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The TVW7 50th Anniversary Reunion online registrations now being recorded at

The following comments were posted on the web site by people registering for the TVW 50th Anniversary Reunion on Sun 18th October, in the grounds of TVW Channel 7.

The comments are in no particular order, and only represent a small sample of the people who have registered.

We are keen to hear your stories and obtain copies of TVW related photographs for publication on this web site.

Please leave a message on our Contact page and we’ll provide you with a email address to forward items.

Your help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Trina Williams (nee Brown)
Looking forward to the event.
I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful occassion.Cheers to all those involved in the organisation.Trina’s web page is

Shirley Halliday
Shirley Halliday Dancers performed on Teen Beat, CC7, Miss West Coast, Telethon, and numerous other live shows.
I supplied choreography and dancers for all live shows and worked closley with Marion Leyer, Max Bostock and Brian Smith. I look forward to catching up with all of them again.A photo of Shirley is on the web page

Sharyn Woodhouse
Performed as a dancer for CC7, Miss West Coast, Miss West Australia Quest, Telethon and many other live shows. Assisant Dance Captain for Disney on Parade(Snow White Unit).
I enjoyed the opportunities Channel 7 gave to dancers to perform on live TV. I worked closely with Marion Leyer and especially Brian Smith whom I assisted on many shows. I also provided Dancers and Choreography over the many years.A photo of Sharyn is on the web page

Vicki Halliday
Shirley Halliday dancer
Children’s Channel 7 was my life for many years, from dancing with Fat Cat and Humphrey, to being a dancer at many events such as Miss West Coast. It would be great to catch up with everyone.

Roslyn Appleyard (nee Treg)
Shirley Halliday Dancer “Stars of the future”and dancer for numerous Miss West Coast productions and Telethons.
Brian Smith and Marion Leyer contributed largly to my becoming a professional dancer and having a fantastic career working in many countries of the world with Walt Disney and my own production company. I’d love to see a replay of the opening night of colour television in W.A. it really was a milestone in measuring the history of Television plus it would be fun to see all the old gang.

Carole Metcalf (nee Draffen)
Performed several times on Teen Beat show hosted by Garry Meadows along with Maxine Sims (maiden name) as duet. Also appeared briefly in ‘Do you remember’ on red velvet swing. Also backed singer Al Lane in one of his singing numbers

Bon & Wynne Maguire
On camera presenter (Tom the Cheap Grocer commerials), etc.
Look forward to seeing old friends and colleagues.

Bon Brian and Eric.jpg
Bon Maguire, Brian Williams, Eric Walters and PA

Robby Snowden

Mimer/singer Club17…1966/7 TVW producer/panel/ promotions/sales….6IX 1975/6
Looking forward to it!!!

Robby Snowden.jpg
Robby Snowden and the Channel Seven Dancers

Gregory Parker

Percy Penquin, Fat Cat, Childrens Show Producer. Producer ‘Hey Jude’
Please say hello to Jocelyn Treasure for me.Daryl Binning already has some pics from me I hope they are of use.Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Colin Gorey
Started in January 1959 as electrician wiring studio, then joined TVW in June 1959 with Alex Steward in Audio.
The audio operator who recorded Rolf Harris Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport. Ernie Taylor and I were the first two videotape operators, responsible for recording the 1962 Perth Commonwealth Games. Also on with Bob Cribb when covering Robinson murder hunt.

Colin Gorey.jpg
Colin Gorey

Alfred Binks

Accountant/Company Secretary/CFO
Keep up the good work you great guys!!! Sorry I couldn’t continue to join you at the planning meetings. As a fulltime carer I am somewhat limited.

Alf Binks.jpg
Alf Binks

Philip Salinger

Senior Technician
I joined TVW7 in May 1959 and helped to install and operate the transmitters and also worked in the studios.

George Baker, John O’Callohan, Les Skipworth, Rex Hogan and Phil Salinger
during the TVW transmitting mast construction in 1959

James Bainbridge

Percy P. Penguin
I was the animator for Percy with Keith Geary, Reg Whiteman, Debbie Allison and Keith McDonald on Fat Cats Fun Time Show, Earlybirds, and Fat Cats BirthdaysI had a great time working at 7.

Jo-Ann Ledger
Publicity Manager/Promotions Manager/Marketing Manager
Look forward to the reunion.

Gordon O’Byrne
Voice-over Announcer
What an interesting reunion!!!

Vic Jones
Gunna be a great reunion…people will require name tags

Steve Thompson
Still Photography & News Cinecamera
I think I can locate some publicity photos from the early 1970’s. I am happy to send over scans. pls advise if useful and where to send.Steve’s web page is

Jo McManus
Look forward to seeing all the old faces … and some new!

