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The Ron (DINGO) Reddingius Story

Posted by ken On July - 30 - 2009

Ron (DINGO) Reddingius – Now 57 year’s young.

History …Started my first job with TVW at the ripe old age of 19.

Telecine Video Tape 1969 – 1975
Viz-Ad 1976 – 1979
Commercial Production Manager – Sales Department 1981 – to January 2000
Resigned 2000

Today: - Has produced a TV program called ‘HOME in WA’ which I have supplied to TVW 7 for the last 10 years. At today’s date (30th July 2009) have delivered 350 episodes.

Joined TVW in 1969 when protocol demanded (Sorry Mr Cruthers). That all video tape and telecine operators wear ties. Can you imagine the occupational safety issues this would create these days? All those moving film projectors and tape machines – It’s a wonder no one died. We simply put our ties in our shirt pockets. (I think).

I wasn’t allowed to touch a piece of equipment for 6 months while being tutored by a lovely lady, Dianne Hodge and our own Kevin Campbell. (KVC). Kev, remember delayed telecasts …with tapes going across from one machine across the room to another?


Two machine configuration for telephone talkback program delay to facilitate censoring in the event of inappropriate phone calls.

Film breaks and panic stations. The Cap Card machine in which we used to heat our pies…and the dreaded slide projector.


Ron performing a pan and tilt on a microwave link for the Clontarf Boys Town OB during the 1970’s


Peter Partridge with Ron in the small Ford International OB van, operating an RCA 2″ TR-5 record-only videotape machine at the Speedway


The transistorised RCA TR-5 was a record-only machine designed for use in remote OB trucks


The small Ford International OB van alongside TVW’s first OB van, which was constructed by TVW technicians and used to broadcast the 1962 Commonwealth and Empire Games from Perry Lakes Stadium

Life was fun back then…it was live but more so, involved television with drama, hi skills required and attention to detail. Fault reports, the advent of AVR’s, Video Disc, the TEP, ACR, C formats and BCN’S. The change to colour when Sir Charles pulled the lever and around the metro area we set of fireworks. The huge OB’s, Birdman and Bath Tub Rallies at Yanchep. Speedway…footy…live studio…In Perth Tonight – Alexandra the Great 48…Wow, she made an impression on this young Tape Operator.

AlexandraThe Great48.jpg

Stuart Wagstaff with Alexandra The Great 48

I could reminisce for hours I think…

But to summarize. In my opinion, while today’s television content, technology and systems are hi tech…you can’t actually trust that what you see is real anymore.

Back in the good old days you could feel it, touch it and be a very important part of it.

Now we centralize…a huge main frame, and very little staff interaction. What needed 15 employees is now only 1. Remember when the cafeteria was full and the place was alive?

I sometimes walk into Tapes – Telecine at TVW and it’s like walking into a Television Morgue…The white board with the countdown to the closure still there for all to see…

A couple of old C formats still just barely operational and old boxes and junk everywhere.

But we must move on …I am very much looking forward to the reunion.

HOPE to see you there!

Ron (DINGO) Reddingius


Ron Reddingius – Executive Producer

Ron Reddingius

Ron (DINGO) Reddingius is Executive Producer and manager of DINGO is Talent, a production company that started some 19 years ago as a talent management company. Now DINGO is Talent has evolved into a production company of good standing. A company that is regularly invited to produce TV commercials, Corporate Videos and quality Television Programs such as HOME in WA and several years ago, ‘Have A Go TV’.

‘Dingo’, as he is affectionately known to industry friends, boasts over 39 years experience in the television industry in WA. Since 1969 he worked for Channel Seven Perth, the last 18 years as Commercial Production Manager/TV Commercials Producer within the 7 sales department. Since resigning in 2000, his competent freelance team and production company has focused on producing nearly 350 episodes of this quality and very successful TV series just for Channel Seven and GWN viewers…

Working hand in hand with Adrian (ADO) Faure, Dingo is proud to surround himself with a great team of professionals that have only one goal. To produce the best for our clients and produce interesting, factual and memorable entertainment.

Adrian Faure – Producer

Adrian Faure

After abandoning a ‘double major’ degree in English and History at UWA Adrian found himself in the boomtown of Bunbury working for GWN as a Television cameraman. After determining that he may have managed to find something else that he wasn’t particularly suited to he decided to move into the fields of editing and producing. After a brief stint in Adelaide he settled at TVW 7 Perth working his way as the Senior Editor and Supervisor of the videotape and editing areas. At that time, for those that remember, the system of choice was a CMX, attached to a device called an ADO to manipulate pictures. Amazingly archaic considering the digital based systems of today.

Compounding the pain of cantankerous machinery he also had to contend with countless producers, directors and clients all with their own demands. He was very sort after as a senior at such events as the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympic Games for The Seven Network, and the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth games. As a Promotions Producer he produced and directed many promotions including the TVW7 40th Anniversary Television campaign.

Now a TV Veteran (prematurely some might say!), he has been pro-actively involved in the editing of over 500 Television Programs including Good Morning Perth, Timemasters, Amazing, Our WA, Perth at 5, Talking Cars, Lets Go Gardening, Have a Go TV and of course, Home in WA. Since 2004 he has successfully managed and run his own editing facility ‘Electric Easel’ based at the studios of Channel Seven in Dianella. This year the role of Producing HOME in WA becomes his focus and his aim will be to preserve the integrity of the show but to enhance it with fresh young ideas and strategies.

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  1. Paul Weston says:

    Lovely to hear you are still going strong Mr Reddingius as am I here in the UK with MTV.

  2. Juan Molina says:

    Please, I need some information about an OB van used in Dallas in 1963 named “telecaster” or some like that.
    I work in a TV station who bought the same OB van in 1951.

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