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Jill Norton (nee Korbosky) – Secretary

Posted by ken On September - 3 - 2009


Jill K..jpg
Jill Korbosky

1959 – as a child. I attended Children’s Channel 7 starring Rolf Harris; his wobble board and his magical sketches which appeared suddenly from a multiple of squiggles and Oliver the Octopus.

1968 – 9 years later. I was hooked from the moment I stepped inside the corridors of the Channel 7 studio for an interview. So much activity, so many different things to see. Studios, cameras, telecine and large offices manned with very happy people. And it covered such an enormous area. This place had something special going for it.


This 2009 photo shows the upper floor corridor looking towards where the former offices of Brian Treasure and Greg Byrne were located in the early 1970s

What a fantastic department to work in. Greg Byrne, Sales Manager and the mighty sales team of Joe Sweeney, Bob Horley and Don Odgers (The artful Dodger). Then working alongside me, Gwen Storey (Andrews) Secretary to Brian Treasure (BST) the General Manager. Being near the Oval Office (as I call it now) which was Brian Treasure’s domain, meant that many of the personalities and entertainers came to see him. During 7 years at 7 a few of these characters were; Abigail, Sabrina, Art Linklater, Jill Perryman, Stuart Wagstaff, Sammy Davis Jr., The Stars of Number 96, Michael Edgley & members of his family. The Edgley’s were regular visitors during the heady days of Disney on Parade.

A long corridor stretched from the large double glass doors of the office revealing every coming and going. Fat Cat and Percy Penguin were favourite appearances. I believe Greg and Judy Byrne designed them. Kevan Johnston and others gave life to these creations.

Attempting to fill Gwen’s shoes whilst she toured America with Disney on Parade was a great experience.

A trip to the Supply department (Ken Kemp’s domain) was an excursion. The warren passed so many interesting places; Telecine and rooms overlooking the studios (where, if you were lucky something might be happening) and engine rooms. Then it was down a large flight of steps to retrieve stationery. Supply was surrounded by the huge undercover props and costume area where something was always being constructed particularly near Christmas Pageant time.

MEMORABLE MOMENT was The first Moon Landing. Brian Treasure had a fairly impressive office with large TV. It was able to be blacked out and it was an extraordinary day July 29, when the sales team, Mossie, Gwen etc went in to witness this monumental event.


Memories of Christmas Pageants dressed as a Clown and riding a bike. A youthful, happy time, particularly seeing the beautiful children and their happy faces.

Bathtub Derby entrant at the South Perth foreshore circa 1971. Although no photographs, I recall wearing a fairly new pair of fine leather gloves to help grip the throttle. That wasn’t going to work as they were too tight and just before the start of the race the fingers had to be cut so they became a mitten. Expensive exercise and last past the post.

Telethon: Wonderful days. Ushering people into the studios on a rotation basis. Non-stop entertainment, phone rooms. The annual appearance of Mrs Bacon who just loved Stuart Wagstaff. She would arrive with her fruit mince pies. Handing over those pies became a necessary part of Telethon and Stuart did the right thing each time in his charming, gentlemanly manner. It was so much fun that we didn’t know when to, or want to, go home in case something was missed.

Mrs Bacon & Stuart Wags.jpg
Telethon regular Mr Bacon with Stuart Wagstaff

Disney on Parade. Before the Entertainment Centre was built, this event was held at Perry Lakes Stadium. It was another occasion for staff to usher and get to see the show. The atmosphere was electrifying.

World Championship Wrestling was also held at the Perry Lakes Stadium. Ushers were needed. No interest in wrestling but it was fun and amazing to see the crowd that attended.

Miss West Coast. In order to get entrants we would drive down to the beaches in a Beach Buggy and slowly cruise along looking for potential entrants. Entrant forms were handed to the many gorgeous girls who were interested. The heats were held at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre. What a night this was. It looked stunning in the evening. The water was still and sparkled under the bright lights. The girls were nervous and looked magnificent in their swim suits. Some of the entrants went on to enter the Miss Australia Quest.

Jill & Gwen.jpg
Jill and Gwen Andrews checking out the boys who are checking out the girls at a Swanbourne Beach Miss West Coast heat

Martin St James & Moonman. Spellbound was one of the most entertaining live shows I remember. I’m sure all the neighbours watched it.   

Spellbound with Martin St James and Garry Meadows as the host

A much anticipated event was the Christmas Party for clients and advertisers. Held in the giant marquee out the back. There was so much good food and refreshments and entertainment. The girls acted as waitresses. It was all good fun.

The Entertainment Centre was Brian Treasure’s dream and it enabled Perth to have shows Like Disney on Ice.

It sounds like no work was done at all. Believe me, they were very busy days and tight deadlines had to be maintained to keep the show rolling. But it was such a marvellous and secure place to work, that time ceased to be relevant. We worked until the work was done. We even took on more duties, by working weekends, typing up the news reports.

Who needed to have a life outside of work when the social activities were combined with work mates. We went horse riding, had parties, occasional after work drinks at the John Barleycorn hotel in Osborne Park. We baby sat for bosses and their wives treated us like extended family. We made resolutions to get fit and go for early morning beach runs. These precious years with the TVW 7 FAMILY will always be recalled fondly and serve as a great reminder of youth.

Mike & Jill.jpg
Mike Humphry and Jill at a private staff party

The graphic arts department designed brilliant artwork. In particular my farewell card featured SKIPPY the kangaroo (my namesake) bearing a caricature of my face. I will treasure it and memories of 7 always.

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  1. Eileen Lawford says:

    What wonderful memories you have Jill. It has brought back my own memories of Club Seveteen and appearing with The Easybeats, Robbie Snowdon and others and sitting up in the producers box watching the taped version go to air. Earlier memories include Children’s Channel Seven with Carolyn Noble and appearing on Concentration. We lost as we gave answers to each other in stage whispers which the other team of course heard!!! Vivid memeories but so long ago now.

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