Neil Poh
News reporter/Sports reporter
Would love to be there

John McCourt
Reporter/Chief of Staff/Acting Director of News
I’ll be there will bells on. TVW was like family. Still is.

Chris Hilder
Audio Operator
I have a photo of the crew at the first hopeman cup if you would likeI can email to you if you want.

Jan (nee Swift) & Marty Maher
Jan – Graphic Designer & Marty – Editor/Promos
looking forward to it :-)

Robert Fletcher
Announcer/Audio Engineer/Courier
Looking forward to having a look around the station again. Haven’t been up there since 1986.

Geoff Stewart
Studio Technician Studio/Installations Supervisor Installations/Digital Systems Supervisor
I do have a number of original transmitter test patterns and standby cards (refer to Ken McKay I have scanned them and emailed them to him).I also have an old yellow and black 7 logo off one of the old carmeras and one of the original microprocessors used in Family Feud. I have a scale model of one of the presentaion desks, one I designed and may still be in use today. I am happy to loan these items if they will be of some use, but I would like them back after the celebrations.

Seven Caption Cards and Logos over the Decades
Kindly preserved and provided by Geoff Stewart

Liz Richardson

Switchboard 1980/1989 Only Human 1989
My husband Terry (6IX) and I will travel from Queensland can you advise program of events.

Peter Wharram
Monitor Maintenance/Technical Director/Outside Broadcast
I am really loooking forward to catching up with so many old friends, I will be flying over for this event.

Gerry Bahen
Film Manager
Will you have disabled parking bays ?

Jeff Thomas
Floor Manager/Producer/Director
Looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues.

Patricia (Patti) Rock (nee Nicholas)
Ledger Machinist/Computer Operator/Production Assistant
Wonderful memories – looking forward to it!!

Carolyn Amor
On-Promotions and Director
I was thrilled to hear of this reunion and I have many friends I would love to catch up with.
I was also known as Carolyn Frost before changing back to my maidenname.
I love the web site it brings back many memories of my time at TVW 7.
I am really looking forward to returning to Perth for this event.

Maureen Scorer
Secretary to Alf Binks/Newsroom Typist
I’m really looking forward to meeting the gang from the old 7. A small group of us still keep in touch from time to time.

Ron Reddingius
1969 – 1975 Videotapes/Telecine, 1976-179 Viz-Ad Commecial editor, 1981-January 21st 2000 Commercial Production Manager with the Sales Department 2000 to present day – Owner/Executive Producer of HOME in WA – In our 10th year on-air, it is supplied to TVW 7 for approx 30 episodes per year. Adrian (ADO) Faure Producer
FANTASTIC…I so look forward to seeing and meeting many old friends.Would like to post pictures and article. How do I go about doing so?

Roy Chivers
Please let me know if there are any other events I should register for. I have not been back to Perth since I worked at Channel 7. (Do you think I will notice any changes?) I am planning an extended holiday in Perth and look forward to catching up with old friends.Many thanks to the organising committee for getting this event together, I’m sure it will be a great success.

Luise Nelthorpe (nee Borsje)
PA to General Manager Max Bostock/Part of production team to set up inaugural and subsequent TVW Christmas Pageants/Directors Assistant on IT’S ACADEMIC.
Looking forward to it!!

Keith Spice
Technician – Mt Goldsworthy TV Facilities WA; Outside Broadcast Technician; Videotape/Telecine Operator/Editor; Presentation Co-ordinator; Videotape Supervisor; Operations Supervisor; Operations Manager.
I would suggest refreshments be made available – if not for free then for purchase – from the commencement of the afternoons planned activities. A lot of staff have experienced the Station when its Studios were at their production peak, and like myself are using the reunion for what it is – a rare occasion to catch up with many old friends & workmates of years gone by, and to celebrate the first 50 years of TVW7’s broadcasting history – not just attend an open day with studio tours and a few drinks after.

Linda McHutchison (nee Brownrigg)
I worked in traffic and got engaged to Bob Page so I had to leave because in those days managers weren’t allowed to fratinise with the staff. We were married for 23 years.

Geoff Waldock
News Director
Thanks for organising the reunion. Look forward to catching up with everyone.

Peter ‘Pedro’ Dunn
MCR Technician/Technical Director/OB Technician/On-Air MCR Presentation/Videotapes/Telecine/VIZAD Editor & VIZAD Producer/Director
Looking forward to this occasion & the chance to catch up on some other Television fossils!

Gemma Tognini
Journalist/Chief of Staff/AP/Presenter (weather)
Can’t wait – looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Kevin Baker
Great job guys and a big ‘thank you’ – will be great to catch up with some of the old faces.Am sure I started in July 1979, just cannot remember if I left in 1985 or 1986 to go to Sky Channel??I did leave for around 8 – 10 months in 1981 to travel to the US & Europe.None of this matters really though, right?Hear from you in due course!

