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TVW Girls’ Picnic – April 2013

Posted by ken On June - 30 - 2013

TVW Girls’ Picnic – April 2013

    For what is now becoming a regular event, former TVW secretaries and production ladies from the 1960s and 1970s, spent a special day reminiscing on the foreshore at Matilda Bay, on Saturday 20th April.

    Luise Nelthorpe kindly reports that it was a lovely day, and unlike their get together in November last year, the weather stayed perfect and a great picnic was enjoyed by all.

The ladies in attendance were…

Jeannette Smith (nee Ashley) was a secretary working in the Sales Department, Production Department and Newsroom (weekends) from 1971 to 1973.

TVW-Girls02-Elaine, Jeanette, Sue and Yvonne.jpg
Elaine, Jeanette, Sue and Yvonne

Lesley Bradford (nee Mills) worked in Publicity from 1969 to 1971 and News from 1974 to the present time as Seven News Unit Manager.

Nola Bradshaw, formerly Bosoni (nee Cressey) was a secretary to Lloyd Lawson and later in 1976 was the secretary to Max Bostock in the Special Projects Department within the Production Department. Nola worked at Seven from 1959 to 1960 then 1962 and 1976 to 1978.

Hilary Everard was the secretary to David Farr, Station Manager, 6IX. Acting secretary to Brian Treasure and assistant secretary to Jim Cruthers, working for TVW Channel 7 and Radio 6IX administration from 1970 to 1973. Hilary also worked on the Miss West Coast beach girl quest and was a singer on “In Perth Tonight”.

TVW-Girls03-Lesley, Jan, jo & hilary.jpg
Lesley, Jan, Jo and Hilary

Sue Hymus (nee Laurence) worked in Accounts from 1960 to 1962 and 1971 to 1972.

Lyndell Jobson (nee Carter) worked for Bill McKenzie and Graham Plummer in the Program Department from 1970 to 1974.

Yvonne Joynt (nee Garbellini) was the secretary to Sir James Cruthers in Management from 1973 to 1981.

Helen Malloch (nee Boyes) worked in Accounts and Payroll from 1959 to 1962 and from 1975 to 2000.

TVW-Girls04-Luise, Helen, Jennie, Sue, Sophia and Lyndell.jpg
Helen, Luise, Jennie, Sue, Sophia and Lyndell

Sophia McLay (nee Stefanoff) was secretary working with Graeme Plummer, Bill McKenzie and Glenys Gill in Programmes and worked with Jeff Newman in the co ordination of Telethon from 1970 to 1972.

Luise Nelthorpe (nee Borsje) worked for Seven from 1971 to 1976, and was the secretary to TVW’s Chief Executive Officer Max Bostock, part of the production team and also involved in setting up the inaugural Xmas Pageant and Director Gerry Swift’s assistant on “It’s Academic” with Jeff Newman.

Jan O’Mara (formally Finkle) was a Production Assistant from 1967 to 1975.

Jo Rainford worked in Production.

Sue Raynor was the secretary to Ken Kemp in the Supply Department.

Jennie Rimmer was a Telephonist on the TVW switchboard.

Elaine Tranter (nee Hoskins) worked in the Reception area as a Receptionist and weekend switchboard operator. Also conducted the occasional tours of the station between 1969 and 1971.

Luise points out that…

“Several of the girls have to travel quite a distance to attend our picnics which I believe is indicative of how they feel about our group, and we all appreciate it.

“Lesley Bradford supplied a big black tear drop shaped flag thingo with a big red 7 on it, which we set up at our rendezvous area down at the river near UWA so you couldn’t miss us!!

TVW-Girls05-Teardrop Seven.jpg

At our last reunion, when the weather was really foul, we all ended up at Yvonne Joynt’s house, and everyone was seated around the lounge room and one by one we all told each other about our lives of the last few years. It was very emotional with a few tears as well as many girls have suffered in different ways and we’d just lost Glenys Gill – and we listened as Marion told us about her husband and his health problems and we all saw the devotion she had for John – it was very moving, even though none of us knew John personally.

I’ve received quite a few emails back from the girls and it’s just cemented our feelings of staying together now that we’ve bonded to support and be there for each other.”

Jan O’Mara explained that…

“Marion spoke of John and his illness at that function, she didn’t attend the last get together in April as it was John’s 76th birthday.”

Following this, Marion and John traveled to Athens and then joined a Mediterranean cruise in May, where sadly John passed away in Marion’s arms.

A full account of this sad happening can be found in our story titled: Tribute to John and Marion Leyer

Our earlier TVW Girls’ story was titled: TVW Girls’ Picnic Foiled by Rain

Sir James Winter Cruthers was the first employee and general manager of TVW Channel Seven when it opened on the 16th October, 1959. He remained the top boss for over twenty years until he retired on 30th June, 1981.

Photo Flashback: TVW Secretaries and Peter Dean (in drag) help celebrate the retirement of Sir James Cruthers in 1981 with their take on the Mickey Mouse Club song

His send off function at the studios was recorded for staff only consumption, at which a number of the office girls and Peter Dean in drag preformed a song and dance routine based on the Mickey Mouse Club opening, a children’s show which TVW broadcast from its earliest days.

With many thanks to Seven Perth, we can now bring you this amusing event, which is sure to bring back many fond memories for not only the ladies involved, but also the staff of that era.

TVW Office Girls Mickey Mouse Routine at Sir James Cruthers’ send off

WA TV History
TVW Office Girls Mickey Mouse Routine at Sir James Cruthers’ send off in 1981.

    The regular gatherings of TVW ladies, is but one of many forms of reunion taking place in the industry. Recently, there was a gathering of inaugural NEW Channel 10 staff to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the station. ABC announcers regularly conduct mingles, which are well attended. The popular Engineering gathering of 2012 attracted former staff from both TVW and STW, of which a number also worked for the ABC on installing the new premises in East Perth. Then there was the earlier News and Operations reunion at the same venue, involving staff who worked for TVW, STW, ABC and NEW at different times.

Various aspects of this desire to socialise were covered in our story Notion of a 7-2-9-10 Club.

    Veterans will remember the 2006 reunion of television staff from channels Seven, Two and Nine, held at the Italian Club, and the associated display and functions at the Perth Town Hall. A comprehensive exhibit was then mounted in 2009 in Fremantle, to commemorate 50 years of TV in WA.

    These were conducted by the Australian Museum of Motion Picture and Television (AMMPT) which has mounted a number of exhibitions over the years to commemorate key events in the respective industries.

    Now AMMPT is investigating the feasibility of conducting a TV and Cinema industry wide gathering in November of this year, to enable colleagues to re-establish old friendships. As well as being a social event, it is likely to feature various memorabilia which should be of great interest. More will be conveyed on this subject as the matter develops.

    As we all age, its now common for us to catch up with people at the increasing number of funerals that are starting to occur. Many are represented by the tributes provided here under the In Memoriam menu option. How much happier the occasion if we can meet regularly in a purely social environment of goodwill and fellowship, remembering all the good times that were had. Its also very therapeutic, as maintaining social contact is judged to be desirable and beneficial to our wellbeing.

Wish to thank Luise Nelthorpe and Hilary Everard for kindly providing the above photos.

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