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Marion Leyer (nee Greiling)

Posted by ken On May - 19 - 2009

Breaking the glass ceiling… Promotion based solely on merit – working her way up from valued secretary and production assistant to Production Manager of two Perth television stations.

Marion Greiling arrived in Perth in 1954, aged 12. Five years before the introduction of television to Western Australia.

Marion at the original Vision Switching Console in the Studio 2 Control Room

Brian Treasure employed Marion in 1960 for secretarial work, but her highly regarded work ethic soon launched her career in television production, culminating with her appointment as TVW Production Manager in October 1979. A career which spanned 25 years at Seven, before moving onto consultancy work with the Australian Olympic Federation, which in association with Network Ten, produced Australia’s Olympathon to raise money for the Australian team to go to the Seoul Olympics in 1988. This was then followed by her appointment as Director of Production with the newly established NEW Channel 10 in Perth.

There is no shortage of people willing to sing Marion’s praises, though the modest lady herself is reluctant to.

Max’s Bostock points out that Marion was the backbone of Telethon for many years organising artists, panels, thus being a major producer. Max describes Marion as a clever, excellent director, who one could absolutely rely on. Marion is fondly remembered as being strong, opinionated, and assertive when things were wrong. She did her job without any fuss. Richard Ashton reports that Marion was conscientious, efficient, organised, and very thorough. Trina Williams (nee Brown) recalls Marion being an amazingly talented woman, “A very nice lady, no nonsense, you knew where you stood with Marion, and she was at the desk behind me, she was in charge, you always felt good when Marion was ‘In Charge'”.


▪ 1960 Production Assistant on Children’s, Women’s,Teenage and Tonight Shows. Marion typed for Lloyd Lawson, and then collated music for the News and looked after APRA requirements. As well as being Max Bostock’s production assistant, she also worked in make-up.

Marion Greiling PA to Max Bostock

▪ 1963-1971 Producer/Director live Children’s Channel 7 – involving talent quests, quizzes, hobbies, nature studies, games etc. Also produced weekly quiz programs POST OFFICE and IT’S ACADEMIC.

Jeff Newman Its Academic.png
It’s Academic with Jeff Newman

▪ 1971-1975 Directed and co-produced national half hour children’s variety program STARS OF THE FUTURE which received Logie Awards in 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1976.

Stars of the Future

▪ 1976-1979 Produced 24 hour TELETHON programs and CHRISTMAS PAGEANT plus weekly teenage program called HEY JUDE and various specials. Participated in the preparation of the 1979 MISS UNIVERSE and was Pageant Co-ordinator during the event – responsible for 74 delegates and 42 chaperones, their itineraries, hotel bookings etc.

Hey Jude.jpg
Hey Jude presenter Judy Thompson with Marion Leyer

  ▪ 1979-1985 Appointed Production Manager in October 1979 and continued in that position until she resigned from Channel 7 in 1985.


▪ 1986-1988 National Fundraising Co-ordinator with the Australian Olympic Federation – responsible for initiating fundraising events and co-ordinating the various activities.
▪ 1988 “OPEN DAY” Co-ordinator for MURDOCH UNIVERSITY.

▪ 1988-1991 Appointed Director of Production at NEW Channel 10 to prepare for station opening, staff training and program planning. Due to restructuring of television networks and financial difficulties, local production came to a virtual standstill.

With the introduction of satellite and fibre optic program distribution technology, there was a push towards networking programs from a centralised location, usually Sydney or Melbourne. Greater economy of scale could be achieved, but at the expense of localization. Perth no longer was a prime source of program production. With all television stations losing their autonomy, both decision making and program making tended to be centralised too.

Many key TVW personnel left Channel Seven in Perth for opportunities further afield. These included former upper TVW executives Sir James Cruthers, Max Bostock and Bill McKenzie. When Bill became Managing Director of NEW-10, he did not have to look far for trusted, experienced and proficient management staff. As a result, the glass ceiling was also smashed at Channel 10 with the appointment of Marion Leyer, Glenys Gill, Jo Ann Ledger and Lindy Capelli to executive positions.

NEW-10 Managing Director Bill McKenzie with his four top women executives – Glenys Gill, Marion Leyer, Jo Ann Ledger and Lindy Capelli


Marion Leyer Photo Gallery


5 Responses to “Marion Leyer (nee Greiling)”

  1. Graeme Ringrose says:

    With regard to the Marion Leyer photo gallery, I believe the unknown person listed with a ? in the photo with Keith Geary, Fat Cat and Percy could be Alison Carroll. She did time as one of the assistants to Fat Cat many moons ago.

  2. Linda Skender says:

    How about showing the history of stars of the future. My brother & sister were regular guest stars along side Lyn Hooley, Patricia Stevenson, Karen Becket, Jackie Luv, the Wallace sisters & the Trinity folk group. These young stars contributed greatly to the 70’s pop era in Perth as did the show itself. These young stars were guest artists at the opening of indoor shopping centres such as Garden City & Karrinyup shopping centre, may not sound like much now but at the time it was a huge affair, an honour. Not only would it be great to have the history online being able to view old episodes but even a TV tribute.
    My brother & sister don’t play on this memory as the youngest sibling it’s probably me that has the fondest memories of this time. I am 50 years of age and remember this era well, I remember Marion Green)Leyer, I remember Brian Smith, Terry Ingram and Caroline Noble all of who put their heart & soul into this TV production. Young Talent time had a reunion episode tonight on TV – why not Stars of the Future, where are they now????

    Blast from the past,

    Linda Skender

  3. Paul Guthrie says:

    Did you find out what happened to the Wallace sisters?

  4. Steve CRACKEL says:

    Does anyone know what did happen with wallis sisters, I heard they went to the USA
    I remember watching them at the opening of garden city and at the royal show .
    I actually dated Paula Wallis for a while in my early teens.

  5. Nic says:

    I’m not sure if its the same family but I went to primary school in Perth with a Louise Wallis/Wallace – she used to sing for the class and was the youngest of 7 sisters who used to sing. are they the same sisters as mentioned above? I actually tried to find Louise for a school reunion – she would be 51/52.

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