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Audrey Long (nee Barnaby)

Posted by ken On March - 15 - 2009

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Audrey Long (nee Barnaby)

Audrey Barnaby appeared in Coralie Condon’s 1958 stage production of The Good Oil at the Playhouse theatre. Coralie was also aware of Audrey’s considerable experience in the cosmetics field, so encouraged her involvement with TV make-up. Then following an impromptu audition, after which Audrey gained a position as an on-air presenter with TVW.

In 1960, all on-camera staff were asked to come up with program ideas, of which Audrey devised Shopping Guide, which proved to be an excellent introduction for new clients to television advertising.

It was most affordable at only 15 pounds per minute.

The essential element was for Audrey to use a personal approach in presenting each item, rather than the usual hard sell.

The segment was first broadcast in August 1960 as Shopping Hound, but the name was changed to Shopping Guide for incorporation in the Today show, at the beginning of 1961.

Audrey, along with David Farr and Gary Carvolth, were part of Lloyd Lawson’s team presenting the TVW ‘Today’ show, which ran from 1961 to 1965. They were later joined by Carolyn Noble.

Shopping Guide was also a segment in Televisit, where ten shopping items were the norm. Televisit was originally presented by Joan Wilson and produced by Coralie Condon. When Joan left the show, Coralie took over both roles, and the program gained considerable popularity due to her natural style.

Televisit was on Wednesday afternoons and had no live audience and no live music during the early years, whilst ‘Today’ was on Tuesdays after lunch and consisted of interviews, music and a live audience.

Shopping Guide also appeared as a stand alone program on Thursdays.

Television advertisements were presented live from 1959 to 1962, until videotape replays became popular.

TVW charged the clients a 10 pound talent fee per advertisement, of which the talent received 2 pounds. Though this may seem a small amount, it proved rewarding in the long run, owing to the great volume of adverts being generated each week.

Audrey joined STW in 1965, and Lloyd Lawson moved to STW in 1966, starting ‘Roundabout’ on that station. Audrey joined Lloyd on the program at the beginning of 1966, co-hosting with Veronica Overton.

Stephanie Quinlan joined TVW in 1965 and took over the TVW Shopping Guide role, and later became the presenter of Televisit.

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