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Gordon McColl

Posted by ken On March - 11 - 2009

Gordon McColl – TVW Cameraman and Director

1959 – 1975

Gordon McColl.png

Gordon McColl was very active taking photographs of shows, personalities and crew members during the early days of our television history. He was well placed, being one of the two studio cameramen on the opening night of TVW on October 16th, 1959 (the other cameraman was Richard Ashton). The collection of photos here represents an insiders view of daily happenings in the studios and during recreation time.

Gordon McColl - John D. Brown - Richard Ashton.png
Gordon McColl, John D. Brown and Richard Ashton

Gordon was not only an early cameraman, but also the director of Club Seventeen whilst Johnny Young was the host. Other directing roles included Romper Room with Miss Claire Neilson, and program director attached to News.

Early teenage shows were Teenbeat hosted by David Farr and others, and Club Seventeen hosted by Gary Carvolth. The Wrighton Studio dancers provided a backdrop for Teenbeat, which introduced young singers such as Pam Bradley and Glenn Hitchcock to our screens.

Pam Bradley & Glenn Hitchcock.png
Pam Bradley and Glenn Hitchcock

Rolf Harris and Judy Lee entertained the children before Rolf moved on and Judy joined the ABC.

Rolf Harris.png

Rolf Harris

Judy Lee - Children's Channel 7.png
Judy Lee

Carolyn Noble became the popular host of Childrens Channel Seven, which also featured a pet segment with Pat Thomas, a nature segment with Harry Butler and Scott Proper-John with hobbies.

Carolyn Noble - Children's Channel 7.png
Carolyn Noble

Tuesday Date was a popular variety show which featured the talents of Dorothy Baker, Lyn Sly and the Rhytmn Spinners, and many more. Janet Prance was a dancer who went on to feature in various variety shows. Bon Maguire was a regular comedy element on In Perth Tonight or selling fridges. Bon also had a long running series of adverts for Tom the Cheap grocer, in which he dressed up as a convict.

A number of pretty women graced our screens including Barbara Robinson (who later became an airline hostess), Judy Lee (who later joined the ABC and married former TVW technical director Alan Bateman), Pam Leuba (who had the distinction of being the first woman newsreader in WA), Audrey Barnaby and Carolyn Noble.

Pam Leuba.png

Pam Leuba – WA’s first woman newsreader

Lloyd Lawson filled both management on on-air roles, from newsreader to program hosting. In one segment he dressed as an old man representing Perth in 50 years time. Sadly Lloyd will not be with us to celebrate TVW’s 50th anniversary. A comedy segment on the Today Show involved a gentleman dressed in overalls, which most likely was a sendup of behind the scenes situations at TVW.

Lloyd Lawson old chap segment.png
Lloyd Lawson

Jack Sheedy and Austin Robertson Senior were two sporting regulars. Jack being a former champion footballer and Austin a former champion athlete and West Australian newspaper columnist.

Jack Sheedy & Austin Robertson Snr.png

Jack Sheedy and Austin Robertson Snr

Vin Walsh was TVW’s first weatherman whose bee behavior reports were often a more actuate predictor of the weather than official sources.

Vin Walsh.png

Vin Walsh TVW’s first Weatherman

TVW’s first news editor was Darcy Farrell.

Early technical staff included Alex Steward, George Baker, Colin Gorey, Lindsay Smith, Kerry Cook and Vic Jones in Audio. Mike Brand studio supervisor, Russel Sage on camera, John Keily and John Easton floor managers, John D.Brown presentation coordinator, and Marion Grieling, who started as a script assistant but later became a much distinguished producer and director in her own right.

Not to forget the much respected Max Bostock who started as TVW’s musical director and worked his way to the top, shown in the early days here with producer director Brian Williams.


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  1. Claire Nielsen says:

    Hi Gordon – It is such a long time ago, but I still remember all the
    fun we had doing Romper Room – especially when it came time for me to
    sing!!! everyone just broke-up!! It was a very special time for me, one which I will never forget – I felt very sad that after registering
    for the 2009 event that I did not receive any contact or info from
    anyone – thus excluded from the event. Plus the fact that my name has
    been mis-spelt on all the information data. Anyway, great to see
    everyone on the web site, bring back all those memories.

    Kindest regards, Claire Nielsen

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