremy Audio Son
Ashton, Richard Cameraman/Group Color Father
Ashton, Westly Cameraman Son

Baker, Wendy Telethon Mother
Cooley, Melanie Switchboard Daughter

Binks, Alf Accountant Father
Binks, David Engineering Son
Binks, Steve Videotapes Son

Boase, Phil Arena Shows Brother
Boase, Tim Group Services/Pilot Brother

Davies, Jean Film Sister
Astley, Pearl (nee Davies) Film Twin Sister
Wallace, Carol (nee Davies) Film Twin Sister

Harvey Deegan News Father
Michael Deegan Cameraman Son

Finkle, A J Security Father
Finkle, Bob Cameraman Son

Fletcher, Rhonda Management/Telethon Daughter/Sister
Fletcher, William Production Father
Connell, Lisa (nee Fletcher) Accounts Daughter/Sister
Mott, Carolyn (nee Fletcher) Production Daughter/Sister

Garratt, Nancy Operations/Telethon Mother
Macdonald, Purdie Sales Daughter

Goodall, Mike Cameraman Brother
Goodall, Peter Cameraman/Production Brother

Hemingway, David On-Air Promos Father
Hemingway, Phil Cameraman Son

Campbell, Joy (nee Hewison) Sales Twin Sister
Nayler, Margaret (nee Hewison) Film Twin Sister

Hubbard, Nathan Videotapes Brother
Hubbard, Simon Production Brother

Johnston, Kevan Choreographer Father
Johnston, Tod Presenter Son

Joynt, Harley News Brother
Joynt, Stuart News Brother

Langfield, Linda Switchboard Mother
Hood, Kate Sales Daughter

Lever, Brian Graphics Brother
Lever, Lorrie Lighting Brother

McDonald, Ross Engineering Father
McDonald, Phil Videotapes Son

Milner, Keith (Dig) Cameraman Father
Milner, Greg Journalist Son

O’Keeffe, Kevin Sales Father
O’Keeffe, Gary Production Son

Newman, Jeff Presenter Brother
Newman, Peter Booth Announcer Brother

Robbins, Julian Cameraman Son
Tinney, Dorothy Traffic Mother

Roderea, Shane EDP Brother
Roderea, Gina Group Services Sister

Shenton, Graeme News Brother
Shenton, Stuart News Brother

Skipworth, Dennis Graphics Father
Skipworth, Kym Graphics Daughter

Blee, Donna (nee Vermazen) Sales Twin Sister
Ralph, Jacqui Switchboard Twin Sister

Willessee, Terry Journalist Father
Willessee, Grant Cameraman Son

Worner, Steve Cameraman Brother
Worner, Tim News Brother

Wright, John Sales Uncle
Wright, Scott Production Nephew

TVW 7 also claims many marriages over the years. Many still flourish to this day, but sadly some have not lasted the test of time. Here is a list of marriages where either the couple has met at TVW or both worked there at one time or another.

Couple Role

Argyle, Ross Engineering
Charles, Joanne Sales/Switchboard

Ashton, Richard Cameraman/Group Color
McWaters, Ronda Secretary

Bergersen, Brad On-Air Promos
Purser, Sadie News

Booth, Phil Production
Harford, Danni Dancer

Brennan, Laurie News
Brennan, Shaneen News

Carpenter, Alan News
De Costa, Annmarie Group Services

Carvolth, Gary Presenter
Trevorrow, Sally ?

Cleary, John Videotapes
Kelly, Judy Traffic

Cometti, Dennis Sport Presenter
Cometti, Velia 6IX

Crowell, Dexter Production
Gray, Lynette Management

Crowell, Steve Engineering
Fraser, Mary On-Air Promos

Duncan, Ainsley Group Services
Field, Rosemary Switchboard

Dunn, Peter (Pedro) Production
Dunn, Elaine Accounts

Duplex, Alan Videotapes
Duplex, Sharon Production

Finkle, Bob Cameraman
OMara, Jan Production

Garnaut, Rod Production
Garnaut, Peta Graphics

Garratt, Tim Production
Macdonald, Nancy Operations

Gill, Bill Newsreader
Prance, Janet Booth Announcer

Gracias, Rudi Accounts/Telethon
Marjoram, Linda Management

Hanzell, Fred Transport
Hanzell, Nel Film

Hemingway, Dave On-Air Promos
Kimber, Robyn News

Hemingway, Phil Cameraman
Mondello, Sabrina News

Hodge, Barry Telecine
Chappell, Diane Telecine/Operations

Jenkins, Paul News
Pritchard, Mara News

Johnston, Tod Presenter
Ranger, Vicki Sales/Production

Joynt, Stuart News
Garbellini, Yvonne News

Lever, Lorrie Lighting
Rayner, Sue Supply

Maher, Martin On-Air Promos
Swift, Jan Graphics

McColl, Gordon Production
Copley, Judy Secretary

Mott, David Programs
Fletcher, Carolyn Production

Nairn, Ric Sales
Curtis, Sharon Traffic

Porter, Andrew News
Burns, Andrea Today Tonight

Retallick, Grant News
Pedulla, Julie Promotions

Shaw, Alan Supply
Fowler, Lorraine Canteen

Spice, Keith Operations
Stephen, Anne Switchboard/Engineering

Tarnawski, Peter Presenter
Tarnawski, Shelly ?

Thunder, Tim Audio
James, Rhonda Production

Tinney, Ross Production
Robbins, Dorothy (nee Buktenica) Traffic

Wallace, Geoff Film
Davies, Carol Film

Willesee, Grant Cameraman
Kos, Monika Today Tonight Presenter

Woodhams, Grant Presenter
Ratcliffe, Gabby Make-up

Woodward, Don News
Clark, Jenny Sales/News

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