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TVW Girls’ Picnic Foiled by Rain

Posted by ken On November - 25 - 2012

Photo Flashback: TVW Secretaries and Peter Dean (in drag) help celebrate the retirement of Sir James Cruthers in 1981 with their take on the Mickey Mouse Club song

    A group of former TVW secretaries and production ladies enjoyed reminiscing together on Sunday November 4th 2012. It was planned as a picnic on the foreshore at Crawley, but unfortunately the weather deteriorated and the gathering moved indoors.

The ladies in attendance were…

  • Mignon Birch (nee McCurry)
  • Helen Malloch (nee Boyes)
  • Lesley Bradford (nee Mills)
  • Nola Bradshaw, formerly Bosoni (nee Cressey)
  • Jan Finkle (nee O’Mara)
  • Hilary Everard
  • Lyndell Jobson (nee Carter)
  • Yvonne Joynt (nee Garbellini)
  • Marion Leyer (nee Greiling)
  • Jan Maravillas (nee Galliott)
  • Sophia McLay (nee Stefanoff)
  • Luise Nelthorpe (nee Borsje)
  • Jill Norton (nee Korbosky)
  • Jo Rainford
  • Jennie Rimmer
  • Dorothy Tinney (nee Buktenica)
  • Kerry Weigand (nee Peterson)


Back L to R: Kerry Weigand (nee Peterson), Dorothy Tinney (nee Buktenica), Jan Maravillas (nee Galliott), Lyndell Jobson (nee Carter), Jill Norton (nee Korbosky), Nola Bradshaw (nee Cressey), Lesley Bradford (nee Mills), Jan Finkle (nee O’Mara), Yvonne Joynt (nee Garbellini), Marion Leyer (nee Greiling) and Jennie Rimmer

Front: Helen Malloch (nee Boyes), Luise Nelthorpe (nee Borsje), Sophia McLay (nee Stefanoff) and Jo Rainford


Jan Maravillas (nee Galliott), Hilary Everard, Sophia McLay (nee Stefanoff), Kerry Weigand (nee Peterson) and Jill Norton (nee Korbosky)

Mignon Birch was the Secretary to Sir James Cruthers from 1970 to 1975, and worked in Newsroom on weekends.

Helen Malloch worked in Accounts and Payroll from 1959 to 1962 & 1975 to 2000.

Lesley Bradford worked in Publicity from 1969 to 1971 and News from 1974 to the present time as Seven News Unit Manager.

Telethon 1975 publicity shot – Lesley Mills (News), Sofie Sifarish and Kay Sunners (Publicity), Jan Dargan (Secretary), Wendy Hoad (Secretary), Jennie Rimmer (Switchboard), Stuart Wagstaff, unknown, Rhonda Fletcher, Luise Borsje (PA to Max Bostock), unknown, Glenys Wheeler and Jo Rainford

Nola Bradshaw was Secretary to Lloyd Lawson from 1959 to 1960 and when returned in 1976 till 1978 as Secretary to Max Bostock in Production’s Special Projects Department.

Teen Beat host Glenn Hitchcock with Nola Cressey in 1960

Jan Finkle was a Production Assistant from 1967 to 1974.


1972 – Anything Goes Cast & Crew

Front Row L – R:
Helen Blackburn (Make up), Jeff Thomas (Floor Manager), Laurie Lever (Lighting), Peter Partridge (Tech), Bob Williams (Staging), Ian Bowering (Tech), Peter Allan (Camera), Eugene Eulasavich (Tech).

Centre Row L – R:
John Fryer (Host), Ron Christie (Producer), Danny Mackay (Director), Jan Finkle (Production Assistant), Peter Dean (Host), (next 3 unknown, 1 musician, 2 staging).

Top Row L – R:
(2 unknown musicians), Bob Finkle (Camera), Roy Chivers (Camera), (unknown musician), Tim Thunder (Crane driver),
Keith Spice (Boom Operator), Kim Pack (Audio), Tom Creamer (Technical Director).

Hilary Everard was Secretary to David Farr, the Station Manager of 6IX, Acting Secretary to Brian Treasure and Assistant Secretary to Jim Cruthers, working for TVW and 6IX Administration TVW Channel 7 and Radio 6IX from 1970 to 1973. Hilary was also a singer who appeared on “In Perth Tonight”.


Hilary Everard wearing the TVW uniform of the 1970s


Hilary Everard working on the Miss West Coast beach girl quest

Lyndell Jobson was a typist for Bill McKenzie and Graeme Plummer in the Program Department from 1970 to 1974.


