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Tribute to Frank Moss 1920-2009

Posted by ken On December - 9 - 2009

TVW Foundation Company Secretary (TVW 1959-1978)

Frank Archer Cecil Moss – 1920-2009

Frank Moss Sketch.png

With great sadness report that Frank Moss passed away peacefully with his family at his side on Tuesday 8th December, 2009.

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Franks Funeral.jpg

Channel Seven Folk Paying Respects to Frank Moss

Frank is fondly remembered by many former TVW staff….

It is with regret that I have to advise that Frank Moss passed away today. He was a great bloke and will be sadly missed. – Ken Kemp

Just learned of dear old Mossy’s departure to other climes. To me, he’ll be remembered for a deep compassion for his fellows, a rare honesty and a great sense of humour. May he rest in peace……and leave the door open, there are a few of us old buggers to follow! - Brian Williams

I hadn’t heard the news and am saddened by it as will be all who worked with him. – Elaine Tranter (Hoskins)

What a great loss…… they don’t make them like that anymore. Frank Moss really was one of nature’s gentlemen. – Luise Nelthorpe (Borsje)

It is such sad news of Frank’s passing. I have such fond memories of Frank over many years. He was a fine man and gentleman. A rarity these days. – Linda McHutchison (Brownrigg)

How sad to hear this news. I am one of the lucky ones who worked at TVW during his tenure. A gentleman he was; a long life he lived; what a wonderful legacy he leaves behind. I will always remember his infectious smile. I am proud to have known him. – Jeanette Smith (Ashley)

Thank you for letting me know. I will email the old guard here in Sydney of this terrible, sad loss to the ‘TVW FAMILY”.. I will always remember his wonderful easy going personality and how he lit up the office when he walked in, with his fantastic smile… he always made you feel good… he will remain in our hearts forever. – Annie Grennell (Purvis)

He was indeed a lovely man. – Carolyn Bendall

It was sad to learn of the death of Frank Moss, one of the stalwarts of the old guard.

He was a lovely man who will be missed but not forgotten by the TVW family – Nigel Felangue

Frank was a lovely man and a true gentleman. He was very kind to me at TVW and helped me a lot. I know the TVW family will miss him. - Graeme Plummer

I saw the notice in the West and was deeply saddened. Frank was a nice bloke and a very fair man. Unfortunately none of us can avoid the inevitable but it caused me to pause for a few minutes and reflect on Frank. I agree with Darcy – Frank was one of the unsung heros. Nicely put. - Don Odgers

Thanks for letting me know about Mr Moss I always thought he was a very kind man, sad to know he has passed away. - Kathie Wilson

Frank gave me my first TV paycheck at 7 when I was 17 .. I remember asking if I could have cash. I didn’t have a bank account.. he said no (nicely) so i asked Dad if he could cash it.. he said I would have to wait a week in case it BOUNCED.. funny how those things stick. - John Young

Yes, Frank was a most friendly chap, and I remember him well from my brief time at TVW. I remember borrowing his big car to take John Quick out to the airport. Some ride! - Vic Kitney

I’ve missed the funeral. Just got back from India this morning. I’m so sorry that we no longer have the wonderful Frank among us. - Sue Scrutton (nee Ammon)

The many TVW secretary stories here refer to Frank in glowing terms. Joy Campbell points out that, “…all the girls could tell some stories of Frank’s caring ways!”


The Heweston Twins with Frank Moss. Joy Campbell and Margie Nayler

Joy points out that, In the early days of TVW under Frank Moss, all the secretaries had to be trained in the Accounts department first before they were assigned to a department.


2nd from left: Jill Korbosky then Mignon McCurry, Glenys Andrijasevichl, Frank Moss, unknown and Jeannette Ashley

Frank was also an important part of the Seven Ex group of enthusiastic former TVW employees who engaged in fund raising for Telethon.


Seven Ex

Front row: Janet Gill, Lloyd Lawson, Peter Dean, Phil Salinger and Maureen Demasi (nee Scorer)

Behind: Ivy Sucich (nee Fryzop), Linda Page (nee Brownrigg), Joan Dye (nee Cohen), Joyce Nisbet (nee Shepherd), Frank Moss, Margie Nayler (nee Heweston), Joy Campbell (nee Heweston), Audrey Long (nee Barnaby) and Dorothy Lee (nee Whitely)

Jocelyn Treasure said, “I have many fond memories of this lovely and dignified man, very much a part of the original TVW ‘family’ and at the ripe old age of 40, affectionately considered the ‘old man’ of the group.”

John Cruthers said, “Dad will be very sad to hear the news. He and Mossie were very close, in fact we all went on fishing trips together and I can remember swimming in shark infested waters off Barrow Island with Frank and Graeme Moss, off the back of our fishing boat, as my Dad blithely cleaned fish and threw the innards over the side. I always felt Frank, Graham and I were lucky to survive that fishing trip! I was about 12 and a tiny boy; Graham was 14 and already on his way to being a champion ruckman’s height.”

Greg Byrne reports, “Frank took Judith and myself and our 4 sons plus his son Graham for a nice Sunday trip to Rottnest on his lovely launch… only problem was Frank managed to hit a reef at Longreach Bay and bent the propeller shaft! We limped back to Fremantle – end of a lovely day!”

Keith Spice said, “Sad news. Frank was a true gentleman, great company and a regular attendee on our deep sea fishing trips (Exmouth Expeditions) in the 80’s. Rest in peace Frank”.

