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Danni Harford – Dancer and Choreographer

Posted by ken On September - 12 - 2009

Danni Harford was a dancer and choreographer with TVW between 1964 and 1968, then appeared in many specials and lavish stage productions.

Danni Harford

Danni danced regularly with Kevan Johnston, during his time as TVW choreographer, then took on that role herself. Later returning to appear in a number of the key productions where Brian Smith was the choreographer.

In this video, Danni relates the Channel Seven Ballet period, where young pretty dancers supported Seven’s popular variety show In Perth Tonight and the high rating Club 7 Teen. Danni also provides insight of the early dance scene, when good rehearsal venues were in short supply. A time when other blokes thought that dancing was not the accepted male thing to do.

One Response to “Danni Harford – Dancer and Choreographer”

  1. John Howard Avice-Demay says:

    Hi danni, Probably wont remember me. I danced an appealthon with you at one time and a few other things. I met you at the disco, Osko’s, Pinocchio’s, Beethoven’s, shafto lane and the like back in maybe 1980-81.

    You look great . Good to see you again after all these years.

    You probably remember me a John though.

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