Far Right: Lyndell Carter at the Channel Seven Christmas Pageant


TVW secretaries Lyndell Carter, Linda Brownrigg, Luise Borsje, Maureen Burgwyn, Anne Pick, and Jeannette Ashley

Yvonne Joynt was Secretary to Sir James Cruthers in Management from 1973 to 1981.

Marion Leyer rose from Production Assistant in 1960 to Producer/Director in 1963, Miss Universe Pageant Co-ordinator in 1979, when she was appointed Production Manager, continuing in that position until resigning from Channel 7 in 1985. Marion was later appointed Director of Production at NEW Channel 10.

Brian Smith with Marion Leyer in Studio 2 Control Room in 1976

Jan Maravillas started with radio station 6IX in 1970, when it was still located in Mounts Bay Road, before moving out to Seven in 1971, where she worked in the 6IX Schedules and Traffic section. Like all staff working at the TVW site, Jan became involved in the combined station activities such as the Netball Team and the Christmas Pageant.


Jan Galliott, David Dallimore, Maureen Burgwyn, Ian Haselby and Kerry Peterson Photo taken in the TVW Traffic Department in the early 1970’s

Sophia McLay worked at TVW from 1970 to 1972 with Graeme Plummer, Bill McKenzie and Glenys Gill. Then worked with Jeff Newman in the co ordination of Telethon.

Sophia Stefanoff, Velia Cometti, Lynette Thorpe (deceased), Luise Borsje, Darienne, Jan Galliott, Jackie, unknown and Maureen Burgwyn

Luise Nelthorpe worked at TVW from 1971 to 1976 as the Secretary to TVW’s Chief Executive Officer Max Bostock, and part of the production team and was also involved in setting up the inaugural Xmas Pageant and Director Gerry Swift’s Assistant on “It’s Academic” with Jeff Newman.


Luise Borsje in Jeff Newman’s Bathtub when the first Bathtub Derby was conducted off the South Perth foreshore of the Swan River

Jill Norton was Secretary in the Sales Department to Greg Byrne and Sales Reps and Acting Secretary to Brian Treasure from 1968 to 1975.


Jill Korbosky as Miss Whirlpool

Jo Rainsford worked in Production.

Jennie Rimmer was a Telephonist on the TVW switchboard.

Dorothy Tinney worked in Traffic and Production from 1977 to 1984.

Kerry Weigand worked in Traffic and says that, “It was the best working time of their lives due to the many productions and events which were high points, and the camaraderie between staff”.

Luise Nelthorpe (Borsje) has kindly provided the following report on the latest TVW ladies reunion on Sunday November 4th 2012…

“I think picnic is the wrong word and we had to resort to Plan B! It was probably the worst weather for some time. I didn’t want to cancel the picnic so arranged that we would all still meet at the foreshore and go in convoy to Yvonne Joynt’s house nearby. She kindly offered her house after I called her in desperation!

We really did have a lovely lovely day – about 16 of us…… some were turned off by weather. During the afternoon we always sit around in a circle and I ask everyone to give us all an update on their lives over the last few years. Some good, some sad and all the time lots of laughs.

The group has grown somewhat and it’s really lovely to have more. As some of us were unable to go to the funeral (of Glenys Gill), I asked the girls to bring along some petals or a flower that we could scatter on the water to farewell and remember Glenys. We were actually able to do this before the deluge came down again, and I’ve attached a beautiful reflective photo that Jill Koborsky took at the time. As you can see it was very gloomy weather but a gorgeous photo.

Flower and petal tribute to Glenys Gill

The picnic has now become a tradition about twice a year and we’ve decided we’ll not let this pass as it’s so important to keep friendships alive, especially as we have now already lost one of our group.”

Jan Maravillas (nee Galliott) summed up the occasion in the following heartfelt words…

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to touch base and say how wonderful it was to see everyone last Sunday.
Can I just say what a wonderful, strong, fabulous group of women you are. Quite inspirational. Everyone tells their story of happy times, sad times, illnesses and their own personal memories of our time at TVW. I feel very blessed to know you all and to call you my friends. Thank you so much Lu for being a great organiser and to Yvonne for opening her home to us. Looking forward to see you all next year.
Love Jan Maravillas

    A number of ladies unfortunately could not make it and sent their apologies, such as Jeannette Smith (nee Ashley) and Maureen Iustini (nee Burgwyn). It should be mentioned that even though she is not shown in the photos, Kathie Wilson (nee Gangemi) was also there. Kathie was formally of the Film Department from 1964 to 1970. Mignon Birch also missed being in the photos by virtue of being a photographer.

