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Celebrating the life of Miss Coralie Condon

Posted by ken On February - 11 - 2015

Celebrating the life of Miss Coralie Condon

01-Coralie and Max judging Stars of the Future.jpg

Coralie Condon and Max Kay judging Stars of the Future

    Coralie Condon died peacefully at Castledare Nursing Home on 24 December, 2014, aged 99. Only a few months short of her birthday on May 16th.

    Coralie was an actress, writer, composer, producer, presenter, business woman, the Grande Dame of Perth theatre and the First Lady of Western Australian Television.

    She was a great friend for many at the old Rep, Playhouse, Music Hall, Dirty Dicks and a string of other theatre restaurants.

    Coralie’s Funeral Mass was conducted at St Patrick’s Basilica in Fremantle on Friday 23rd of January 2015.

02-St Patricks.jpg

St Patrick’s Basilica

03-Church Service.jpg

04-Coralie's Coffin arrives.jpg

Family follow Coralie into the church

The Eulogy was delivered by Max Kay.

05-Max Kay’s Eulogy.jpg

Max Kay delivered the Eulogy

    Readings were provided by members of Coralie’s family: Tonia Kozak-Calabrese and Dominic Calabrese, Judy and Kon Kozak, Elizabeth Matthews and Susan Leef, with the service conducted by Father Maher. Megan Kozak also took part in the service.

06-The priest as Coo exits the church.jpg

Father Maher escorts Coralie from the church

    Following the service, family and friends celebrated her life at a Wake in which guests reminisced about their experiences with Coralie.

07-Rick Hearder remembers Coralie Condon.jpg

Rick Hearder remembers Coralie Condon

    Rick Hearder pointed out that the only theatrical performances he and Coralie did not engage in together was Ballet.

08-Audrey Long explains how charitable Coralie was.jpg

Audrey Long explained how charitable Coralie was

    Audrey Long pointed out how much Coralie gave to many charities, with them constantly ringing her for donations.

09-Sally Sander on heavenly choir.jpg

Judy Kozak with Sally Sander, who mentioned Coralie conducting the heavenly choir

    Sally Sander concluded by saying that she’s sure that Coralie will be conducting the heavenly choir and Frank Baden-Powell probably corrupting it.

10-Jenny Davis.jpg

Jenny Davis, Max Kay and Janet Prance

    Jenny Davis pointed out that despite Coralie’s diminishing eyesight and being seated in a wheelchair, she remained a regular patron of live theatre until very recent times.

11-Eileen Colocott.jpg

Eileen Colocott

    Eileen Colocott, the widow of Frank Baden-Powell, told of her first meeting Coralie on arriving in Australia in 1953.

12-Eileen Colocott in

Eileen Colocott in “Turn on the Heat”

    Many will remember Eileen Colocott in Gerry Glaskin’s play ”Turn on the Heat” at the Hole in the Wall Theatre in 1967. A play about a woman with more than a passing resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

13-Jane Roberts.jpg

Jane Roberts

    Jane Roberts, the eldest daughter of Frank Baden-Powell and Joan Bruce remembered sailing down the Nile with Coralie.

14-Sherylee Jeffery.jpg

Sherylee Jeffery

    Sherylee Jeffery related her experiences starting with Children’s Channel Seven and later working for the Old Time Music Hall for many years.

15-Jeremy Murray.jpg

Jeremy and Gaylor Murray

    Jeremy Murray reminisced about gaining employment with Dirty Dick’s theatre restaurant, where he became the manager.

16-Gai MacLennan.jpg

Janet Prance, Tony Howes, Jan Boyd (nee Ladner), Gai MacLennan (nee Spillman), Bill Gill and Peter Goodall in the rear

    Gai MacLennan (nee Spillman) explained how she was released early from school to be the first child to perform on Children’s Channel Seven. Later Gai and close friend Jan Boyd (nee Ladner) became part of the Channel Seven Ballet. Jan also worked at the Old Time Music Hall and appeared in the cast of the last show at the Capitol Theatre called Tenderloin, which was produced by Coralie and Frank Baden-Powell in 1967.


Tenderloin was the last show at the Capitol Theatre

    A common theme expressed was that of a kind hearted lady who did much over many years to mentor and help youngsters establish themselves in the performing arts.

    A special thanks was given to close friends Rick Hearder and Audrey Long who tirelessly helped Coralie throughout the twilight years of her life.

Celebrating the life of Miss Coralie Condon

WA TV History
The opening, eulogy and closing to this video was kindly provided courtesy of Seven News Perth. The remaining footage was provided by the WA TV History team.

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It was only on the 14th of February of last year that her dearly beloved brother James passed away aged 90 years.

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