Ken Kemp
Supply Officer
I’ll be there

Nicole Doick
Editor & ‘WOW’ Producer
I produced the Today Tonight segment ‘WOW’ which was Great fun and lots of giggles with Mainy and the crew. He was always up for my crazy ideas, the old ladies loved him and kids thought he was a hero.

Athol Thomas
Publicity Officer/News/Discussion Chairman/Golf Commentator/Documentary Producer
Glad to see it happen, I won’t be at the 100th.

Cedric Woods
Technician A/Transmitters/Senior Technical Director
Hi Keith
Has it been that long?Is it possible to get a copy of the photograph used in the West. I’m the 4th from the right just below Colin Gorey (On the Ladder) and to the left of George Baker.
RegardsCedric Woods

Myris Peers
Looking forward to seeing old friends again

Barry & June Round
Staging Manager & Team for Telethon for 21 years
How wonderful it would be to be part of this re-union. Barry was staging Manager for Telethon for 21 years and always worked for two weeks prior to Telethon (took Holidays from work to do this) and June worked on the Telethon team with Barry.We worked from 7-30 a.m. Saturday morning to very late Sunday evening – no sleep – but worth every min to help raise so much for Princess Margaret Hospital
Barry worked helping to prepare for the event during the two weeks prior
There are so many wonderful memories and thank you for arranging this great re-union.
Malcolm Coleman
Casual Camera Assistant/O.B sport/Productions/Telethon – Camera operator/Floor Manager/Voiceover Artist
I look forward to recieving my invitation and security pass to attend this outstanding television event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of TVW Enterprises Limited Channel Seven Perth.
I look forward to meeting up with many of those whom I had the pleasure to work for and alongside such as Mr Chris Ford, Mr Marshall Taylor, Mr Norm Bruce, Mr Mike (Mouse) Goodall as well as the many familiar personalities and faces of Channel Seven Perth.
I sincerely thankyou for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Channel Seven Perth’s 50th celebrations.
My first association with TVW Channel Seven Perth would have been in 1970, from only what I’ve been told, you see I wasn’t even born yet! Brian Treasure was General Manager at the time when my mother was an employee of TVW Seven on the switchboard, taking calls whilst at the time pregnant with me. Looking back after being told this later in life made me realise this has to be my destiny. Especially when I never knew till I was 25 years old working at Seven and my mother say’s to me isn’t it funny how you became so interested in the TV industry and end up working at Channel Seven Perth and I was pregnant with you in 1970 when I was there.
Being that at the start of my life and being with me in the end, I will alway’s love the Television industry. I am so proud to have been a casual employee of TVW 7 Perth and so grateful to have had a great bunch of people to work alongside, Seven Perth seemed like an extension of family, that was the feeling I got, I couldn’t have found a more fantastic working environment. I am now following my passion in studying to be a professional screen & stage Actor with the same determination and belief in myself that I had, to gain employment in the Television industry in the first place, so now I know through being employed with TVW Channel Seven Perth, that through the insight and invaluable experience I attained there, has now given me the solid background and life experience I needed to pursue my longterm ambition of being an Australian television Actor.I might just be on a Channel Seven Drama one day…who knows?
To everybody I had the priviledge to know and work alongside at Channel Seven,Thank you so much.

5 Responses to “Comments posted by people registering for the TVW reunion”

  1. Yvette Young (nee Grant) says:

    I was a frequent dancer on Children’s Channel 7. I often danced solo in the very early days. Then I was a Shirley Halliday Dancer. When I was just 5 years old I was interviewed by Gary Carvolth after my performance on CC7 and we made the newspapers. I would love to see some old footage and a replay of that interview! I can’t remember what I answered to make such a newsworthy item.
    Would love to attend reunion.
    Cheers to all,

  2. Tony Graham says:

    I will also be “home” in Perth during the re-union. May have to extend holidays a bit … will be interesting to catch up again with Jeff Thomas, Waldock, Trevor and the “old crew” … yes, still working in Forensic Psych over here … not much different from television really.. see you all in October.

  3. Bill Snadden says:

    I am looking foreword to seeing friends from my years at 7 and will be comeing up from Albany for the weekend just for this.

  4. Rod Garnaut says:

    Cant wait to catch up with some old mates. I have fond memories of TVW and the friends I made there back in 1969 to about 1972. Of course none of will have changed. Peta and I will be there and yes we are still happily married with 2 adult sons.

  5. Nicola Smith says:

    I have video footage of Stars Of The Future 1978 , my sisters and Ia were contestants on the show , I have footage of the whole episode we appeared on

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