    Sophia Mclay (nee Stefanoff) added that, “We had a wonderful get together of the ‘old girls'”. A sentiment echoes by many of the ladies present that day.

    Sophia was determined to locate Ken Kemp’s former secretary Sue Rayner, who went to school with both Sophia and Jan Maravillas. After considerable detective work Sue (married name Lawless) was found living in the hills region of Perth, and hopefully will be an addition to the ‘TVW Old Girls Brigade’ at future reunion events.

    Owing to the turn over in staff, as a result of ladies needing to leave once they married in the early years at TVW, some women may not be familiar with others who worked during a different decade. This even caused a slight degree of confusion among the different TVW netball teams which Glenys Gill coached, even though they were a few years apart. Interestingly, Marion Leyer, Helen Mallock and Nola Bradshaw were there in the very early days, and who were at Seven after the married rule was changed.

    Coralie Condon’s abode in South Perth was a popular venue for gatherings, until the rowdy element from the Windsor Hotel caused mischief after closing time, by smashing cars, letterboxes and household power boards, eventually causing Coralie to move to a safer location in the company of others, as she had been living alone up until then. Richard Ashton and I recall watching drunken louts, from his balcony, being a thorough nuisance down Mill Point Road, in an area that is otherwise most civilised when the friendly locals are out and about.

Some of the TVW secretaries and production ladies who recently frequented Coralie’s parties included:

  • Audrey Long (formally Barnaby) 1960-1964
  • Liz Kirkham (nee Sorley) 1960-1966
  • Joy Campbell (nee Heweston) 1963-1967
  • Margie Nayler (nee Heweston) 1963-1967
  • Sue Scrutton (nee Ammon) 1963-1967
  • Ivy Sucich (nee Frzop) 1964-1966
  • Lewese Shaw (nee O’Gare)

    Audrey was part of the Old Girl’s Association of Channel Seven, dating back to 1977-79. The Seven Ex then sprang from an idea suggested by Audrey in 1990, when it was decided to start the group up again, but this time to include all past and present staff, both male and female. This went on to involve many enthused former staffers in the Telethon fund raising process, whilst also providing a wonderful excuse to socialise.

    Early participants included Max Bostock, Judith Byrne, Joy Campbell, Peter Dean, Gay Egan, Rhonda Fletcher, Liz Kirkham, Lloyd Lawson, Audrey Long, Helen Malloch, Margaret Nayler, Lewese Shaw, Carolyn Tannock and Frank Moss as the chairman. Within five years they had raised more than $200,000, and soon the membership had climbed to sixty former staff. Sadly the wind was taken out of their sails with the forced redundancies that took place in 1999, resulting in a much somber mood.

Meeting of the Seven Ex


Behind: Ivy Sucich (Fryzop), Linda Page (Brownrigg), Joan Dye (Cohen), Joyce Nisbet (Shepherd), Frank Moss, Margie Nayler (Heweston), Joy Campbell (Heweston), Audrey Long (Barnaby) and Dorothy Lee (Whitely)

Front row: Janet Gill, Lloyd Lawson, Peter Dean, Phil Salinger and Maureen Demasi (Scorer)

    The 2009 reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Seven in Perth proved to be a wonderful affair and reconnected many old friends and colleagues. This has been ongoing ever since with gatherings in cafes, restaurants and private homes.

Luise is hoping to extend the ‘Old Girls’ numbers each time they meet, which is anticipated to be twice a year.

3 Responses to “TVW Girls’ Picnic Foiled by Rain”

  1. Richard Ashton says:

    Well Done Ken as usual.
    Everyone did a great job till perhaps the 1980’s
    It’s great if all us oldies keep in touch,
    Good on you Luise for keeping the girls in touch.
    I’ll have to dig out the Pinocchio Bath Tub craft picture
    your wet-suit made the shot.

  2. Eddie Goode says:

    Telethon 1975 publicity shot – Lesley Mills (News), Sofie Sifarish and Kay Sunners (Publicity), Jan Dargan (Secretary), Wendy Hoad (Secretary), Jennie Rimmer (Switchboard), Stuart Wagstaff, unknown, Rhonda Fletcher, Luise Borsje (PA to Max Bostock), unknown is Susan Roll , Glenys Wheeler and Jo Rainford .

    Unknown is Susan Roll , Sue married me , Eddie Goode in 1979 . She sadly passed away on the 15th May 2009 .

  3. pam digby says:

    Do you have studio photos from the 1966 onwards. I am looking for Calisthenics of WA (Girls Rhythmic League) photos.

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