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Joy Campbell (nee Heweston) – Secretary

Posted by ken On September - 8 - 2009

Joy Campbell (nee Heweston) worked firstly as a Secretary for George Howell in the music department for the Perth Talent Service and from there to Frank Moss, Brian Treasure and Jim Cruthers, working for TVW from 1963 to 1967.

In the early days of TVW under Frank Moss, all the secretaries had to be trained in the Accounts department first before they were assigned to a department and then for a period of about 12 months. We all did time in most departments so that if any one was away any one of us could step in and help out. I worked for George Howell in the music department for Perth Talent Service – employing talent from In Perth Tonight to various Hotels and clubs and from there to Frank Moss, Brian Treasure and Jim Cruthers.


The Heweston Twins with Frank Moss. Joy Campbell and Margie Nayler

However, in those very early days in the Accounts Department, Margie and I were always “swapping” over, and she would often jump into my typing chair and visa versa, until it drove Frank mad because he could never tell who he had given work to – in the end he said “The only way I can deal with you, is to put one of you upstairs and the other downstairs, and then I will know who and where you are”. And that’s the way it was – the film department was upstairs for Margie and Production downstairs for me.

Unfortunately, no one thought of taking many personal photos in those days and I don’t have many although I do have photos of our time when we set up Seven Ex and did lots of fund raising for Telethon. Frank Moss always kept a few photos of the girls at various functions.


Seven Ex

Front row: Janet Gill, Lloyd Lawson, Peter Dean, Phil Salinger and Maureen Demasi (nee Scorer)

Behind: Ivy Sucich (nee Fryzop), Linda Page (nee Brownrigg), Joan Dye (nee Cohen), Joyce Nisbet (nee Shepherd), Frank Moss, Margie Nayler (nee Heweston), Joy Campbell (nee Heweston), Audrey Long (nee Barnaby) and Dorothy Lee (nee Whitely)


Seven Ex

Lizzie Kirkham (nee Sorley), Frank Moss, Sue Scutton (nee Ammon) and Joy Campbell (nee Heweston)

It’s sad to think of Frank now being so frail – I spoke to him the other day as his brother Clem died and he rang to say thanks for a condolence letter I had sent. He is the most wonderful gentleman and he and I have stayed close after all these years. All the girls could tell some stories of Frank’s caring ways!

I do have some funny stories of how at night I would go home with my bag full of carefully ripped paper so that no one could see how many typing mistakes I had made and how much paper I had wasted! I also remember taking my shorthand book home and getting my Mum to help me read back some of the dictation which Jim Cruthers had dictated to me! In those days, I was too scared to tell him “You are dictating too fast for me!” Sometimes Jim and Frank would actually watch your shorthand lines and tell you if you had made the wrong stroke! They were so strict with their typing standards.

There was also a policy in place that no one could work at Channel 7 if you were married! However, on many occasions they actually found you employment at some other place – namely my sister Margie – they found her a job at 6PM when she left to be married. I think I was the first girl they kept on after Kevin and I married but I had to cash in my super and they employed me as a casual! I didn’t last too long because I became pregnant and of course a pregnant lady was a big no no!

Joy married Kevin Campbell, who began with Seven in 1964 as a technician and retired in 1999 as the chairman and managing director.

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