Frank Moss – Fishing in Exmouth – 1985
Gerry Swift, Keith Spice, John Peters, Frank Moss, Rudi Gracias, Peter Dean and Chris Hope

Work History

After five and a half years in the R.A.A.F. as a signals officer, Frank Moss did a Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme course in accountancy and cost accountancy. Then followed eight years as factory manager and company director of David Gray and Co.

▪ 1939 Royal Australian Air Force – Pilot Officer Signals

▪ 1950 Assistant Secretary The Western Australian Chamber of Manufacturers

▪ 1952 Secretary Director of David Gray & Co. Limited

He was appointed secretary of TVW in January of 1959, and soon after became deeply involved with the business affairs of the embryonic television station, making payments as the building went up and equipment was purchased.

▪ 1959-1976 Foundation Company Secretary

▪ 1976-1978 Executive Director, Finance and Administration

Darcy Farrell points out that Frank Moss was an unsung hero of Channel Seven, and should be recognised for his humanitarian role with in the organisation.

The success of TVW in the early years owes much to the sacrifices key people made meeting deadlines and keeping facilities going under often stressful situations. Most managers were pushing themselves and staff to the limit, and had little time for counseling those in need.

It was always Frank Moss who had a sympathetic ear to people under stress, and his help and advice was a most significant part of the operation, keeping it going when other people were often too busy with the job demands.

A retirement dinner was held at the Sheraton Perth Hotel on Thursday, September 20, 1979, to commemorate Frank’s valued service to the company. In attendance were the following members of the Board, management and colleagues… as shown in this group photograph taken by Douglas Joseph Burton.


Back row, from left: D’arcy Biesot, Darcy Farrell, Greg Byrne, Dick Ashton, Kevin Bicknell, Max Bostock, Syd Donovan, Rolf Lindsey, Bernie Roddy, Wally Staniforth, John Hunn, Jan Vermazen, Alf Binks.

Front row: Bill McKenzie, Joe Sweeney, Jim Cruthers, Frank Moss, Jack Donovan, Ken Kemp, Charles Hugall.

Frank Moss Gallery

11 Responses to “Tribute to Frank Moss 1920-2009”

  1. Jeannette Smith (Ashley) says:

    I am one of the lucky ones who worked at TVW during his tenure. A gentleman he was; a long life he lived; what a wonderful legacy he leaves behind. I will always remember his infectious smile. I am proud to have known him.

  2. Keith Spice says:

    Sad news. Frank was a true gentleman, great company and a regular attendee on our deep sea fishing trips (Exmouth Expeditions) in the 80’s. Rest in peace Frank.

  3. Justin Nayler says:

    Frank was such a lovely man and was a psuedo grandfather figure for me over many years. Though with his good looks and never failing energy, he never quite seem to match his actual years. He was always enthusisastic and took a true interest in mine and other people’s achievements. It seems to be a phrase being repeated over, however he really was a true gentleman, whose integrity I greatly admired.

  4. Geoff Sinclair says:

    Have just seen the site and read the news – so very sad. As so many have said – what a caring and considerate fellow staffer and a true gentleman.

  5. Peter Goodall says:

    It saddened me greatly to hear of the passing of Frank Moss.
    He was as they say a fine gentleman. A man of wonderful humour….
    One of my memories was seeing Frank dressed in a sarong near a temple in Bali…
    That was a sight to behold.
    We were up there to cover the Fremantle- Bali Yacht Race.
    I was so sorry to have missed his farewell.
    Peter Goodall

  6. peter dean says:

    to frank moss’s family .be assured that frank was a deeply admired member of the tvw family. In fact without franks intervention on many occasions we would have been in trouble. he was a valuable human being who never forgot a friend in need. god bless you frank

  7. Jeanie Antunovich ( nee Moss ) says:

    I have only just opened this TVW website – Dad’s funeral was yesterday – and I am deeply moved by the wonderful tributes and comments people have posted here. I can laugh through my tears.
    Thankyou to all those from the TVW family who attended yesterday, and thankyou to Jeff Newman for his very kind words.
    We are all terribly sad to have lost Dad, but he managed to cram and extraordinary amount of living into his 89 years, and is now enjoying a well earned rest.
    Thank you all.
    Jeanie Antunovich, Frank’s daughter

  8. Libby Moss says:

    I saw Kempy last night who told me about this site. All the people who have posted comments, thank you, thank you and again thank you. Your comments are truly lovely and I appreciate them so much. It was lovely to have so many TVW people at the funeral, mum appreciated it so much. I would have loved to have personally said thank you to everyone, but did not get the chance. Jeanie, finally a photo of Dad and me when I was a baby! Pity we didn’t see this before the funeral!
    All the TVW family know it, Dad really loved working with all of you. You have created a fantastic organisation and it was only done with a real team/family effort. You all meant a lot to Dad. He had a wonderful life with us all and I am honoured that he was my father, respected by so many. When he retired from full time employment at TVW and was Director of Finance and Administration he loved going out to TVW to catch up with everyone.
    I think we are all truly blessed to have had him in our lives, he is going to be greatly missed.
    Thank you everyone,

  9. barry atkinson says:

    I have been associated with Frank for over 40 years.
    His ability to seek out good share investments and his friendship and good humour over many phone calls will be missed. He was a delight to do business with.
    Our sympathy to all the family.

  10. Chris Hope says:

    The last of the true gentlemen. A great fishing mate and mentor. Always willing to share his knowledge and wisdom. My sympathy to the family, will be greatly missed.

  11. Margaret Lavalette says:

    I worked with Frank for the Telethon concerts at the Perth Concert Hall for many years. I was saddened to see that he had passed away and would like to pass on my sympathy to his family and friends. He was a truly remarkable and cheerful man with so many good qualities.

    It was a pleasure to have known him.

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